With so many streaming services everywhere, parents can feel a little confused about deciding on the best one for their kids. But many offer entire series of programs and cartoons for the little ones, among which you will discover something your kid will love.

Looking for Adventure Time? Or maybe all episodes of Paw Patrol? Fear not! Here you will find everything your kids need. These streaming services for kids will ensure the best time for the whole family, thanks to easy parental control and shows for audiences of all ages. And you will always be up to date! Make sure you have the best fun source for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy hilarious cartoons and educational programs for every occasion. Check out this list of the best family-friendly streaming services and choose the perfect one right away!

Best Streaming Service for Your Kids
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This site is a source of the best quality anime, manga, and Asian dramas. And it’s completely free! And if you are also enthusiastic about such content, subscribe to enjoy the latest episodes immediately after the premiere.


If you are unsure what anime is, check this term before allowing your child to enjoy Crunchy Roll’s content. Many titles in this genre deal with very adult themes that teenagers often identify with, and watching anime help them process the changes in their lives. On Crunchyroll, you’ll find an impressive number of Asian productions to enjoy for the whole family. You can engage in your favorite series together – and there is a lot to choose from! Crunchyroll is by far the best gift for any anime fan – regardless of age!

Key features
  • The vastest library of anime, manga, and Asian dramas
  • No ads and latest episodes after subscribing
  • Addictive content for the whole family
  • Cheapest subscription for $7.99 per month


It is a trusted and world-known streaming service where entire families will find their dream content. Including the youngest viewers!


Netflix comes with tons of brilliant shows for kids of all ages and convenient parental protection tools. If you want to control what your kid watches, use one of the many solutions, like a PIN code or setting an age limit for children. With this service, you can also easily create a separate account for kids, which will offer such legendary titles as Paw Patrol, Teen Titans, or Puffin Rock.

Key features
  • The most-chosen library of movies and shows in the world
  • Parental control made easy
  • An extensive selection of titles for children and teenagers
  • The basic plan for $9.99 per month

Disney Plus

If you are looking for Disney, Marvel, Pixar, or Star Wars legendary productions, you will find it all on Disney Plus!

Disney Plus

On Disney Plus, you can enjoy the best shows designed for kids, like Turning Red, Encanto, or the Winnie the Pooh series for the youngest. Create multiple accounts and adjust age restrictions to ensure your kid is watching the right stuff. And it’s a great source of fun and educational programs!

Key features
  • Massive content database for kids of all ages
  • Fantastic productions from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars
  • Parental control made easy
  • Subscription from $7.99 per month


Although this recommendation is often associated with epic shows for adults, it is also an excellent choice for children. Because on HBO Max, you will find something for the whole family.


Make a profile for your kid or set an age category and let them enjoy favorite shows. Together you can watch precious gems like Adventure Time, Sesame Street, and Harry Potter for older kids. And thanks to the option of creating independent profiles, everyone can enjoy their dream content with HBO Max!

Key features
  • One of the largest kids’ suggestions libraries
  • Movies and shows for the whole family
  • Separate profiles
  • $9.99 a month with ads


Hulu has everything for kids aged three and above – especially if your child loves cartoons!


Consider subscribing to Hulu to access shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Doc McStuffins, and My Little Pony. This library is a lot of content that parents can remember from their childhood! Unfortunately, Hulu features fewer parental controls than other streaming services, so create a profile to ensure your child is watching the right shows.

Key features
  • Massive database of iconic cartoons and educational programs
  • Immersive shows for adults
  • Separate profiles with age restrictions
  • Cheapest plan for $5.99 per month


It is a streaming service created especially for children aged two to twelve. And it’s completely free!

Sensical VOD

Sensical not only adjusts the materials to the age of the recipients but also cares about their educational and cognitive needs, providing engaging programs for the youngest. You will find a selection of hilarious movies and shows supporting your children’s hobbies. With Sensical, you can get titles like The Koala Brothers, Molang, Rob the Robot, or Insectibles.

Key features
  • A library of movies made exclusively for children
  • Fun series and educational shows
  • Extensive parental control
  • Completely free


It is an app for the youngest kids and toddlers that you can have on Apple TV. If you are looking for the most popular shows for kids that have ever existed, choose Noggin.


Try the 30-day trial period to find out if Noggin meets your expectations. Like Sensical, Noggin is a streaming service designed exclusively for kids – but more focused on entertainment. Your kid can enjoy shows like Oswald, Moose and Zee, Franklin, or Sesame Street. The app offers many entirely new shows, and parents will also find some classic titles from their happy childhood.

Key features
  • A library of cartoons and shows created for the youngest children
  • The most famous series for kids
  • Free trial period for one month
  • $7.99 per month

PBS Kids

It is an excellent choice for parents seeking educational programs for their children, boosting their sensitivity to social interactions. Although PBS is a station strongly associated with Sesame Street, your child can enjoy many other inspiring animations and live programs here.

PBS Kids

For starters, know PBS Kids is completely free. However, this is a platform for younger children. So older viewers may be unsatisfied with the content. If you are looking for shows like Sesame Street, Artur, Nature Cat, or Molly of Denali – go for it!

Key features
  • A vast selection of shows for the youngest children
  • Focusing on educational values and mental health
  • Created exclusively for children
  • Free

Sling TV

It is a home for kid-friendly entertainment, where you can pick the best programs for your child as part of two packages. Choose it if you are looking for engaging content from networks like Baby TV, Disney Channel, or Nicktoons.

Sling TV

Sling TV is fun for kids from two years old, where you can easily choose and set age restrictions on the materials you watch. The platform uses intuitive parental controls, similar to the one from Netflix. It’s many programs created for children and teenagers, where everyone will find something for themselves! And you can enjoy the peace of mind that your children are watching age-matched content.

Key features
  • Lots of networks made for kids
  • Shows for kids from two years
  • Intuitive parental controls
  • 41 channels for $35 a month with Sling Blue

Amazon Prime Video

It’s a serious rival to Netflix, where you’ll find all of the funniest and most famous children’s shows – for free or for rent. And if you’re a Prime subscriber, you’ve got it for free!

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a recommendation for the whole family, as viewers of all ages will find something for themselves. You can enjoy shows like The Addams Family 2, Sesame Street, Spongebob Squarepants, and many more. And all of this with easy parental control, created for your comfort.

Key features
  • A massive library for viewers of all ages
  • The coolest shows for kids
  • Intuitive parental control
  • $8.99 per month

Well-spent time with family means more than all the treasures of this world. Thanks to the best streaming service for kids, you can always enjoy your life together by watching your favorite shows wherever you want: on a TV, laptop, or smartphone. They are a fantastic source of great fun and educational value – even for adults! And you can be sure that your kids will be happy you share their interests and experience great moments together watching their favorite shows.