We have some good news: Company of Heroes is back – for the third time! This time the developers have prepared quite a treat for us and released two editions: Standard and Digital Premium – for those who always want something more.

Company of Heroes 3 is the perfect blend of action, strategy, and tactical planning, all set in the realities of World War II. This time, the campaign focuses on areas in Italy and North Africa.

So which one should you go for – the Standard or the Digital Premium edition of Company of Heroes 3?

Standard Edition

Jump into the world where decisions are made on a dynamic campaign map where you plan the actions of air, land and naval forces. You can choose your own gameplay style and lead your troops to victory by cleverly and quietly eliminating targets or by bravely attacking heavily guarded positions. Make sure your battles become legendary! Enjoy the game’s high-quality graphics and famed real-time battles.

Digital Premium Edition

If you are ready for the most immersive experience, Digital Premium edition is what you’re looking for. In the most complete version of the game, the players are promised two additional DLC packs and a bunch of extras, making conquering the world even more fun. First, you will get the Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack with five other cosmetics to strengthen your units, such as the US Rifleman, US Scout, M18 Hellcat, M8 Greyhound. As proof of your loyalty, you will also receive the Pioneer profile & title.

Craving for more? The Premium DLC Pack full of additional extras can be yours in the Digital Premium edition.
Company of Heroes 3

Comparison: Standard vs. Digital Premium

The standard edition will keep you entertained for hours, but if you would like to experience even more, don’t hesitate to check out the Digital Premium edition. Let’s quickly sum up what you can get!


A solid package for solid soldiers.

  • Company of Heroes 3 which contains the most numerous starting roster in the history of the franchise.

Digital Premium edition

Digital Premium

Well, this is where the play really begins. With the Premium Digital edition, you will get:

  • Company of Heroes 3
  • US Rifleman Cosmetic (Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack)
  • US Scout Cosmetic (Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack)
  • M18 Hellcat Cosmetic (Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack)
  • M8 Greyhound Cosmetic (Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack)
  • Expansion #1 (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium US HQ Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium Victory Point Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium US M4 Sherman Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium Victory Point Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium US M4 Sherman Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)


Whichever edition you choose, both of them are guaranteed to be highly playable and provide you with considerable challenges that will force you to plan many steps ahead. However, the Digital Premium option is a great addition that makes the gameplay even more appealing.