In the interest of leaving no stone unturned, this endeavour wouldn’t be complete without a list devoted specifically to Xbox. Of all the options, Xbox possibly has the broadest library of good, cooperative games and a lot of its titles can be freely cross-played between Xbox and PC.

If you want to, you could technically go wild and make a full-on LAN party where some of your friends play on PC and some play using the Xbox. Don’t let anybody tell you split-screen is dead. Let’s take a look at a few games that are a breeze and joy to play with a friend or three sharing a couch and screen with you.

List of Top Split Screen games for Xbox One
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20. Rocket League

Release year:2015
Genre:Racing, Sports

Rocket League is an excellent game in many different ways.

The premise, rocket-powered cars playing football, is very fun and unique. The matches are fast-paced and never take more than a few minutes. There’s a lot of customisation. But, for the purposes of this list, the key feature is that it allows a 4-player local split-screen multiplayer, either together against another team, or in local 2v2.

rocket league split screen

Another notable aspect of Rocket League is that its skill ceiling is very high, and it will take some determination and a reliable gamepad to reach it. In addition to a football-like game there are also ice hockey and basketball-inspired variants if football (wheelball?) doesn’t appeal to you. It’s an amazing game if you have a few spare controllers and like games about cars and sports.

Key features
  • Perfectly suited for local multiplayer, both in co-op and PvP
  • Fast, dynamic, physics-defying matches
  • You can make your car look unique with cool ornaments, exhaust fumes, and more
  • Features crossplay between consoles and PC

Rocket league is free to play on Xbox One

19. Gang Beasts

Release year:2014
Genre:Beat ’em up, party

Although the original launch of Gang Beasts happened in 2017, the game wouldn’t come to Xbox (One) until 2019, which makes it a bit fresher on that platform.

What is Gang Beasts? It’s possibly the last malicious, and one of the funniest, fighting games in modern memory. The fighters are very clumsy, floppy humanoid blobs who can not only throw a punch, but also grab enemies or environment.

Gang Beasts - gameplay

The ability to grab onto stuff is crucial, because it allows you to grab into an enemy and throw them out of the arena, or, in fact, resist being thrown out. Whoever is the last fighter standing wins the match. The jelly people are customisable, their animations are but delightfully and purposefully uncoordinated, and the game is too funny to make anyone mad over losing a match. Perfect.

Key features
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 players total
  • The clumsiest fighting game
  • Customisable fighters
  • Creative, often dynamic maps

18. Crimsonland

Release year:2003
Genre:Shoot ’em up

Crimsonland is a very simple game, and in this simplicity lies its strength.

You are a space-age soldier plopped onto an area swarming with hostile and deadly aliens. Thankfully, you get new weapons, including fancy energy-shooters, and some perks which can substantially change how you complete each map. As you progress, the aliens get more dangerous, so it’s nice friends can help you.

Shared-screen in Crimsonland

You can shoot aliens to death with up to three friends, which means four times as many bullets and bolts of plasma, but it also means you have a slightly higher chance of surviving against more advanced swarms. Crimsonland doesn’t look like much, it’s graphics are very functional, but even solo it’s a great game to launch for a few quick runs. Played with friends, it becomes even better.

Key features
  • Many different weapons
  • Plenty of perks which can create interesting synergies with your guns
  • Every level has throws tonnes of various aliens at you
  • 4-player can blast aliens locally

17. Rayman Legends

Release year:2013

Rayman is a series that’s been running around for decades at this point.

Even though the disjointed protagonist isn’t as much of an icon as he used to be, his games are still great, and Rayman Legends is one of the coolect in the recent memory. It also has a solid local multiplayer in which each player controls a different character. It works even on Legends’ coolest concept-levels.

Rayman Legends
All players share the same screen

There’s a few levels, which synchronise music (such as a custom version of Eye of the Tiger) and level layout, so that you jump, slide, and smash to the music. It’s a great, family-friendly game, and running side by side, conquering levels together is very fun. There’s also a minigame, Kung Foot, which is another football-related option on this list: attack the ball to score goals. Simple, right?

Key features
  • Local 4-player, drop-in/drop-out co-op
  • Several playable characters
  • Rayman in top form
  • Music levels are excellent

16. Diablo 3

Release year:2012
Genre:Action role-playing, hack and slash

The Diablo series is a timeless classic, And for good reasons.

Carving the way through dusty dungeons and ruined villages, wading through legions of demons and undead is a time-honoured tradition. While you’re perfectly capable of saving the world alone, masterfully wielding magic and weapons, there’s a unique appeal to doing it as an adventuring party, of, for instance, 4 people.

diablo 3 shared screen
Shared screen between two players

Diablo 3 on Xbox allows 4 players to play together, occupying the same couch and sharing the same bunch of snacks. There are 7 classes, tonnes of loot, and seemingly endless supply of monsters to deal with. Although there’s Diablo IV being made, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to check out D3, it’s still a solid game with a lot to like about it and a lot of room for very specific class builds.

