Christmas means gifts, and those include gifts for your significant other. It sometimes happens, not always, but it sometimes does happen, that that significant other happens to be a man.

And so I’m here to help you pick a gift for that person. There’s this prevalent opinion about gamers that they are mostly men and that men like very specific things. However, I kind of don’t care? I certainly don’t have enough data to pretend this is the case and I’m not going by gut feeling on this one. Plus I have a suspicion this opinion exists mostly for the purposes of targeted marketing.

So I will not do that. Instead, I’m just going to give you fun ideas for gifts that would be nice for your gamer significant other that happens to be a man. And I’m sure they’ll appreciate it whether they’re a man or not. The added benefit is that nobody will feel insulted.

First and foremost: games

Boyfriend playing console

Games are a lifeblood and the cornerstone of the hobby, so of course, this is the most important category. During Christmas, many of even modern games go on sale and it’s likely that your partner is missing one or a few things from their gaming library, so you can use this occasion to rectify this unfortunate situation.

If I were a prejudiced person, I could tell you how men prefer competitive online games and action. But since I am not, I’ll state that finding a good game for coop is a good idea in general if you have a stable gaming partner, especially for Christmas, the time of togetherness and spirit of cooperation. Also coop is fun. You might have heard of fun, it’s a thing people do on Christmas.

If you want ideas, I can suggest our lists of best cooperative games to play with a friend. We have one for every major platform, so whatever your method of choice is, you should find something. Off the top of my head, I would suggest GTA V, Borderlands 2 and Divinity: Original Sin 2. These games will keep you and your gamer boyfriend entertained long after winter has passed.

Subscriptions and services.

Next up, we have paid subscription services like the Xbox Game Pass. You can purchase different lengths of access time to these services and enjoy it for as long as you stay subscribed. You don’t sign any contracts and once the paid time runs out, the service stops. At that point you can continue paying if you enjoyed it or stop. Later on you can buy more play-time at any point to extend the service, perhaps on another significant time of vacation.

This is a good idea, because vacations like Christmas give you plenty of time to enjoy a life-service like this. It’s an especially good idea for consoles, which you likely share with your boyfriend, if you play games at all. If, for example, you might be worrying that your boyfriend “already owns everything” and you can’t think of a singular title they’re lacking, this might be a way to broaden their horizons.

As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy these games with him, since a big portion of console games are designed for cooperative play.

Xbox Game Pass & Playstation Plus

cheaper offers

Getting physical.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby and it includes things well beyond games. You have to have something to play your games on and with. This includes keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers and even whole consoles or PC parts like a dedicated graphics card.

While Christmas is a good time for an upgrade, I would advice you against buying parts for your PC-oriented boyfriend. Building up a PC is holistic affair and they probably would prefer to do it themselves. However, if you have a lot of money saved up, I would suggest giving them a Nintendo Switch if they don’t already own the console. It’s a really good, portable console that has a really fantastic library of games. Though admittedly, this is a costly proposition.

This category also includes a lot of additional stuff like mugs, plushies, toys, shirts and this time only, we even got Christmas sweaters. Who doesn’t like a nice sweater on Christmas? Also, inexplicably, lamps. We have a wide array of geek and gamer-themed lamps, for some reason. Odd, but certainly original.

The great thing about gaming accessories and gaming hardware is that it will last. A game can be beaten in some 30 hours on average. A dedicated gaming headset can be used to beat a thousand games. Even something smaller like a plushie will be something to remember you by, more than a copy of GTA V.

Gift Cards.

xbox liv gift card for husband

Last and certainly least, there are gift cards. Kind of a lazy gift idea, but on the other hand they can be very flexible. A gift card comes with a pre-set amount of money and can be used to purchase anything from a specific store. Do be aware of what the card is for, you obviously won’t be able to use a Walmart gift card at Gamestop.

Like I said, kind of a lazy gift, but good as an addition. Say you have exactly $80 to spend for a gift. You could get a game for $60 and buy a $20 gift card with the remaining money. That way your partner can buy something associated with the game themselves, maybe a physical accessory, or maybe a piece of DLC that they want and you didn’t know about.

~Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~

Christmas is a time for a family to come together, share a wafer, eat a good dinner, and have fun. While I won’t pretend I myself am not slightly worn down by the overbearing consumerism encroaching on our lives and demanding us to spend more and more money on frivolous things, you have to obtain gifts somehow.

This guide’s purpose is to help you have fun on Christmas. The most important piece of advice I can give you is this: don’t think about all this too much. A gift is nice, but your presence is all your loved ones really want from you, trust me.

Merry Christmas everyone!