Playing the best video games doesn’t have to make you broke. While the latest titles are often overpriced, it’s not hard to find something cool for a lower price. Even on Xbox One!

Digital bestsellers get cheaper fast! And there are more and more cheap indie games on the marketplace to engage you for many hours of addictive gameplay. If you are looking for a completely new title for a lower price, it is best to wait until it appears on various sales and buy it cheaper. And in the meantime, you can enjoy the best inexpensive Xbox One video games for under 20 dollars! At this price, you will find titles that are a must-have. If you have not played any of them yet – welcome! On this list, you will discover everything your gaming heart and wallet crave.

List of the Best Cheap Xbox One Games
Sea Of Thieves 2018-03-20 Adventure Rare 59%
Sea Of Thieves Anniversary Edition 2018-03-20 Adventure Rare 63%
Gears 5 2019-09-10 Action The Coalition 77%
Gears 5 2019-09-10 Action The Coalition 79%
Assassins Creed Origins 2017-10-27 RPG Ubisoft Montreal 85%
Assassins Creed Origins Gold Edition 2017-10-26 Adventure Ubisoft Montreal
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Goty Edition 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED 70%
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Goty Edition 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED 72%
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2016-10-27 Strategy Bethesda Game Studios
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition 2021-11-11 RPG Bethesda Game Studios 33%
A Way Out 2018-03-23 Adventure Hazelight Studios 69%
The Sims 4 Get Together 2015-12-08 Simulation Maxis 7%
Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition 2015-12-01 Action Ubisoft Montreal 57%
Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition 2015-12-01 Adventure Ubisoft Montreal
Watch Dogs 2 2016-11-29 Adventure Ubisoft 91%
Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition 2016-11-28 Simulation Ubisoft 87%
Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition 2016-11-28 Action & Shooter Ubisoft 91%

Sea of Thieves


Leave everything for the charms of pirate life! Join the adventurous MMO gameplay in Sea of Thieves. Develop your reputation and take part in sea battles that people will tell tales about for centuries.

Sea of Thieves

Do you dream of your own ship? Or fancy an adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow himself? These are just a few fantastic features you’ll find in this thrilling gameplay! Create a team or become a lone sea wolf. Explore, hunt for treasures, and discover all secrets of this unique open world. It’s a game where everyone can become who they want and do what they desire!

Key features
  • Become a pirate and lead your adventure as you want
  • Explore and discover faraway lands
  • Join the crew and fight in spectacular sea battles
  • Play story campaigns and experience epic adventures

Gears 5

Developer:The Coalition

It is the fifth installment in the famous Gears of War series, released in 2019 for PC and Xbox One. Watch the rest of Kait Diaz’s story to discover her origins and place in this thrilling plot.

Explore various biomes and solve the mystery of the Locust to unravel the essence of your fears and find your place in the universe. Gears 5 is legendary combat, with a whole arsenal of epic weapons and a captivating tale. Engage in the campaign and learn the story or jump straight to exciting multiplayer games. Wanna more? Try yourself at designing maps and invite other players to play together!

Key features
  • Play as Kait Diaz and set off on a journey through the distant planet of Sera
  • Discover the mystery of the Locusts’ origins
  • Use new weapons and take part in dynamic boss battles
  • Play a solo campaign or have fun in PvE and PvP multiplayer

Assassin's Creed Origins

Developer:Ubisoft Montreal

Egypt is the land of many extraordinary stories – here is one of them. Witness the rise of the Assassin Brotherhood and discover the foundations of its ancient conflict with the Templar Order.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Welcome to the open world of Ancient Egypt! It is the beginning of the story and the origin of your legend in the most epic storyline ever. Explore vast locations, complete missions, make decisions and use the entire arsenal of Assassin skills! Get ready for a new combat system, fantastic views, and immersive tasks. This game is the essence of the best in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Key features
  • Witness the very beginning of the conflict between Assassins and Templars
  • Set off on a journey through the most remarkable locations of Ancient Egypt
  • Complete quests and become part of the legend
  • Sneak, shoot a bow and eliminate enemies

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition


Enjoy 150 hours of addictive gameplay in the most extensive version of The Witcher 3 – Game of the Year Edition. Play the game plus two DLCs that will show you the full story of Geralt of Rivia’s adventures.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

Go on the most unpredictable journey through the non-linear storyline in the legend of the fearless monster slayer. Get involved in political intrigues, brutal combat, and mythical plots of supernatural creatures. Use magic and a sword and make decisions that will affect everything. And all this in a vibrant open world, implanted in the captivating Slavic fantasy reality.

