The years 2019 and 2021 brought two very similar FPS medieval games. And although in both we get almost identical content, after a closer look, it turns out that each of these titles is entirely different.

If you are into medieval war games, you must have heard about Mordhau and Chivalry 2. These two epic titles provide new worlds where players can clash with each other on the battlefield. To make it even more fun, there are swords, corpses, and pure chaos everywhere. Each of these games is a real treat for medieval enthusiasts! The problem is, it is hard for players to decide which is better. If you are considering buying one of them, check this article where we will compare two mighty giants – Chivalry 2 vs Mordhau.


This category is one of the most crucial differences between Chivalry 2 and Mordhau. In team games, being able to personalize the gameplay is extremely important. Everyone wants to create a unique character with customizable features and then set off to brutal combat on the battlefield. If you are anticipating an opportunity to customize your character – choose Mordhau. While Chivalry 2 is a very engaging game, creating a character class is limited to choosing from preset models. But in Mordhau, you can design your hero in the smallest detail. In this game, you will personalize your equipment, choose abilities and develop a class. What’s more, you can also design your weapons, which will make you one of a kind!


If you want a very realistic environment, Mordhau will meet your expectations. The setting is closer to the actual conditions of the Middle Ages. The weapons are historically accurate, and the combat is much more precise. However, if you fancy more casual fantasy gameplay, then Chivalry 2 is a must-have. Maybe this game is less realistic, but it certainly makes up for it in an epic setting. In Chivalry, you will also experience a much better sound quality that will make every battle feel more natural.


Do you need fun or a challenge? If fun, Chivalry 2 will make all your dreams come true. It is a game for everyone – advanced players and total novices. The combat is chaotic, bloody, and epic. The gameplay is focused on teamwork and completing tasks, and all players can use almost the same abilities. As players on Reddit say, this title is pure joy! Mordhau, on the other hand, is a slightly more strategic game that requires a well-prepared attack plan. Combat is more realistic, requires a full arsenal of skills, and death happens more than ever. In this game, you must learn every block and attack to have a chance to survive. This game is definitely for more experienced players who want to improve their skills in challenging conditions.

Which is better?

If you don’t know what to select in the ultimate Mordhau vs Chivalry 2 comparison, maybe the last category will make it easier. If you are a PC user, you can enjoy both games. Unfortunately, console users can only play Chivalry 2 as Mordhau is unavailable for any other platform. As you can see, both games are very similar and yet completely different. Chivalry 2 is pure fun in chaotic combat and a fantasy setting for everyone. Mordhau is a strategic and challenging game with the possibility of customizing the hero. Whatever you choose – have fun!