Key features
  • Several distinct classes
  • Killing monsters is never not fun
  • Up to four players can play locally
  • Plenty of possible builds

15. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Release year:2017

When you’re looking for split-screen/co-op games LEGO titles from Traveller’s Tales are always a reliable choice.

For this list we’ve picked Marvel Superheroes, but there are also LEGO game for fans of DC comics, or Star Wars, or Jurassic Park… In the case of Marvel Superheroes 2 the game gives a rare chance to play characters absent from the movies, or wearing a cool costume from the old days.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 split screen

If you want to play as an Old West version of Tony Stark alongside Agent Venom, you can! The game features a split-screen perfected over numerous LEGO game made by Traveller’s Tales. The world is filled with secrets, many of which only specific characters can discover thanks to their powers, and, like all LEGO games, Marvel Super Heroes 2 has a good, family-friendly sense of humour.

Key features
  • Dozens of playable characters with their iconic abilities
  • Story involves Kang the Conqueror messing with time and space
  • 2-player split-screen
  • If you don’t like Marvel, there are other franchises with a LEGO adaptation

14. Borderlands 3

Release year:2019
Genre:Action role-playing, first-person shooter

Borderlands has always been at the height of its entertainment potential when you play with friends.

It’s been true of the first game in the series, and it’s still true for the third. Borderlands 3 has the expected 4-player online co-op, but if you have an extra controller for your Xbox One, a friend can join you on the couch, and the other two players, perhaps also sharing a couch, can join online.

Split screen in Borderlands 3
Split screen in Borderlands 3 (Xbox One X)

BL3 divides the action, and the story, between three very different planets, one of which is, of course, Pandora. There’s also a new group of cool Vault Hunters ready to do whatever job is paying best, and to loot tonnes of procedurally generated guns. All character have their own skills, which include commanding beasts (FL4K) and manifesting astral arms to pummel enemies (Amara).

Key features
  • Four distinct playable characters
  • Three planets, between which you travel via your own spaceship, Sanctuary III
  • An absurd number of possible procedurally generated guns
  • 2-player local co-op, 4-player local online co-op

13. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Release year:2017

Divinity: Original Sin 2 got a lot of publicity since release for many reasons, but one of them was the great way it does multiplayer.

First of all, DOS2 offers two-player split screen, with two (or, in one case: three) players can join online. Each player can create their own, unique character, or pick one of the pre-generated, Origin characters with their own stories and motivations.

Divinity 2 Split Screen
Force splitscreen in Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition

Aside from potentially deadly combat encounters, the game doesn’t prevent you from exploring the map on your own, pursuing your own goals, and occasionally maybe rushing to help your co-players with a difficult battle, or trying to break them out of jail even as they try to find their own way out. Or you could poison a health potion and give it to another player, nobody will say you can’t do it.

Key features
  • In addition to the co-op campaign there is a PvP arena mode for spectacular fights
  • In the GM mode the fifth player can join you and run a custom adventure for you
  • Freeform progression: no set-in-stone classes
  • Turn-based combat with ruleset flexible enough to allow a lot creativity

12. Overcooked! (2)

Release year:2016

Overcooked is a game which does local multiplayer right.

So much so, that it has a special controller option which allows two players to use one gamepad, because controls are very simple. What is Overcooked! about? It’s about managing chaos inevitably consuming any kitchen with too many cooks. It doesn’t help that the kitchen can drastically change its layout without warning.

Overcooked 2 co-op
Overcooked 2 co-op

The final mark for the level depends on the number of orders you complete before it ends, and that involves good management. One person may be tasked with cutting ingredients, while another makes sure there’s always a clean plate ready, and yet another works the stove. You must also coordinate, so that no snarls appear in the workflow. They inevitably will appear, but planning makes thing better.

Key features
  • Family-friendly aesthetic
  • Local co-op for up to four players, and you only need two controllers
  • Requires good coordination, better than many other co-op games
  • Go re-released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, bundled with the sequel

11. Mortal Kombat 11

Release year:2019

Fighting games are some of the best games to play if you have a friend over, two controllers, and thirst for digital blood.

Especially the last part is going to be thoroughly quenched if you launch Mortal Kombat 11, the juiciest MK game to date. Of course, blood flowing freely isn’t the only reason MK11 is an excellent fighting game in its own right, benefitting from over two decades of devs’ experience.


