Christmas! The greatest holiday of the year means, among other things, presents. Now, we will go into a great deal of detail about the specifics, breaking down the demographics and whatnot, because we want you to be as well-informed as possible. But first, we’ll talk a bit more generally and generically about the subject matter.

Where appropriate, we will include annotations to other articles and links to more detailed articles at the end. This is, for the most part, a place to hold all these things together. But at the same time, maybe very generic advice is all you really needed and you won’t need to bother with all that.

Of course I still encourage you to read the other articles, because I try to make them funny in addition to being informative (here)

Video Games.

Most relevant to your interests are, of course, games. Picking a good game for your gamer buddy can be tricky though, because gamers are an impatient lot. Your gamer friend likely already owns the one game they were eyeing for some time now. This can be double tricky if you’re not a gamer yourself and so you might be completely lost in regards to your friend’s preferences.

For that reason, we have created several articles for your convenience. Most importantly, best Christmas video game deals describes exactly which specific games we’ll have discounted for the Christmas sale. That’s where you want to start.

video games based on G2A.COM purchases male choices

video games for females choices

Christmas video game ideas for gaming boyfriend

Then, Christmas in video games is a slightly more cheeky article about games that have specifically something to do with Christmas. If you are filled with the Christmas spirit to the point where your brain is just Home Alone on constant loop, you might want to take a look (it’s also really hilarious, seriously, that one is a real banger of an article).

Lastly, top video games on PC to have fun with on Christmas goes into details about which games, both new and old, are exceptionally appropriate to play during the holiday, mostly due them just being fun to play on a long evening and/or with friends and family.

Physical goods for gamers.

gaming christmas sweaters

Next, there’re physical things which constitutes of everything from controllers and other pieces of hardware, up to and including Christmas lamps. This is not exactly our forte, so unfortunately we don’t have articles specifically dedicated to hardware at least as it relates to Christmas, although we have some suggestions concerning hardware, you can start by looking here.

Additionally, we have Christmas sweaters, the absolute staple of Christmas (and in my opinion the game identity itself) and article about video game collectibles, a niche but certainly original aspect of geekdom that could work as a very thoughtful gift.

Subscription services and/or gift cards.

Gift ideas for your gamer girlfriend

Lastly, these two things are ever popular on our platform. Subscription services involve variable packages that allow you to use a given service for a limited period of time. It’s not a contract, once the time runs out, that’s it, you have no obligation to continue using the service. Gift cards are just that, they come with a predetermined value, say $20, and can be exchanged in an appropriate store for any product of equal or lesser value.

Services and gift cards lack the personalized touch or a visual component, but they are very flexible. We don’t have specific articles on this subject, because for one thing these are too generic to go into great depths about them and there’re just way too many kind of these to describe all of them.

However, if you’re uncertain as to how these work in the first place and you’re interested, we have special articles about PlayStation and Xbox subscription services described respectively here and here. They go into depths on what they are, how they work and what you can use them for.

Jolly good Christmas to you.

Additionally, I will point you in the direction of two more articles, one devoted to getting a gift idea for a boyfriend who’s into games and another for a girlfriend who’s into games. Don’t worry, I took special precautions not to make too sweeping assumptions about anybody, the primary factor in making these articles was what would constitute a fun gift for a gamer, demographic-based marketing was a distant second factor.

Oh, and don’t worry too much about what to pick as a gift. Christmas is, first and foremost, about fun. It would be tragic if you skipped on the fun because you were worrying too much about what to pick as a gift. In fact I hope I could do the thinking for you here, these articles have been meticulously prepared, so you can trust our judgement.

Merry Christmas and have a fantastic new year!