Are you considering getting a new console but you’re not sure what exclusive games are available on which ones? Here’s a list of exclusives on Xbox Series X.

For as long as different gaming platforms existed, there were always fans arguing about the superiority of their platform of choice. Although the “PC master race” doesn’t seem to be as much of a deal as it was a decade ago, choosing the right platform is not as easy as you may have thought.

That’s because exclusive games are still a thing; some games are available only on selected platforms, which means that if your budget allows you to pick only one platform, your choice could be largely influenced by the games you want to play.

Today we’ll take a closer look at the list of some of the best Xbox Series X exclusive games you can play in 2024 or in the near future. It’s not necessarily a ranking, so don’t pay attention to the order of included titles.

Xbox Game Pass

But before we dive into the games, let’s take a minute to learn about Xbox Game Pass. If you’re short on money but you’d still like to try the most recent games available on the Microsoft Store, instead of purchasing the games directly, you can pay a fraction of a new game’s price for a subscription service called Game Pass to get instant, unrestricted access to a large majority of Microsoft Store games.

Game Pass comes in 4 variants:

  • PC Game Pass grants access to Microsoft Store games on PC
  • Game Pass Core (previously Xbox Live Gold) grants access to a selection of over 25 games on Xbox consoles and enables online console features
  • Xbox Game Pass does the same as above but comes with many more games
  • Game Pass Ultimate combines all of the above into a single package and adds cloud play on top of that

Additionally, all variants of Game Pass come with extra discounts for members and grant EA Play subscription at no additional cost (except Core).

As long as your subscription remains valid, you’ll be able to play most of the Microsoft Store games. This even includes the most recent releases – new games usually become available as soon as they’re out (except Core).

Game Pass is a convenient and cheap way to try countless new games before you decide to purchase them.

On a side note, it’s worth noting that numerous Xbox exclusives are also available on PC; if you buy a certain Xbox game, chances are you will be also able to play it on PC without extra cost.

Halo Infinite

Release date:2021-12-08
Developer:343 Industries

Starting off with the Halo series; if you’re a fan of FPS games you’ll love this one.

Master Chief returns, allowing players to once more step into the shoes of one of the most iconic characters in the history of video games. Explore vast areas and engage in dynamic combat while enjoying an experience that’s closer to the original. Halo Infinite got back to its gameplay roots, which was a warmly welcomed change for the series after what we’ve seen in Halo 4 and 5.

Key features
  • A fantastic first-person shooter in a futuristic setting
  • Massive open-world environment
  • Captivating story in a single-player campaign with optional co-op features
  • Addictive multiplayer with several different game modes to try

Forza Horizon 5

Release date:2021-11-09
Developer:Playground Games

Forza remains one of the best choices when you’re looking for a good racing game.

Forza Horizon comes with the biggest open world in the Forza series up to date. With various biomes, seasons that affect these biomes in different ways, and a dynamic weather system, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of unpredictable races, making the experience all the more exciting. Get new cars, customize them, and show your rivals who’s the boss.

Key features
  • Addictive racing game with a huge open-world environment and beautiful visuals
  • Hundreds of cars to try and master
  • Sacrifices realism for a more exciting gameplay
  • Gets even better in multiplayer


Release date:2014-09-12
Developer:Lionhead Studios

Some interesting exclusives aren’t out yet at the time of writing this article, but it’s worth knowing what’s coming soon.

After over a decade of waiting, fans of the Fable series got a reason to rejoice as the series will get a reboot. Little is known about the game, except that it will most likely feature an open-world environment in a fantasy setting, as expected from Fable. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss this one.

Key features
  • A reboot of a popular fantasy series
  • An exciting role-playing adventure
  • Combines the use of weapons and magic
  • Lots of classic humor


Release date:2024
Developer:Obsidian Entertainment

Another upcoming game that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Avowed is a game from the universe of Pillars of Eternity, but instead of a classic turn-based RPG, we’re about to get a full-fledged first-person action RPG instead. One of the game’s selling points is said to be skill combos – you can combine various spells to create stronger effects and deal with enemies in a more efficient way.

