The season is upon us. No, not the Holiday season, the other one: the deal season.

Black Friday is right around the corner, and with it comes an avalanche of awesome offers on many different types of items and services. It’s one of the best time to grab that thing you really want, you know the one, at an enticing discount.

Black Friday ended, you can check our deals on

During that time of hot offers and hotter deals you’ll find many of them on the G2A marketplace, spread across many product types. To give you a head start on deal-hunting, here’s a primer for the categories and products you’ll be able to browse and get at attractive prices during Black Friday.


Subscription services are a new standard of content delivery in modern internet. Netflix, HBO, and others brings hundreds of hours of movies and TV shows, and you can listen to thousands of hours of high-quality music on Spotify and Tidal. With gift cards you can bestow this wealth of multimedia on a friend, or on yourself if there are some titles you still want to remove from your backlog or listen to music at a higher quality than you’d find on the radio or on YouTube.

Video games

Of course, since it’s G2A there are many games to keep an eye out for, both from established series, like Call of Duty: Cold War, or evergreen GTA5. If you’re looking for open world wilderness adventures, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn are waiting for you as well.


Games, movies, and music aren’t all there is to grab. G2A also has a great selection of software. You can find operating systems, graphics design software, system maintenance tools, and more. If you need to extend a license or get a new tool to optimize your work, check out the offers on G2A, especially on Black Friday.

Gift Cards

In addition to a variety of multimedia gift cards, you can also find prepaid cards for stores and services, such as Amazon, Skype, or Google Play. It’s certainly more convenient for everyone than through the usual payment process.

Points and currencies


Protection is very important, no matter what you do on the internet. It’s always a good idea to have an antivirus running in the background, but they can be costly affairs if you don’t find a discount. Thankfully, you can get both a good antivirus and a neat discount when you buy on G2A.