Key features
  • Play as the legendary Geralt of Rivia
  • Discover an extensive storyline and follow it however you want
  • Explore an open world of ancient legends and mysteries
  • Develop your skills and fight mighty beasts

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

Play the game that set a new level of epicness in the RPG category! Go to Tamriel and become a legend as one of the forgotten and most dangerous warriors – the Dragonborn.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - dragon

When dragons reappear in the sky, you are the one who will begin the most challenging adventure ever. Discover a world that has a life of its own and become a part of it for hours of addictive gameplay. Explore, complete missions, and gain experience to become more and more powerful. Or explore the farthest corners of this vast world and encounter charming characters whose fate will be linked to your legend forever.

Key features
  • Play the most popular installment in the award-winning The Elder Scrolls series
  • Discover an extensive fantasy world and become part of it
  • Get carried away by an epic storyline
  • Explore and enjoy the endless world of possibilities

A Way Out

Developer:Hazelight Studios

Leo and Vincent have never been friends. But when the opportunity presents itself, they decide to flee the prison. It is a cooperative action video game where you and your friend will experience the adventure of your life!

A Way Out

Play as one of two completely different protagonists and invite another player to experience the thrilling campaign about breaking out of prison. It is a challenging project, but your unique talents and cooperation can ensure your success! Go on a journey, take part in car chases, and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

Key features
  • Play an addictive cooperative action game
  • Play as one of the two unique heroes and develop your skills
  • Fight, drive, and escape the law
  • Purchase one copy of the game and give your friend a free version for a shared experience

The Sims 4


Create a family of charming Sims and complete a scenario you would not dare to put into practice in real life! This simulator by Maxis makes everything possible – you are limited only by your imagination!

The Sims 4

Design the heroes, build a perfect house, arrange a party and have fun with your neighbors. Fulfill your Sims’ desires and aspirations, and you will soon witness their progress in your chosen direction. Or go crazy! Play an entirely unbelievable scenario in one of the DLCs and expand your gameplay with extra hours of the best fun.

Key features
  • Design a Sim family and create them a place to live
  • Decide on their development and activities
  • Connect with other Sims and become part of the community
  • Play as you like and enjoy your freedom

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Genre:Battle royale
Developer:PUBG Studios

Join the free-to-play Battle Royale gameplay and enjoy the brutal combat in one of the most exciting first-person shooters ever! Do whatever you can to survive until there is only one left.

PUBG gamescreen

Land on the map and eliminate the rest of the players to win the match. Sneak, collect items, upgrade your equipment and kill enemies by surprise. Drive abandoned vehicles, find the best spots and cooperate in team matches. It is an addictive multiplayer game where you will lose yourself completely in the fight for survival.

Key features
  • Play free-to-play FPS Battle Royale
  • Explore and eliminate other players before the map area becomes smaller
  • Sneak and get better and better equipment
  • Kill everyone or take part in team battles

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Developer:Ubisoft Montreal

Are you into cooperative PvP combat in multiplayer action games? We’ve got something for you – a game where the players will infiltrate and try to defeat a dangerous terrorist unit.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Play as the attacker or defender and join the battle for domination! Build fortifications and trap your opponent or attack by surprise and eliminate everyone. Get ready for great gadgets, close cooperation, and excitement that you will not find in any other shooter!

Key features
  • Play as attacker or defender
  • Play matches on maps from all over the world
  • Plan a strategy and cooperate with the team
  • Play the campaign solo or fight in PvP multiplayer

Watch Dogs 2


The life of a hacker is not only responsibilities but also having fun. Travel to San Francisco and play as Marcus Holloway – a man whose goal is to fight the Central Operating System that governs the entire city.

Watch Dogs 2

Join the hacking group and fight the system! In this action game, you will become the chaos and destroy all of San Francisco’s control software. Use gadgets, explore, complete various missions, and have fun! Fancy a solo campaign? Here you are! Or maybe a game with friends? Be sure to check out the PvP and PvE modes.

Key features
  • Play as a hacker and join the battle against the Central Operating System
  • Use the best gadgets and plan your hacking missions
  • Explore the city and enjoy various activities
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to four players

It is the complete list of the best Xbox One titles you can get at the low price to enjoy in 2022. We live in times when you don’t have to overpay to enjoy the richest content of good video games. Many titles hide in promo offers and sales of many proven gaming platforms. So you can safely save that 20 dollars a month and enjoy the best gameplay for the lowest price!