There are almost 40 playable characters (25 without DLC), familiar and new, and they can be customised to a degree. The story is pleasantly convoluted, complete with time travel shenanigans, magic, gods, and Johnny Cage wincing at how awful he used to be as a younger man. All in all Mortal Kombat is a fantastic, if brutal and rather complex, fighting game, solo, online, and locally.

Key features
  • Almost 40 characters (with all the DLC)
  • Complex, but not prohibitively
  • Local multiplayer as fine as ever
  • Entertainingly convoluted story

10. Enter the Gungeon

Release year:2016
Genre:Bullet hell, roguelike

Starting with an easy one, we have the cute and hilarious Enter the Gungeon, which also received an exquisitely named update called “Gungeons and Draguns”.

If the name alone isn’t an endorsement you may not enjoy much of the game’s tone. EtG doesn’t take itself seriously at all, at least as far as the story is concerned, because the gameplay is polished, tight, and exciting. What is the game like, then?

Enter the Gungeon Rougelike Co-OP

In Enter the Gungeon you can team up with a friend to take on a randomly generated labyrinth filled with humanoid Bullets and Guns wielding more guns, discover random loot and tackle the dungeon’s imaginative and vicious bosses. Your screen will be frequently filled with all manners of projectiles, which require skilful dodges and manoeuvring if you want to stay alive.

Key features
  • Rogue-like bullet hell
  • Several playable characters, one of which, the Cultist, only in co-op
  • 2-player local shared screen
  • Tonnes of gun and other loot

9. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Release year:2014

The Binding of Isaac is certainly a very odd game.

Famous for its grim aesthetics filled with monstrosities and scatological references, and its weird trailers, Binding of Isaac is something of a Rogue-Like Prime. Its release ushered a wave of titles and still can serve as something of a blueprint on how to make it right and how important it is to inject something of your own into the game. Even if that something amounts to a very long poop joke and blasphemy.

Binding of Issac Rogue Like

In Afterbirth, you can partner up with a friend to brave Isaac’s basement together, but be warned—in order to initiate the co-op, you’ll need to sacrifice one of your lives. You also have to carefully manage drops between the two of you, but on the plus side, fewer things you find will get wasted. Sacrificing a life turns the co-op into an investment, as your partner functions like a power-up with a drawback. A lot can be said about this game, but certainly not that it isn’t creative.

Key features
  • Not for the faint of heart
  • Many playable characters
  • Drop-in/drop=out 2-player local at a cost of one life
  • Simple, but evocative graphics

8. Forza Motorsport 7

Release year:2017

The latest (with a new Forza Motorsport on the horizon) title in the long-standing series of fantastic racing games lives up to its status with the huge variety of locations, cars and game modes it offers.

Forza Motorsport 7 features a full single-player campaign, so there’s stuff to do even when you’re not racing with friends and adds new vehicles and tracks on top of ones returning from Horizon 3.

forza motorsport 7 split screen

The controls are great, the tracks are imaginative and varied, and cars have detailed and believable physics. It doesn’t hurt, that Motorsport 7 is gorgeous, and the dynamic weather looks as lifelike as one could have hoped for in a racing game. If you are a fan of the genre, you shouldn’t sleep on Motorsport 7, because it is one of the better racing games currently on the market.

Key features
  • Local multiplayer for two people
  • A huge number of cars
  • Dynamic weather system
  • 200 tracks

7. Minecraft

Release year:2011
Genre:Sandbox, survival

In the years since its release Minecraft has become one of the most famous and influential games ever made.

Its community has tested the limits of what can be done in this game, recreating in surprising detail famous landmarks and locations from movies or games alike. In addition to already robust possibilities of the core game, the modding scene enables even more ambitious projects.

Minecraft Split Screen Xbox One

Better yet, you don’t have to build everything yourself. There’s cross-play between PC and your Xbox and, more importantly, an up-to-4 player co-op on your console. So you could, if you wanted to, have a whole team of builders working together to create something really big: gathering resources, planning the layout, and complaining that someone ate all the snacks before others had their share.

Key features
  • One of the most famous games of all time
  • Virtually unlimited creative potential
  • 2 or 4-player split screen
  • Recognizable blocky aesthetic

6. FIFA 21

Release year:2020

You may want to wait a bit, because a new one is always coming soon enough.

Regardless, if you want to go for a tried and tested game, FIFA 21 is a solid, and the latest at the time of writing, entry into possibly the most popular football game on the market. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode features a hundred Iconic players and even new co-op options within FUT.

fifa 21

Other than that, 21 is, as usual, a step-up from the previous iteration without drastically changing the formula. Up to 4 players can enjoy the game at the same time, making for some exciting 2v2 of 4 vs CPU set ups, especially since the Kick-Off mode allows you to introduce modifiers to the match rules. If you like sports and have friends who do, this one is for you.

