Defeating the Titan of Time is not the pleasantest job in the Underworld – but with accurate weapons, Melinoe may be just the right princess to achieve this goal.

Before we begin, please know that all information in this article is accurate today but may change in the future due to the game still being in Early Access. In Hades 2, players play as Melinoe – Princess of the Underworld and sister of Zagreus (protagonist of the widely appreciated prequel).

Although the heroine uses Hecate and other divine allies’ help to defeat her tyrannical grandpa, she cannot do much without the best weapons. Luckily, she can unlock them quite early in the game, and here you’ll learn how.

How to unlock weapons?

You start the game with the Witch’s Staff, but it won’t take long to earn the option to unlock new weapons. After the first run, you will notice the Nocturnal Arms menu appearing in the Training Room. It is where you can craft new weapons using acquired materials – assuming you already have them in your inventory.

Hades II
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How to unlock weapons? When entering the Nocturnal Arms menu, you will see all the necessary ingredients in the lower left corner. At the bottom is a detailed description, including special attacks. If you decide on the weapon, spend the required resources, and you will see it ready in one of the glowing circles. You can now interact with it and change your current weapon to a new one.

All weapons in Hades 2

  • Witch’s Staff

It’s a starting and default weapon, but not that bad if it suits your combat style. For those who have already played the first Hades game, it may strongly resemble Zagreus’ spear. It is fast and deals from 20 to 30 damage without buffs. There is also a long-range Special dealing charge of about 10 in a straight line.

Its Omega Attack deals 120 in a straight line and costs 20 Magick, while Omega Special deals about 80 and costs 10 Magick. Witch’s Staff is ideal for those who prefer ranged attacks that can effectively thin out hordes of enemies.

Hades II
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  • Sister Blades

It is the first weapon you can unlock and the best in the game. These twin blades are the ultimate choice for players who like to stay on the move and take out enemies by surprise. Its classic attack covers an impressive charge of 20 in three slashing arcs, 50 in a thrust, and 80 in a sweeping attack.

Special deals 25 in a straight line, but that’s nothing compared to the Omega alternative. Omega Attack gives you a dash backward, charging 100 for 10 Magick, and Omega Special throws daggers, dealing 50 to each enemy.

  • Umbral Flames

If you’re looking for a slightly slower weapon dealing a powerful charge, that’s it. Umbral Flames is perfect for a ranged build but can be challenging for those unaccustomed to this weapon type. Hades 2 is all about fast-paced combat, so you may need the proper strategy to use this weapon.

Nevertheless, Umbral Flames summons an orb dealing 15 in Classic and 25 in Special Attack. Omega Attack means 50 for 5 Magick, while Omega Special summons two orbs dealing 20 each for 20 Magick.

Hades II
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  • Argent Skull

No weapon is as challenging to obtain as this one, but it deals spectacularly explosive attacks! In the classic strike, you can throw three spectral skulls, delivering 50 each to retrieve them and repeat the entire process.

Special Attack allows you to dash forward to blow up the nearest area with 25. How about Omega?

Omega Attack creates a binding circle dealing 90 in area of effect. Meanwhile, Omega Special delivers a massive charge of 100 in a straight line in exchange for 20 Magick.

  • Moonstone Axe

The last weapon on our list is the slowest and heaviest but deals a pretty massive charge. Once you get used to its overall heaviness, you can chop through hordes of opponents with unbelievably incredible power. Its classic strike delivers 40, while Special focuses on blocking enemy attacks with 10.

Omega Attack deals several sweeping attacks of 50, and Omega Special is an epic block-creating move that emits three circles, dealing 140 to enemies caught within it.

Hades II
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Where to find materials for each weapon?

Crafting weapons requires the proper materials. Luckily, they’re easy to find if you know where to look! Before collecting resources, you must first unlock the Crescent Pick tool.

To achieve this, you will only need one Ash, available in various places in all regions. Here, you will learn about all the materials and where to find them.

Silver – Available in shiny deposits across Erebus.

Cinder – Reward for defeating Headmistress Hecate in Erebus.

Glassrock – Available in dark deposits in Mourning Fields.

Hades II
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What are Aspects, and how to unlock them?

So, now that you know almost everything about Hades 2 weapons, it’s time to learn something about Aspects. What are these? Weapon Aspects allow you to upgrade your weapons with various features, making their attacks more effective. But before you can unlock the Aspects, you must have all five weapons, do one or more runs in Erebus, and then chat with Hecate to receive the new Aspects of Night and Darkness incantation.

Spend 5 Bronze and 1 Nightshade to summon Aspects, and start exploring the world of their extraordinary possibilities in Nocturnal Arms. Each weapon in Hades 2 can receive three Aspects up to a maximum level of 5, and each upgrade allows you to deal more damage than usual.


Being an ancient witch, Melinoe doesn’t use regular guns or swords, but her weapons are surely intimidating. Each offers completely different effects, but they definitely should not be the only deciding factor when picking your favorite one. Focus more on the playstyle that suits you best.

Do you prefer the fast-paced possibilities of Sister Blades or the heavy power of Moonstone Axe? Try different things and discover what makes the game the most fun, even if the weapon initially seems challenging.