Good Single-player! The games listed below aren’t necessarily single-player exclusive, a lot of them have a solid multiplayer component, but single-player is the thing that is the most important for them.

The other crucial aspect is that they are all available on PC. Many of them are also playable on consoles, of course, but you’ll find no console exclusives here. Some of them will spin the tales of military campaigns, others will work even on medium or low end PCs, others still will be notable because they are best-looking and most interactive. But all of them are among the best single player PC games you could play right now.

Best Single Player PC Games
Updated - Febuary 2022
God of War (PC) 2022-01-14 Action SIE Santa Monica Studio
Total War: WARHAMMER III 2022-02-17 RTS The Creative Assembly
Bioshock Infinite 2013-03-25 RPG Irrational Games
Elden Ring 2022-02-25 RPG FromSoftware
Bloons TD 5 2014-11-19 Action & Shooter Ninja Kiwi
Half-Life: Alyx (VR) 2020-03-01 Adventure Valve
Loop Hero 2021-03-04 RPG Four Quarters
Control 2019-08-27 Action Remedy Entertainment
Yakuza: Like a Dragon 2020-11-10 RPG Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Hades 2019-12-10 Indie Supergiant Games
Crusader Kings III 2020-09-01 Strategy Paradox Development Studio
Slay the Spire 2019-01-23 Indie Mega Crit Games
Middle-earth: Shadow of War 2017-10-10 Adventure Monolith Productions
Transistor 2014-05-20 Indie Supergiant Games
Dead Cells 2017-05-10 Action & Shooter Motion Twin
Darkest Dungeon 2016-01-19 Indie Red Hook Studios
Far Cry 6 2021-10-07 Shooter Ubisoft Toronto
Mass Effect Andromeda 2017-03-23 Adventure BioWare
Mass Effect Trilogy 2012-11-06 Adventure
Divinity: Original Sin 2 2017-09-14 Adventure Larian Studios
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition 2010-10-21 Adventure Obsidian Entertainment
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED
NieR: Automata 2017-03-17 RPG PlatinumGames
Devil May Cry 5 2019-03-08 Action Capcom Development Division 1
Disco Elysium 2019-10-15 RPG ZA/UM
Dishonored 2012-10-11 Action Arkane Studios
Dishonored 2 2016-11-11 Action Arkane Studios
DOOM Eternal 2020-03-20 Action id Software
DOOM 2016-05-12 Action & Shooter id Software
GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR 2016-12-14 Action & Shooter Arc System Works
GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- 2021-06-11 Fighting Arc System Works
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 2017-08-08 Adventure Ninja Theory
Monster Hunter World 2018-08-09 Action CAPCOM
Opus Magnum 2017-12-07 Indie Zachtronics
Red Dead Redemption 2 2019-11-05 Action Rockstar Games
Total War: WARHAMMER 2016-05-24 Strategy The Creative Assembly
Total War: WARHAMMER II 2017-09-28 Strategy The Creative Assembly
XCOM 2 Collection 2016-02-04 Strategy Firaxis Games
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous 2021-09-02 RPG Owlcat Games
Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG 2021-09-07 Adventure Dark Crystal Games
Undertale 2015-09-15 Indie tobyfox
Tomb Raider 2013-03-05 Adventure Crystal Dynamics
Subnautica 2018-01-23 Adventure Unknown Worlds Entertainment

God of War


After several years spent being a PlayStation 4 exclusive the soft-rebooted God of War finally came to PC and quickly joined the ranks of the best singleplayer games on that platform.

Now we play as an older, calmer Kratos, whose main motivation in the game is completing the funeral of his wife and bringing up his son Atreus, but Norse gods come meddling and make things complicated.

What follows is a gripping, third-person perspective action game with open world exploration and brutal, heavy-hitting combat. Kratos and Atreus’ journey will take them across the land, and into other realms, fighting gods and monsters alike to untangle the knotted mess of familial relations, often at the edge of a frost-coated axe or the old reminders of bad choices.

Key features
  • Excellent TPP combat
  • Interesting, dramatic plot
  • Mythic Scandinavia looks incredible
  • There’s a sequel coming

Elden Ring


Elden Ring is the latest entry in studio From Software’s long-running series of games which want to you to get better and don’t care how many times they’ll have to kill you before that happens.