Key features
  • Beautiful world with lots of different, unique biomes
  • Combat that encourages combining skills in creative ways
  • Several skill trees for more customization and personalization
  • A wide choice of weaponry, from swords and axes to wands and guns.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Release date:2024-05-21
Developer:Ninja Theory

A sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice is around the corner as well.

Soon enough we’ll know Senua’s future adventures as she explores the treacherous lands of Viking Iceland. Developers promise a more dynamic combat system and describe the sequel as a much more ambitious project in general. After gaining players’ trust after an amazing first game, we have high hopes for this one.

Key features
  • Action-adventure continuation of Senua’s journey
  • A setting that’s heavily inspired by Norse mythology
  • More dynamic combat system compared to the predecessor
  • Challenging difficulty level due to the existence of permadeath


Release date:2023-09-06
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

Although Starfield met with mixed responses, it still offers a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t find anywhere else.

There are various games focused on space exploration but Starfield is in its own category, so even if you won’t find the game fun, it’s still worth it to give it a try, especially if you’ve got Game Pass, as that means you can give it a go without paying anything extra.

Key features
  • An open-world environment with hundreds of planets to visit
  • Open-ended gameplay with some degree of freedom
  • Character progression and skill trees
  • Satisfying gunplay

State of Decay 3

Release date:TBD
Developer:Undead Labs

Zombies remain a popular theme for video games, although the initial hype cooled down a bit.

Image credit: Undead Labs

The third installment in the State of Decay series is on its way and we got some bits of info about it, but it’s all rather vague. According to various unconfirmed sources, this one may be coming in 2027 so there’s plenty of time to get prepared; no need to stress about it too much right now, but it’s nice to at least acknowledge this project’s existence.

Key features
  • Zombie-themed survival horror
  • Open-world environment
  • Emphasis on fluid animations
  • Developed using technology from Unreal Engine 5

Perfect Dark

Release date:2010-03-17
Developer:4J Studios

A reboot of Perfect Dark is also in the making, but developers don’t seem to feel rushed or pressured too much with this one, so it may take a while before we see a finished product.

Image credit: 4J Studios

Rumors about Perfect Dark reboot being made have been circulating online since 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 that we got an official announcement at The Game Awards 2020, where we had the opportunity to see a trailer, generating first impressions that were rather positive, as there was a lot of cinematic action going on. After that, developers went radio silent and we’re still waiting for any news.

Key features
  • Takes place in the near future
  • Possibly a spy shooter
  • Various weapons and gadgets to choose from
  • Developed with Unreal Engine 5


Release date:TBD

Yet another upcoming game that we don’t know much about, but it’s out there and the day of its release may be closer than we think.

Image credit: Rare

When Everwild was originally announced, it was supposed to be some kind of combination of adventure and god games, but it was later confirmed that the game underwent a complete reboot and no extra info was given, meaning that the entire game concept may have changed. Graphics-wise it looks promising, though, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for a successful release soon.

Key features
  • Possibly a combination of adventure and god games
  • Unique, cel-shaded art style
  • May be similar to Viva Piñata
  • Developed with Unreal Engine 5

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Release date:2020-08-18
Developer:Asobo Studio

If you’d like to test your skills as a plane pilot, there’s hardly a better alternative than this one.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a realistic simulator that allows one to feel like a real pilot. With a variety of planes to try and master, scenarios to play, and views to see, you’ll have plenty of ways to build your amateur pilot career and enjoy your time. On a side note, we should be getting a 2024 version of MSF soon, so keep that in mind.

Key features
  • Advanced flight simulator with a variety of available planes to choose from
  • Top-tier visuals
  • AI-supported 3D Earth generation, weather, and air traffic
  • VR support for ultimate immersion

Gears 5

Release date:2019-09-10
Developer:The Coalition

As a more recent entry in the series, Gears 5 is a perfect title to familiarize yourself with the Gears of War franchise and get back to action.

