Have you bought a gift for your grandparents yet? If you’re here, you’re probably struggling to find something fitting, which is only reasonable. The generation gap is nothing to sneeze at, and if getting something for your parents is hard, getting something to THEIR parents is even more complicated. 

You don’t need to worry, though! We’re here with a few recommendations you should consider. Perhaps you’ll find something that is perfect right out of the gate, perhaps our recs will guide your own ideas, who knows.

Let’s take a look at what Holiday gifts you could buy for your grandparents, shall we?

No better time to get into gaming than retirement!

It is known that there are three perfect times to get into a new hobby: when you’re young, right now, or when you’re retired. If your grandparents are at the last stage, or getting there, then that’s your best shot at getting them to enjoy the hobby by appealing to their hobbies and interests.

You could aim for something that bridges the gap between analogue and digital hobbies: the Tabletop Simulator, a great way to play board games, wargames, and even TTRPGs over the Internet. If you don’t live near your grandparents but would still love to play checkers or Warhammer with them, that’s the way.

Scaling up the “game” scale, perhaps The Sims 4 (with DLCs or without) would be more adequate. The long-running series about being a watchful, manipulative eye controlling the lives of tiny silly people should be a great fit for those who saw two generations of tiny, silly people grow up under their care.

Climbing up the complexity layer a bit, Civilization VI is a game with a long and magnificent legacy. It’s also one of the most time-consuming games in existence because of the “one more turn” syndrome supported by the simple to understand mechanics. It’s great for every grandparent with a casual interest in history and a TV defaulting to Discovery or National Geographic.

For lovers of something more nitty-gritty, but still staying in the history theme, Hearts of Iron IV is a treat for everyone who’s made studying World War II their life’s passion. HoI4 is a complex, uncompromising simulator of nation-scale politics, economy, and warfare taking place between 1936 and the 1950s.

Utility and security

Your grandparents might have been the first generation interacting with the Internet, but the medium has evolved greatly, and so have its dangers. Which makes it twice as essential to have a reliable antivirus at hand to ward against the worst of keyloggers, ransomware, and spyware. Good go-to antiviruses are AVG, Avast, and Kaspersky, but nothing tops individual research.

In the field of usefulness, you also can’t go wrong with giving your grandparents easy access to MS Office, be it for mail management, professional endeavours, or creative pursuits. With a little bit of effort even Excel can be used for designing knitting patterns or used as an improvised board game grid!

A well-aimed, or broad enough, gift card can also go a long way. Even if you don’t know the specifics of what your grandparent might want, you could get them an Amazon or eBay gift card to help them offload the wishlist or give them a nudge to treat themselves for once. It’s the “thank you for all the pocket money” fit for the modern age!

Better than TV

Finally, you could go for a voucher providing some extra time with a streaming service. For instance, a Netflix gift card is always handy, thanks to the service’s large library of media ranging from TV shows and movies, through documentaries, up to comedy specials. There are even some games available, which is great both as even more content to enjoy, and a neat way to loop us back to the first batch of suggestions!

Clock is ticking, so start holiday shopping while you still have time!

This concludes our list of suggestions which might appeal to your grandparents this Holiday season. If none of these options seems right to you, we encourage you to investigate further, you’re sure to find many great options without having to visit other places to look for them! There is a special Xmas Sale going on right now, check it out here!