It takes place in an original setting co-created by George R.R. Martin but bearing many of the hallmark aspects you’d expect from a FromSoft game, including taking inspirations from the Berserk manga.

This time the world is more open than you might be used to coming from this developer. Indeed, you have a horse and there’s plenty of space to engage in some mounted combat. The open world isn’t just for show, either, since exploration plays a big role, and might just lead you to new talents you can’t access otherwise.

Key features
  • Deep customization
  • Evocative open world
  • Epic-scale story
  • Limited multiplayer

Total War: Warhammer (3)

Developer:The Creative Assembly

In Total War: Warhammer 3 pulled out all the stops, and after two excellent previous installments the series – Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2 appears to be blooming, almost free from the bounds of pre-existing armies of the Warhammer Fantasy wargame.

TWWH3 features factions which previous never got their own sets, such as Russia-inspired Kislev and the China-inspired Cathay.

The main star of the game, however, is Chaos, coming not only in the form of four armies, one per Chaos God. You also get a customizable, evolving demon lord, who can turn other defeated demons into body parts for itself, gaining new powers and trait. There’s a lot to bite into, and the Total War-brand of grand strategy and real-time tactics truly reached its peak thanks to Warhammer.

Key features
  • New factions, including Kislev, Cathay and Ogre Kingdoms
  • Customizable demon lord
  • New mechanics, such as Cathay’s army-building philosophy
  • The campaign map looks better than ever before

Half-Life: Alyx


While it isn’t Half-Life 3, indeed, it takes the action back a few years to a time before Half-Life 2 even begins, you shouldn’t sleep on Half-Life: Alyx if you have the hardware to run it.

The hardware is important, because this game is VR-exclusive, but it’s one of the best reasons to invest in VR currently on the market. The game’s physics engine is incredible, and makes its world feel almost real.

Sufficiently dextrous and creative players can juggle items in-game and find interesting solutions to scripted problems. The story itself is interesting too, depicting the earlier stages of the Combine invasion and putting you in the shoes of Alyx Vance, whom you already know from Half-Life 2. HL:A is available for all Steam-VR compatible headsets, so unless you VR on consoles, you should be fine.

Key features
  • One of the best VR games made to date
  • Prequel to Half-Life 2
  • Complex physics
  • Instead of Gravity Gun you get Gravity Gloves

Loop Hero

Developer:Four Quarters

Loop Hero came suddenly in March of 2021 and it quickly conquered people’s hearts with its clever, engaging gameplay and an appealing, old-school aesthetic.

On the surface it may seem that Loop hero plays itself, but there is depth and planning involved, too. It’s all about a character running along predefined path while you rebuild the world with locations and landscapes.

These places can provide very useful bonuses, but often will also be spawn points for new monsters, which will drop new items and places… you get the idea. Every loop the map gets richer, your character stronger, and the monster more dangerous. Thankfully between runs you can invest resources in a camp, which provides lasting bonuses for every excursion into the Loop.

Key features
  • Engaging gameplay loop
  • The story involves a lich which killed the world
  • Your character runs in circles through a world you rebuild around the path
  • There are boss fights to prepare for


Developer:Remedy Entertainment

If you like creepy themes and great third-person action, then Control should absolutely end up on AT LEAST your wishlist or go straight to your library.

It’s inspired heavily by writings of the SCP Foundation and puts you in the shoes of a newly minted director of an agency tracking and containing supernatural phenomena. The thing is, something’s gone wrong and you have a mess to clean up.

The good part is that you have a really useful, versatile weapon in your hands, and it turns out you have psychic powers, which can help you tremendously in combat and traversal. The game was also widely praised for a skilful and stylish use of the brutalist architecture, which gave the locations a lot of personality. A mix of mystery, gunplay, superpowers, and great music make Control a must-have.

Key features
  • Inspired by the SCP Foundation
  • Shares a universe with Remedy’s Alan Wake
  • Interesting story
  • Looks fantastic

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Developer:Respawn Entertainment

Just when it started to feel like new Star Wars games were going to be multiplayer affairs, Jedi: Fallen order swooped in and took players on a dramatic journey of self-discovery, lightsaber customisation, and Force powers. You play as Cal Kestis, a padawan who survived Order 66, now dragged out of hiding by events beyond his control and ability to ignore.