Key features
  • Excellent Kick-Off mode
  • Revamped Career mode
  • Up to 4 players locally
  • Hundreds of clubs and thousands of players

5. Ark: Survival Evolved

Release year:2017
Genre:Action-adventure, survival

I may not be a great fan of survival games, but I can certainly appreciate the emergent narrative that comes out when two people faff about in an intricate environment.

That’s what Ark offers: a big, open world to explore, a place to build your base in and a lot of hijinks on that way facilitated by the presence of dinosaurs. Yes, you can pet and domesticate them, that’s the whole point.

ark split screen

On Xbox, you can team up with a friend for a two-player local co-op (split-screen) and you can combine that with up to two more players through online play. There’s also limited crossplay, depending on the platforms. That’s probably the most advisable way to tackle this game, you know what they say: the more the merrier. This statement especially true in a game involving dinos and hungry dragons.

Key features
  • You can tame, ride, and sometimes even build on dinosaurs
  • Several expansions introducing exciting locations and beasts
  • Backstory of the setting hidden in journal entries
  • 2-player split screen

4. Cuphead

Release year:2017
Genre:Run and gun

Cuphead has a whole lot going for it.

Great art style? Check. Satisfying and tight mechanics? Check. Great music? Check. Imaginative and unique designs? Check. Local co-op? Check, check, check! Made with fantastic care and attention to details, Cuphead is brimming with style, but at no point does that style overshadow the substance.

cuphead heart power

It’s a difficult game, but it fills the player with immense satisfaction after beating every level. In co-op, the second player controls the Luigi to Cuphead’s Mario—Mugman, and both players get the ability to revive each other in a short window of opportunity if one of them falls. Cuphead was one of 2017’s most acclaimed for very good reasons: the style and gameplay worked together perfectly well.

Key features
  • Tight run’n’gun gameplay
  • 2-player local co-op
  • Unique aesthetic inspired the cartoon of the 1930s
  • The difficulty level is quite high

3. Gears of War 4

Release year:2016
Genre:Third-person shooter

Not for the faint of heart, the Gears series is very much a power fantasy about burly men and women with very big guns shooting at very scary aliens and occasionally cutting said aliens open with chainsaw bayonettes. Subtlety isn’t a trait the Gears of War series cared about in the original trilogy, and doesn’t seem to care for in the new generation story that is Gears of War 4.

Gears of War 4 Game

You can play the entire game in a local two-player coop in split-screen and there’s a surprising amount of plot and good dramatic tension, as Player 2 takes control of either Kait or Del. You can also play the improved horde mode with many new features, like classes and special abilities. Gears of War 4 is like a nice, full course meal—it will leave you with a sense of fulfillment every time you dig in.

Key features
  • Award-winning sequel following Kait Diaz’s story
  • 2-player local split-screen co-op
  • Cover-based shooting as good as ever
  • The new generation of soldiers protecting Planet Sera

2. A Way Out

Release year:2018

A Way Out was designed, from the ground up, to be a cooperative experience.

The game is automatically two-player split-screen, although there’s an option to play it with online multiplayer (but take my advice and play it with a friend, that’s the best way to do it). There’s no way to play it alone. Whether online or locally, you won’t go anywhere without the second player. It’s quite unique.

Way Out split screen

A Way Out is a game about trust. Its mechanics takes the idea of a cooperative game to the next level and require conflict resolution skills from players. You need to work together to escape the prison, but that’s just the beginning of the journey. Made by the creator of Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out is a masterpiece of combining all elements that make a video game a cohesive whole.

Key features
  • Exclusively co-op experience, no single player version
  • Best enjoyed in local co-op, but can be played online
  • Dramatic, tightly directed story
  • Takes good communication skills

1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Release year:2017
Genre:Action-adventure, survival

You’re technically getting a total of 4 exclusive titles for the price of one game.

The Master Chief Collection includes anniversary editions of Combat Evolved and Halo 2, as well as Halo 3 and 4. All of them received major content updates to bring them up to modern standards. Each of the games in can be played in two player, split-screen co-op, with two more players able to connect online.

Halo Master Chief Split Screen

The Halo series is legendary for its tight gunplay, with each new iteration improving on the previous one. This purchase could easily serve for more than a year of friendly gatherings, and even if you’re on your own, the Halo series has a famously dramatic and engaging story. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is seriously tough to pass on for anybody owning Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

Key features
  • Four Halo games adjusted for modern systems
  • 2-player local split-screen
  • Top-notch gunplay
  • Master Chief is a pretty cool guy

Let’s play

That concludes the list of the best split-screen games for Xbox One. If you’re interested there’s also an analogous list of the best local multiplayer games. Hopefully you’ve found some titles which fits your and your friends’ gaming preferences.