There are several things that can ruin the gameplay experience. Some of them are directly related to the game, some of them are connected with the outside factors. The latter often stem from the hardware the player uses.

Even the best gaming mouse might cause trouble, most of which come from the cord. Nothing annoys more during an intense match than a cable going everywhere on the desk, getting stuck or restricting movement in any other way. To solve this problem, gaming hardware geniuses came up with a mouse bungee. Thanks to that device the cord will always stay in place, and the player won’t have to worry about it flying around on the desk. In this article, we’ll explain the pros of having a mouse bungee and present some of the best ones available on the market.

What is a mouse bungee and why you should buy one?

A mouse bungee operates on very simple rules. To put things in the simplest of words, mouse bungee is to a gaming mouse what the owner is to a dog being walked on a leash. Basically, the bungee controls the cord of the mouse not letting it roll around on the desks, disturbing the player and restricting the mouse’s movement. Using bungee provides the user with extra desk space and smoother motion, unobstructed by the cord stubbornly getting in the way.

The mouse bungee is made of two components. The most important of the two is the arm, upon which the cord of the mouse rests. It is most often made of soft plastic or silicone. Both materials are flexible and do not obstruct the movement of the mouse, while at the same time keeping the cord in check. The base of the bungee is the second element of the entire construction and is responsible for keeping it in place. Dragging the entire bungee across the desk is the last thing the player needs during the match. There are different types of bungee bases, which include solid blocks and tripods.  In certain models, the base comes equipped with USB ports, o that the player can plug in their other peripherals. All in all the mouse bungees are very useful tools, helping the player keep their desk organized and gaming smooth and fluid.

The best mouse bungees in 2019


Cable arm:Flexible silicone
USB Ports:Yes (4)
LED Lighting:Yes (Can be turned off)

ENHANCE’s GX-B1 might not get the award for the best bungee ever, but it certainly wins in the category of the flashiest.

With a LED base featuring three color light-up system, ENHANCE GX-B1 offers the user a true feast for the eye. The silicone arm of GX-B1 offers a wide range of flexibility and maneuverability with the mouse. When the cord is attached to the arm it is held at a comfortable distance away from the sliding surface, allowing the user to fully enjoy their game without worrying of hitting the arm and detaching the cord from it. The base of the bungee features four USB ports, where the player can attach other devices.


Cable arm:Flexible plastic
USB Ports:No
LED Lighting:No

On the ROCCAT’s website, we can read that the Apuri Raw mouse bungee is legendary. One could get a similar impression from simply taking a look at the product.

Its sleek design surely makes a statement. The quality of the bungee also leaves nothing to be desired. The tripod base is fitted with rubber pads that provide stability on slick surfaces. The base contains a metal weight which additionally increases the stability of the frame. The arm of Apuri Raw is flexible enough to move together with the cable, providing smooth glide of the mouse on the desk surface.


Cable arm:Flexible plastic
USB Ports:No
LED Lighting:No

What Thermaltake’s Galeru might lack in flashy features, it makes up in the simplicity of use and magnets used in the arm of the bungee.

Said magnets hold the arm fastened in place, which in turn prevents the mouse cord from slipping. The cord grip of the arm is expandable, which means it will accommodate the cable of pretty much every mouse The base of the Galeru is fitted with non-slip rubber pads, which prevent the bungee from sliding on the surface of the desk.


Manufacturer:ZOWIE BENQ
Cable arm:Aluminum
USB Ports:No
LED Lighting:No

If it wasn’t for the purpose it serves, Zowie BenQ Camade could almost be considered a piece of modern art.

Its design comes in pair with functionality – the arm of the bungee extends and retracts offering varied distances from the sliding surfaces for players who demand specific settings. Rubber feet prevent Camade from sliding and slipping and the cord clip on the arm accommodates all mice available on the market. Despite not featuring USB ports, BenQ Camade is sturdy and easy to transport, making it a perfect companion ant gaming tournaments.


Manufacturer:COOLER MASTER
Cable arm:Flexible rubber
USB Ports:No
LED Lighting:No

With a name that truly lives up to the form, Skorpion is a bungee for hardcore players who value not only the design but also the functionality of the device.

The frame can be easily disassembled for easy transportation. The tripod base on rubber pads and equipped with weighted iron core provides a better stability of the entire frame.


Manufacturer:COUGAR BUNKER
Cable arm:Flexible rubber
USB Ports:No
LED Lighting:No

Unique – that is the word that perfectly describes Cougar Bunker’s Gaming Mouse Bungee.

hile most of the bungees on the market rely on rubber pads to keep the frame in place, Cougar Bunker introduces a suction cup in the base of their bungee. Thanks to the patented Vacuum technology, Cougar Bunker’s bungee stays in place even during most intense matches and in busy environments. The base itself is small, which makes the bungee more ergonomic and easier to position on the desk.


Cable arm:Spring
USB Ports:No
LED Lighting:No

Razer – a company with tradition in the gaming hardware industry – gets the job done again with their mouse bungee.

Valuing functionality over flashiness, they offer simple, almost simplistically designed frame, with sturdy spring arm flexing the cord and base fitted with rubber pads to prevent slippage. The cord clip works perfectly with different types of cables, and especially well with the mice produced by Razer. If you have other products from this company or are interested in a quality bungee, Razer should be on the top of your list.


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