Fallen order bears some similarity to Metroidvania genre by virtue of complicated levels which open up as you discover new powers. Meanwhile the combat system relies a lot on dodging and parrying, which might appeal to fans of Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Above all, however, Jedi: Fallen order is a great story with interesting characters and it does a great job expanding the setting.

Key features
  • Solid, engaging combat system inspired by FromSoftware games
  • Limited, but satisfying customisation of clothes, lightsaber, and droid companions
  • New powers let you access plenty of secret areas even in once-cleared locations
  • Great boss fights against huge alien monsters and other Force users

Hitman 3

Developer:IO Interactive

The episodic semi-reboot of the Hitman series turned out to be exactly what the series needed to benot only revitalised, but also really popular.

Hitman 3 is the latest (at the time of writing), and not only does it bring its own huge maps, but also allows you to import them from Hitman 1 and 2 if you own them. You are also free to eliminate your target however you want to, just get the job done.

You could take a direct approach and choke them out with a garrotte, use a sniper rifle from a remote location, sure. But it could be more fun to get a disguise, figure out the target’s habits, and find a way to cause an unfortunate, untraceable “accident”. Or kill someone with a rubber ducky. It’s also valid. There’s also a Contracts mode, which lets you create more customised scenarios to solve.

Key features
  • ”Accident” opportunities can be very brutal and interesting
  • You can import maps and progression if you own Hitman and Hitman 2
  • Very replayable, especially with the Contracts mode
  • The emphasis on the storyline is stronger than in previous two games

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Developer:Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is and interesting, and very well-received, diversion from the usual Yakuza game.

Instead of Kazuma Kiryu you’re playing Ichiban Kasuga, and the combat system changes from all-out brawling to classic turn-based jRPG which sounds weird but does make sense in the context. Despite these changes, Yakuza: Like a Dragon quickly gained fans and critical acclaim.

Part of that success might be a solid, dramatic storyline led by a new protagonist, who’s just as likeable as Kiryu. There are, of course, many side-stories and activities to participate in. They make the world feel more alive, can give you useful and rare items, or are just fun, like karaoke. Whether you’re a Yakuza initiate or an old hand, give Like a Dragon a chance, because it’s stellar.

Key features
  • Ichiban Kasuga is a great new protagonist
  • Combat system redone from the ground up
  • Plenty of interesting, funny, and dramatic side-stories
  • Great core storyline of revenge, discovery, and getting a team together


Developer:Supergiant Games

Hades is one of the highest-rated, most popular rogue-lite of recent years, and it’s won multiple awards in several categories.

The game’s protagonist is Zagreus, Hades’ rebellious son who’s determined to escape his father’s realm on a personal mission. Of course, nobody escaped the underworld, as the mythology has made very clear, so Zagreus has his work cut out for him.

Thankfully Zagreus has a lot of help. First of all, his Olympian family grants him powerful boon improving his abilities for the given run. In addition to boons Zagreus can invest in his innate abilities, equip relics from various NPCs, and upgrade weapons. There are four layers of the underworld to conquer, and the room layouts change every time, to make things harder.

Key features
  • Great art style and music
  • Tight, responsive combat
  • With enough boons fights become a spectacle
  • Extensive endgame

Crusader Kings 3

Genre:Grand Strategy
Developer:Paradox Development

Crusader Kings 3 is a fascinating mix of a Paradox-brand grand strategy and a role-playing game.

In CK3 you pick or create a medieval dynasty and then try to keep it alive through centuries (starting in either 867 or 1066) until the end date of 1453. It’s easier said than done, because it’s a cutthroat world and you’ll need to play smart: diplomacy and clever alliances will serve your family better than war.

You don’t need to play nice, of course. You can marry off your children to cement alliances for a time, order assassination of whoever you think you can reach, and maybe even become a heretic, if you consider this beneficial or funny. The last part is important, because for all the typical Paradox complexity Crusader Kings 3 makes of amazing emergent narratives. A true anecdote generator.

Key features
  • Complex, but approachable
  • Very detailed character creator
  • Genetics system makes sure your offspring will inherit more than just a title and debts
  • Mod-friendly

Slay the Spire

Developer:Mega Crit Games

Have you tried slaying inanimate objects? Harder than it seems. Slay the Spire is a pretty inventive little quasi-card game.

