While browsing the marketplace, you might have encountered offers labeled as accounts instead of keys. What does that mean? What are the benefits of such an option? Let’s take a look.

The difference between these two types of offers is that when you buy a key, you add it to your existing account during the process of redeeming it. When you buy an account instead, you gain access to a separate account with the target game already activated on it.

Buying an account is easy. Once you complete the purchase, you’ll receive a special link where you register and then receive the credentials to the said account. Once you sign into the account you just bought, you can change the login details – e-mail and password – as you see fit.

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What are the pros of buying accounts instead of regular keys?

First, it’s the price. Accounts are in general cheaper, as you can buy them in accordance with regional pricing. Even the latest releases can be purchased for as little as a third of the retail price, which is definitely a fantastic deal.

Second, while you might think that having to log in to different accounts in order to access a particular game is far from convenient, there might be a nice workaround. If there’s a library sharing feature on a particular platform, you can connect the accounts you purchased to your main one and enjoy all the games as a single collection.

Third, this is a way to “fight” the monopoly. Some games are not released and sold via activation keys, so you can only get them through purchasing an account. This gives you more options where you want to get such a title from. Accounts can also be a way for you to obtain the titles that are no longer available for sale on other platforms.

As you can see, buying accounts has its considerable pros. Be sure to give it a shot next time you’re out to grab some great deals!