The Internet is an enormous source of knowledge and entertainment. But also a dangerous place. To enjoy it correctly, you need the best tools to ensure the safety and comfort of use. Such services include antivirus and VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to create a secure connection between the internet provider and your device. The Internet connection creates encrypted transmission points making it impossible to trace the device IP. It allows users to enjoy social media, watch movies unavailable in their country, or play games without worrying about malware attacks. Sounds tricky? Don’t worry, it’s simple! And what’s more – safe and convenient. If you care about internet security and privacy, here you will find the best VPN software to make your internet use safer than ever.

Best VPN Services in 2022 to use

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It is one of the best VPN services on the market, using advanced tools to ensure safe and fast internet use. But what makes it so unique? Well, you can comfortably install it on up to six devices with only one active subscription!

Activate a NordVPN subscription and gain secure access to the best features of VPN software for six devices – even with different systems. The service features several advanced tools, like Threat Protection. It will prevent you from entering malicious websites and instantly remove annoying ads. It’s also the best choice if you plan on using public Wi-Fi used by many users. If you want to feel safe anytime and anywhere – choose NordVPN.

Key features
  • Get one of the best VPN services ever
  • Use the program on up to six devices with different software
  • Block malicious sites and unwanted software
  • Use the web fast and wherever you want


It’s an ideal choice for those wanting to unblock streaming services from around the world to enjoy the best movie and TV series premieres. All this at speeds that support downloading large files and casual browsing.


Surfshark is a VPN service adapted for both experienced and completely new users. A clear and intuitive interface will gently guide you through all the most necessary functions, allowing you to adjust the settings to your preferences. Plus, this particular service also offers a fantastic two-year subscription plan, letting you save even more and enjoy the perfect Surfshark experience anytime, anywhere.

Key features
  • Protect your data and search history
  • Play without limits on servers from all over the world
  • Unblock access to the most popular streaming systems
  • Stay in control of your actions online

Avast SecureLine VPN

It is an application that will grant you the freedom to use the Internet anonymously wherever you need it most. Made by the famous and reliable Avast Software, it ensures safety and protection against hacker attacks or dangerous viruses.

Buy Avast SecureLine VPN and supplement your antivirus with one of the best secure browsing services on the Internet. Access blocked content in your country safely from your home network or public places. Enable smart VPN for personalized settings and decide what content you want to access. SecureLine is a fantastic VPN service for both home users and professionals.

Key features
  • Try the program for free and purchase the best package for you
  • Enjoy a fast and secure connection in public places
  • Take care of the privacy of your data
  • Adjust the settings and use them as you need

Bitdefender Premium VPN

Try a VPN service from an antivirus dealer used by 500 million users worldwide. Bitdefender Premium VPN is a full subscription to a standalone secure browsing app that you can use anywhere and without restrictions.


Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 1 Device 12 Months PC

Try Bitdefender with a daily transfer limit for free! Or buy a subscription right away for as long as you need it. This unique VPN service isn’t the fastest, but it’s safe and stable. Discover an ideal world where you can become entirely anonymous to use sites with restricted access. Enjoy worldwide streaming services or cut travel costs and enjoy your life to the fullest with one of the world’s favorite VPN services. Always with an unlimited guarantee of the comfort of use.

Key features
  • Choose a VPN service made for all users
  • Use your Premium subscription on ten devices simultaneously
  • Play, browse, and bank safely
  • Always be anonymous

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

If you’re looking for an exclusive VPN service that comes along with antivirus software – go for Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection. Above all, it is a perfect recommendation for players and people who would like to watch the best quality movies because it guarantees excellent speed and maximum security.

Hide your identity from hackers and your Internet provider. Browse, play, download torrents and make secure online transactions. And all this with intuitive use of the program, which you can get for a good price for as many as five devices supporting various software. Here’s the best option for those who want to feel safe and enjoy the tools that every top VPN service should feature.

Key features
  • Choose the best plan and use one of the best VPN services for as long as you like
  • Install the program on up to five devices with different software
  • Enjoy the simple and intuitive operation
  • Use the most advanced tools and stay safe

Ignoring the need to stay safe online is the best path to possible tragedy. Nobody suspects their data can leak or get stolen until this happens. But at that point, it is usually too late. Therefore, VPN and antivirus services remain the most vital part of using any device for online activity.

A VPN allows you to access earlier movie premieres from other countries or purchase airline tickets much cheaper. You can use public Wi-Fi hotspot while traveling, in a cafe, or a shopping mall, without worrying about your safety online. But security always comes first, so make sure you decide on purchasing one of the best VPN software on this list or consider installing a free program like ProtonVPN Free or for a start. Remember – we are not invisible online until we want to be.