It eschews multiplayer component of most card games and substitutes for it a rogue-like single-player campaign that is going to be different every time you play it and requires careful planning, but also the willingness to experiment and change your way of thinking during the journey.

There are multiple different characters to choose from, each with very different cards (which work as moves) and lending themselves better or worse to strategies you might know from other card games, like playing “control” or “aggro”. Different enemies also have different resistances to any given strategy, so there’s an undeniable element of luck to how well you’ll be able to fare with each specific run through the titular spire.

Key features
  • A fantastic blend of roguelikes and
  • Several distinct characters with unique playstyles
  • You always know what moves your enemies are going to make
  • Clear, easy to understand rules

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Developer:Monolith Productions

WAAAAAAAGH-ait… Set in the world of Tolkien’s famous fantasy saga, Middle-earth: Shadow of War focuses mostly on the land of Mordor and the orcs.

They orcs come in many different types and sizes.Throughout the game your main goal is to either fight them or mind-control them into joining your army, and then use them to do your bidding. It’s good to be a half-dead human warrior with the spirit of the ancient Elven lord.

There’s, of course, an RPG element to it (with a decent, if aggressively canon-defying, story), additionally supplemented with plenty of character customization and a solid combat system complete with stealth mechanics, but for the most part, it’s all about orcs. And you’d be surprised, but orc collecting is a serious affair, it’s dozens of hours of legit content.

Key features
  • The next iteration of the Nemesis system from the first game
  • Expanded combat manoeuvres
  • You get to lay siege and capture fortresses across Mordor
  • Strong action RPG aspects, especially through the inventory system

BioShock Infinite

Developer:Irrational Games

Does a universe of infinite single-player experiences count as multiplayer? The culmination to the story which started as a dissection of Randian ideas and now involves quantum physics.

It’s definitely worth seeing this story to the very end as it does continue the BioShock tradition of managing to ask some very poignant questions.

Functionally, the gameplay is very familiar to those of you who played the first BioShock. You can use a combination of various ranged weapons and special powers depleting your energy reserves to dispatch enemies. You can also solve some light environmental puzzles to obtain hidden rewards. The game doesn’t have much replay value beyond the first playthrough, but it’s certainly worth visiting once.

Key features
  • The third instalment of the acclaimed Bioshock series
  • An interesting setting taking the action from the ocean to the skies
  • A mind-bending storyline involving alternate realities
  • Superpowers return once again via Vigors


Developer:Supergiant Games

A semiconductor device used to switch or amplify electronic signals From the creators of Bastion, Transistor tells a somber story about love, power, and democracy.

Much like in Bastion, the biggest drive of the game comes from the excellent narration, this time by our mute protagonist’s very talkative sword.

There’s a small component of replayability in the form of the player having a choice to make the game harder with additional difficulty options which can make enemies stronger, more aggressive etc. These can be changed in real time giving you the joy of flexibility. There’s also an RPG component of character progression, so you can approaching the game with a different tactic.

Key features
  • A unique weapon of the protagonist
  • An oppressive, technological setting
  • Solid moment-to-moment action
  • Evocative aesthetic

Dead Cells

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Motion Twin

Very cellular, very dead Dead Cells has spent a very long time in the Steam Early Access program, but admittedly it was a really, really good game from the get-go.

Described as a mixture of roguelike and metroidvania, it’s pretty much exactly that: you explore procedurally-generated rooms, gather weapons and fight enemies until you reach a boss.

There isn’t much story to Dead Cells, but the tactical depth in this game is undeniable. There’re hundreds of different possible combinations of weapons, abilities and perks and all customizable to suit your specific playstyle. Then, of course, there’s also the aspect of randomization which, while it doesn’t appeal to everyone, will definitely extend the longevity of this game.

Key features

Darkest Dungeon

Developer:Red Hook Studios

Slightly more mature cousin of the Edgiest Enclosure Another roguelike, even harder and more complex than Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon throws your little group of adventurers into a procedurally-generated dungeon, teeming with monsters, traps and other dangers. And everything steeped in fantastic art-style and accompanied by a chilling narration.