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter, where as Kait Diaz, a returning support character from the previous game, you’ll be tasked with solving the Locus Horde issue. Fill your weapon slots with light and heavy guns, grab some extra explosives, and go forth, sending hordes of enemies to the void.

Key features
  • Third-person shooter filled with fast-paced action
  • Non-linear campaign
  • A wide choice of weapons to utilize on the battlefield
  • Shines even more in multiplayer


Release date:2024-01-19

On a list that focuses on what games are great Xbox exclusives, one can’t forget about Palworld.

Who would have thought that an indie game could shake the whole gaming industry so violently? Palworld took the gaming world by storm, proving that all you need to make a successful game is a fun idea. And what’s more fun than a pretty 3D monster collecting game where you can catch new creatures, use them to fight stronger opponents, take care of them, maintain your base, craft items, and satisfy hunger?

Key features
  • A monster collecting game with colorful, adorable art style
  • Incredibly addictive gameplay loop with elements of survival and base management
  • A huge open-world environment that can be explored freely
  • Continuously updated with new content

Sea of Thieves

Release date:2018-03-20

Although it’s been announced to come to PlayStation soon, at the time of writing it’s still technically an Xbox exclusive and it’s been one since 2018, therefore we added it to the list.

Sea of Thieves is an addictive multiplayer game focused on exploring the open world via a pirate ship. The game puts a strong emphasis on cooperation; you can play in parties of up to 4 people and it’s really important to have some friends if you want to stand a chance against other groups. This way everyone can take a different role on the ship; one can steer, one can adjust the sail, and someone else can take care of repairs and firing the cannons. Teamwork is the key to victory and it can be super fun.

Key features
  • A pirate-themed sea exploration game full of action
  • Combines PvP and PvE
  • Encourages and rewards teamwork
  • Simple but pretty stylized art style


Release date:2020-07-28
Developer:Obsidian Entertainment

Similarly to Sea of Thieves, Grounded won’t be an exclusive anymore soon, but at the time of writing this, it still is.

Grounded is a fun survival game where you are shrunk down to the size of an ant and thrown in a backyard where you’ll be fighting for survival, either alone or with up to 3 friends. It may sound easy at first, as what dangers could be possibly lurking in the backyard, but don’t underestimate the challenges that await you; at your size any bug, spider, or bee can be a fierce and deadly opponent.

Key features
  • Addictive gameplay loop focused on survival and exploration
  • Numerous unique biomes to discover
  • Colorful, stylized visuals
  • Can be played solo but shines in 4-player co-op

The Elder Scrolls VI

Release date:TBD
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

It’s not officially confirmed yet that TES VI will be one of the Microsoft exclusive games, but it’s well within realms of possibility, at least temporarily.

Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Following the huge success of Skyrim, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bethesda started developing TES VI, which is probably the studio’s most important project in the making right now. It’s about time we get a new adventure in the Scrolls’ universe. However, we may have to hold our horses for a bit longer, as the official release date wasn’t announced yet. Some speculate we may get the full game around 2026-2028, but only time will tell.

Key features
  • A new action role-playing game from the TES franchise
  • Described as the ultimate fantasy-world simulator
  • Possibly Bethesda’s most ambitious project up to date
  • Developed with proprietary Creation Engine 2


If you’re looking for a new gaming platform, it’s worth taking exclusive games into account. No matter how good a console is, it wouldn’t make sense to get it just to realize later that your favorite game is not even available on it.

We tried to compile a list of some of the best Xbox exclusives for your convenience, so now you can take a quick look and see if anything piques your interest. It’s a careful selection of titles that are considered to be Xbox exclusives at the time of writing.

Keep in mind that some games may lose their exclusive status with time, so if exclusivity is something you really care about, remember to check the latest info to make sure everything is up to date.