Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad, and you can often find relatively good products without going broke. Today we’ll present you with a few possible options if you are looking for cheap noise-canceling in-ear headphones.

When choosing headphones it is usually a matter of preference if you want to go with the big and comfortable over-the-ear headset or if you rather prefer a more subtle and simple approach provided by the IEM – or in-ear monitors. The truth is, however, that both earbuds and headphones have its place, so one may want to consider purchasing them both and swap them according to the situation.

If you are low on funds and need to choose one over the other, then you should be aware that earbuds are not meant to provide high-quality music. The speakers in such headphones are simply too small and it’s physically impossible for them to reach the over-the-ear headset performance.

Cheap in-ear headphones

But earbuds have other advantages over headsets that may prove to be decisive for some of you. For example, because they are meant to be put deep inside the ear canal, they are incomparably better in isolating the outside noise, allowing you to truly forget about the outer world and completely immerse in the music.

They are also better when it comes to freedom of movement. The standard headset can easily slip or even fall off if you start shaking your head too much. This is usually not the case with IEM which sit tightly inside the ear canal, making them a much better choice for physically active people who want to listen to their favorite tracks during the morning jogging session.

Lastly, in-ear headphones can also be worn in public without attracting unnecessary attention – they are small and barely noticeable. Just be careful when crossing the road, as the earbuds usually lower your situational awareness. Pull them out so you can hear the incoming cars.

Cheap in-ear headphones 2019

NameFrequency responseInputCheck price below
Panasonic RP-HJE125EPanasonic RP-HJE125E0 – 24000 HzMini jack 3.5 mmOut of stock
DeFunc Earbud BASIC MUSICdefunc earbud basic music box20 – 20000 HzMini jack 3.5 mmBuy now!
KLIM Fusion EarphonesKLIM Fusion Earphones - box10 – 50,000HzMini jack 3.5 mmBuy now!
Sponge Boom WirelessSponge Boom wireless earphones - box20 – 20000 HzBluetooth 4.1Buy now!
EDIFIER P210EDIFIER P210 Earbuds Black box20 – 20000 HzMini jack 3.5 mmBuy now!
AWEI G20Awei G20BL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - box20 – 20000 HzBluetooth 4.2Buy now!
i7s TWS Dual Minii7s Wireless Earbuds Mini Bluetooth In-ear Earphones - box20 – 20000 HzBluetooth 5.0 + EDR ( Support for binaural calls)Buy now!

Below we present you with different in-ear budget monitors, all of which are available on G2A.COM.

Panasonic RP-HJE125E

Frequency response:10 – 24000 Hz
Input:Mini jack 3.5 mm

Panasonic RP-HJE125E is a solid choice in the budget earbuds market.

Panasonic RP-HJE125E

These combine the good audio quality with a cool design that fits the urban area. They are very comfortable and sit tightly inside the ear canal. And they come in many different colors, so you can easily find the one that you like the most.

Key features:

  • Frequency response: 10-24000 Hz
  • Good audio quality
  • Mini jack 3.5 mm
  • Urban design
  • Comfortable to wear

Out of stock


Frequency response:20 – 20000 Hz
Input:Mini jack 3.5 mm

If you are looking for a reliable pair of earbuds for an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with DeFunc Earbud BASIC MUSIC.

defunc earbud basic music

The 3.5 mm audio jack allows to easily connect these IEM to most smartphones, so you can enjoy the music when going for a walk or during traveling by public transport.

Key features:

  • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • Deep bass and clear treble
  • 2-meter cable
  • Durable construction
  • Mini jack 3.5 mm

KLIM Fusion Earphones

Frequency response:10 – 50,000Hz
Input:Mini jack 3.5 mm

KLIM Fusion earphones shine among similar products thanks to the memory foam plugs, making the earbuds much more comfortable to wear.

KLIM Fusion Earphones

There is nothing to complain about in terms of audio quality. The product is also a reliable one – the manufacturer is so confident in it, he offers a 5-year warranty.

Key features:

  • Innovative design – memory foam plugs
  • Reliable and solid construction
  • Great audio quality
  • Gaming-inspired look
  • 7-meter cable

Sponge Boom Wireless

Frequency response:20 – 20000 Hz
Input:Bluetooth 4.1

Sponge Boom Wireless is a perfect choice if you value high mobility.

Sponge Boom wireless earphones

This is a wireless solution – the lack of cable provides unrestricted movement. Combine this with the high sweat and splash resistance, and you’ve got a great companion for your daily running sessions even during rainy weather.

Key features:

  • 9-meter Bluetooth range
  • Working time: up to 7 hours
  • IPX 4 resistance standard
  • Built-in control buttons
  • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz


Frequency response:20 – 20000 Hz
Input:Mini jack 3.5 mm

Another budget option is EDIFIER P210. These IEM are a simple solution for active people looking for a way to listen to their favorite music on a daily basis.

EDIFIER P210 Earbuds Black

Lightweight construction allows to wear the earphones for an extended period of time, and the built-in microphone allows to easily answer calls, so you can remain in touch at all times.

Key features:

  • Powerful bass and clear vocals
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Noise isolation and stereo sound
  • 3-meter flexible cable
  • Built-in microphone


Frequency response:20 – 20000 Hz
Input:Bluetooth 4.2/td>

Wireless earphones AWEI G20 6-mm drivers provide great audio quality for a relatively low price, and the control buttons allow to control the audio volume or quickly answer calls.

Awei G20BL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

As a quality of life addition, there are magnets in both earplugs, so you can join them together and wear them like a necklace when not in use, without risking losing the set.

Key features:

  • Fast Bluetooth 4.2 connection
  • Up to 10 meters range
  • Earplugs with opposite poles magnets
  • Volume and call controls
  • Unusual distinctive design

i7s TWS Dual Mini

Frequency response:20 – 20000 Hz
Input:Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR ( Support for binaural calls)

i7s TWS Dual Mini beats its competition in its price range. No wires at all, just two simple earbuds ready to play your music loud and clear wherever you want.

i7s Wireless Earbuds Mini Bluetooth In-ear Earphones

Earphones come together with a dual recharge case – after finished session you can put the earbuds away and they will be ready when you want to pick them up again.

Key features:

  • Dual earbuds mode
  • Active noise-canceling
  • 100-hour standby time
  • Automatic recharge case
  • Built-in microphone


Often than not you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a polished and high-quality product. The budget earphones market is filled with interesting options ready to be picked. Don’t be afraid of trying something new – sometimes less is more, and in some situations, you may have trouble finding a better alternative even if you decide to spend a little bit more than you initially wanted. If you want to go wireless, you can check out the AWEI G20. Otherwise, you may give KLIM Fusion Earphones and their memory foam a try.