Darkest Dungeon isn’t the most inviting of video games. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to understand its intricacies and even once you think you do, it tends to surprise you moments later anyway. But that only means there’s more content to you to enjoy. While not a game for everybody, those who will appreciate it will find themselves enjoying playing it for a long, long time.

Key features
  • A one-of-a-kind tactics game placing importance on the fighters’ mental health
  • Dark themes are assisted by excellent art direction
  • Procedurally generated deadly dungeons
  • Playing it carelessly will inevitably end in failure

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Developer:Larian Studios

Simply divine There’s a large degree of correlation between fans of RPGs and those mostly uninterested in a multiplayer experience.

While Original Sin 2 shines in four-player multi, it’s just as playable solo, giving you the reins of your own character of a pregenerated one, coming complete with a backstory and personal quest.

Divinity is just that: the return to form for old-school isometric RPGs. An epic storyline with multiple choices, interesting characters, great depth of customization to your party, loads of side-quests, and even pets. And at the end of it, a custom scenario creator. Metaphorical buckets of content.

Key features
  • Innumerable possible character builds
  • Phenomenal in co-operative multiplayer
  • Many exploitable interactions between game systems
  • All NPCs are fully voiced

Fallout: New Vegas

Developer:Obsidian Entertainment

From the creators of original Fallout Before Bethesda bought the Fallout brand from what now is Obsidian, these fine folks made a post-apocalyptic RPG that became a pop-cultural staple.

Fallout New Vegas is a glorious continuation, with all the heart of the original game and Bethesda’s infinitely moddable engine. The result is a game whose life was extended beyond anyone could have expected.

The sheer nuance of storytelling at display here is staggering and it manages to retain freedom of choosing your own route while having a structured and understandable world. Simply put: majestic. And the expansions are just as great, if not better because their restricted nature let creativity truly flourish.

Key features
  • Several factions with their own plans for the Mojave, and you are the key
  • Numerous viable character builds
  • A lot of room for roleplaying
  • Incredibly moddable

The Witcher 3


We would stop writing about The Witcher, but it’s hard to stop praising a game which reportedly shipped over 33 million copies worldwide.

Especially in an article about the best single-player games. The Witcher 3 has been repeatedly called one of the best RPGs of all time and even one of the best games of all time. And there’s a lot of truth in that.

The Witcher 3 boasts an expansive world which tells you its story completely organically. You walk around, you meet people and get embroiled in their little stories and there are hundreds of those. In addition of course to the epic main storyline which serves as a conclusion to 2 previous games and 5 fantasy books. And manages to do that without losing its audience.

Key features
  • One of the best open world action RPGs of the recent years
  • The conclusion of Geralt of Rivia’s story
  • Two fantastic expansions
  • Stunning graphics

NieR: Automata


What I like to call “collaborative single-player” Nier: Automata occupies a very special place on this list because it’s a single-player experience, unlike any other game.

While I can’t describe it in a way that wouldn’t contain spoilers, I can say that the playthroughs of other players play an absolutely pivotal role in your ability to finish the game and get to the true ending. While it’s a solitary journey for each player, you have no choice but walk in the footsteps of titans that came before you.

Nier: Automata does a lot of things right. it’s a very imaginative hack & slash that plays around with many core mechanics in ways that are wholly unique to it, from the perspective to saving the game. It’s an exciting journey that requires multiple attempts to see to its true end, but it’s truly worth every bit of time.

Key features
  • A hectic action game about stylish androids
  • Many thought-out references to philosophers
  • A full playthrough plays over several distinct storylines
  • Diverse gameplay: from slasher to bullet hell

Devil May Cry 5

Developer:Capcom Development Division 1

Sparda reunion tour A sequel long time coming turned out to be one of the best games of 2019, and, more importantly, satisfied the dedicated DMC fanbase.

Running on the RE Engine and featuring, for the first time, realistic designs of the characters, Devil May Cry 5 is not only an astonishing of a beloved franchise, but also a game that looks as good as it plays.

This time you have three characters to play as: main man Dante himself, Nero coming back from Devil May Cry 4, and a newcomer V, who’s fighting style revolves around wrecking enemies with summons and finishing them with a cane. On the story front we’re facing the last (?) chapter in the story of descendants of Sparda. It’s great fun all around if you love absurdly intense slashers.

