Although the best defense against digital threats is a conscious use of the computer and the Internet, we are all just people, and people sometimes make mistakes.

One wrong click, and you’ll get the virus. That’s when an antivirus software steps in – a specialized program that helps to keep your system safe from countless virtual dangers.

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Antivirus Software and Internet Security Suites

Depending on your needs, you may choose either antivirus software or a security suite. The main difference is the number of possible use cases – an antivirus is a specialized software designed with specific tasks in mind, while a security suite is a more complex and complete solution for all your security needs.

Antivirus Licensing Differences

Antivirus software can be distributed in various ways. Usually, you need to pay a monthly fee to be able to use the program continuously, and sometimes it’s possible to pay upfront for an entire year or more. This option often comes with additional discounts and is generally cheaper, than if you kept renewing the license every month.

Some licenses also allow you to use them on more than 1 device. It’s worth keeping it in mind, especially when you are looking for an antivirus that you plan to use not only on your own computer, but also on your smartphone, or your kids’ one, for example.