Key features
  • The combat system alone would be enough to make this game great
  • Three very distinct playable characters sharing the screentime
  • Plenty of neat details and secret interactions to discover
  • New designs and RE Engine make DMC5 look incredible

Disco Elysium


No truce with the furies An unexpected success of 2019, Disco Elysium is an RPG likely to enter the ranks of cult classics where games like Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2 dwell.

Despite being released late in the year, without a large marketing budget it won the critical acclaim and industry awards. A lot of that might be due to Disco Elysium’s quite unique premise, which, admittedly, is more suitable for adults.

See, the thing about Disco Elysium is that you, an amnesiac disaster of a detective, are in constant conversation with your stats, and they have their own ideas. Invest too much into an attribute or a skill and they will be a very hard to ignore influence on your available decisions. And there’s the whole “thought internalisation” that may turn you towards some ideology or stance.

Key features
  • A one-of-a-kind RPG interested in both what your character does AND what he thinks
  • Your attributes and skills butt into your interactions with the world and people around you
  • Watercolour-inspired aesthetic
  • One of the top rated games of 2019

Dishonored (2)

Developer:Arkane Studios

Freeform mayhem Dishonored was Arkane’s breakout title, cementing their aptitude for making action games (and action RPGs) which favour finding creative ways to use the tools you’ve been given by the game.

In Dishonored, including the sequels, you play as a well-trained assassin who gets to use both technological marvels and magic powers granted by the mysterious entity called Outsider.

Although the series has a linear progression from one mission to another, within each mission you’re given free reign to do where you want, and do as you please. You can use your abilities, gadgets, and the environment in very creative ways. Stopping time to possess a guard and walk him in front of a crossbow bolt he just fired at you is just beginner’s stuff in this series.

Key features
  • Well designed mechanics encourage player experimentation
  • Four playable characters across three standalone titles
  • Intriguing setting with dark cults, indifferent godlike entities, and “whale” oil-punk instead of steam-punk
  • Linear progression from one non-linear level to another

DOOM & DOOM Eternal

Developer:id Software

Demons with no survival instinct Coming over a decade after the previous Doom game (Doom 3), 2016’s DOOM rebooted the series, kind of, and turned out to be a rapid-fire dance of death, filled with chunky weapons, well-designed demons, and awesome soundtrack.

It also had a surprising amount of lore spread across audiologs and a codex you can access at will.

Of course, the action is the most important, and id Software didn’t disappoint. Every so often you end up in a large space surrounded by demons charging at you, flinging fireballs, or being a nuisance in other ways, and you have to bob and weave between attacks, shoot them to pieces, punch them to death to get health, and carve them up with a chainsaw for ammo. It’s glorious.

Key features
  • There’s a level-creation mode letting you make your own maps
  • The music tracks work very well with the carnage you unleash upon demons
  • The guns feel appropriately powerful
  • More lore than you’d expect

Guilty Gear Xrd

Genre:Action & Shooter

Deceptive perspective Arc System Works as a studio gained fame and fortune mainly thanks to their Guilty Gear series.

A franchise of 2D highly technical fighting games with excellent character designs and positively brimming with the creators’ love of rock and metal music. Xrd is the first 3D instalment of the series (barring Overture), but you couldn’t tell it at first glance.

Unless the camera moves during the more intense specials or pre- and post-match minicutscenes, the game is virtually indistinguishable from a 2D traditional animation. And it retains the tight, lightning-fast, technical gameplay the previous entries are known for. If you enjoy anime aesthetic, great music, and excellent fighting games, absolutely give Guilty Gear Xrd a shot.

Key features
  • 3D graphics masterfully disguised as 2D
  • Large roster of colourful individuals
  • Gameplay polished by veterans of the fighting game genre
  • Great soundtrack

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Developer:Ninja Theory

Headphones recommended Ninja Theory has been known among action-adventure and hack’n’slash fans ever since their Heavenly Sword, but probably no game of theirs gained as much critical acclaim as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, with good reason, has.

There’s probably no other game in the industry to portray mental illness with such respect while also being a really good, interesting game.

Hellblade tells the story of Senua, a Pict warrior, who suffers from psychosis., but she interprets it as a curse. What’s unique about Hellblade is that, provided you play on headphones which help the effect, you will hear the same whispers she does, and they’ll warn you as often as they’ll deceive you. The exploration and combat serve to emphasise the leading theme quite well and adeptly.

Key features
  • Excellent writing, treating the sensitive topic with respect and considerable accuracy
  • Incredibly detailed, nearly lifelike performance capture
  • Interesting storyline mixing elements of Celtic and Norse mythologies
  • One of the best single player PC games of the late 2010s

Monster Hunter World


Deviljho is in the details Monster Hunter: World is a huge game, and with the Iceborne expansion, out on both PC and consoles, it’s twice as large as it was before.

Capcom pulled out all the stops and delivered a game that has an absurd amount of content, a huge number of weapons arranged into research trees and split between fourteen distinct classes, like Great Swords or Insect Glaives.

MHW is a game one could launch of half an hour solo (or with a team) hunt and for a few hours of hunting huge monsters for a specific resource. But there’s also capturing small animals for research and as pets, communicating with native tribes, participating in event quests, or even just putting on a ghillie mantle to explore the maps and watch the wildlife without causing a disturbance.

Key features
  • Good fun whether you play by yourself or with friends online
  • Beautiful locations and detailed designs of monsters and your equipment alike
  • Doesn’t take itself too seriously: many cheesy costumes, pun-filled quest names, etc.
  • Tonnes of weapons, armour, and specialised gear to craft

Opus Magnum


Chemical synthesiser Puzzle games rarely get much exposure, but Opus Magnum definitely deserves to be singled out.

Not only because it forces the players to think creatively AND logically, but also because allows them to show off their designs in a form of neatly looping gifs and a leaderboard. And the gifs of your creation can be extremely satisfying to watch, especially if you found a pretty solution.

Opus Magnum is a game about alchemy by way of machinery. You have an elaborate array of tools like various mechanical arms, transmutation spots, and paths for the arms to travel along, and you have to figure out a way to create a desired arrangement of elements. You can focus on low cost, high efficiency, or even aesthetics of the production cycle, as long as you deliver the product.

Key features
  • A fantastic alchemy-themed puzzle game letting you find you own solutions
  • The tools are easy to understand, but allow for absurdly complicated constructions
  • Simple graphics which never distract you from the goal
  • There’s an intriguing optional puzzle minigame you can play between core tasks

Red Dead Redemption 2

Developer:Rockstar Games

Guten Morgen A sequel to the cult classic from 2010 classic, Red Dead Redemption 2 turned out to be at least as good as its immediate predecessor, despite rocky state immediately after its PC release.

Its map is absolutely huge and packed with detail, and there are so many ways to interact with the world that you’ll have no problem at all with immersing yourself in the heyday of the Old West.

The story takes place years before RDR1, and Van Der Linde’s gang is still together. However, you don’t play as John Marston, this time the playable character is Arthur Morgan, Van Der Linde’s right hand. In-between taking in the details of the world you’ll take part in heist and robberies, and try to stave off the looming dissolution of the gang over many of its ongoing problems.

Key features
  • One of the best games for one player to immerse themselves in, and great as Red Dead Online too
  • In Red Dead Online you and your friends can form your own posse
  • A prequel to the first Red Dead Redemption
  • The singleplayer campaign, just like in RDR1, is a must-play


Developer:Firaxis Games

Against all odds Firaxis’ revival of the X-COM license was warmly received, so the veteran strategy developer went all out on the sequel.

As a result XCOM 2 is an excellent turn-based tactics game with a solid overworld strategic layer. The big difference from the first game is that instead of being an Earth defence force, XCOM is a guerrilla resistance trying to help humanity overthrow alien rulers.

XCOM 2 has fantastic soldier customisation, both visual, and mechanical with several available classes. There is a huge War of the Chosen expansion which adds new factions, enemies, and systems such as bonds soldiers can form on the battlefield. There’s even a challenge mode, where players from all over the world compete to complete preset scenarios as efficiently as possible.

Key features
  • Excellent science fiction turn-based tactics game
  • Several worthwhile DLCs and expansions
  • Deep soldier customisation
  • You fight for humanity’s survival against alien overlords

Singles only

That concludes the, now updated, list PC games which are definitely worth playing. Hopefully you’ve found a new solo adventure to enjoy, be it on Steam, Epic Games Store, or another distribution platform.