Although the boom has ended, Battle Royale video games are here to stay, and the uncontested star in the genre is Fortnite by sheer popularity. From fast-paced gameplay to vast gallery of skins to customize your character with, Epic Games’ game has a lot on offer.

Fortnite features plenty of epic skins from various franchises and areas of pop culture, such as Marvel, God of War, Halo, Rick and Morty, and many more. DC Comics joined this legendary assembly in 2019 with the Catwoman skin.

Black Adam

Whether you are one of the people who really enjoyed the movie, or simply want to counter the Supermen-skin users with some mystic lightning powers and good ol’ fisticuffs, Black Adam is the only DC-friendly way to do it, at least until the Shazam skin gets in the game.

As it’s a movie tie-in, Black Adam’s appearance is based on Dwayne Johnson, and comes with a reactive variant turning brighter and more gold as you get eliminations in the match. It’s pretty cool, although being marked by high killcount might make you an easier target. Choices, choices.

Key features
  • Become Shazam’s broodier counterpart
  • The reactive option makes the details turn gold bit by bit for every elimination
  • A tie-in for the Dwayne Johnson movie
  • The full set includes a cool throne emote


This one is a treat for fans of the Arroweverse, specifically: the Supergirl show. Her powers aren’t very spectacular, but precognition and astral projection could come in handy if she had them in Fortnite, and certainly are useful for her superheroic alter ego.

As a small fry as far as DC heroes go, Dreamer doesn’t come with a snazzy set of cool cosmetic, and it’s just the outfit: a blue-white suit with a classic mask for the eyes. And that’s fine, sometimes a good, clean design is enough, and Dreamer has that going for her.

Key features
  • Based on a character from the Supergirl show
  • A cool, practical supersuit
  • Cool color palette with nice texturing
  • Could be obtained for free during the Dreamer Cup


Given that Fortnite already has Beast Boy and Raven, it’s no surprise that it has Starfire as well. She is well known to anyone who grew up watching either of the Teen Titans cartoons or, indeed, read the comic books. Now you can bring this upbeat alien to the Fortnite Battle Royale.

To highlight her energy manipulation talents, she comes with a style that makes her hair glow. On top of that, the bundle she comes in also features the fan-favorite baby mutant moth Syl’Khee as back-bling, alongside a few other, smaller cosmetics.

Key features
  • The iconic Teen Titan now up for grabs
  • You can make your hair glow with powerful energies
  • A Silky back bling, Starfire’s belove mutant pet
  • Released back in Season 3, Chapter 3 in September 2022

The Dark Knight Movie Outfit

What’s there to say, it’s an outfit based on the version of Batman seen in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, with all the intense stares and armored look that version of Bats entailed. It’s a perfect, if gritty, counterpart to the more over-the-top Joker skin, possibly teaming up with other Batman skins.

It can be acquired from the same bundle that the Comic Book Outift does, so if you want to play as the most realistic Batman wielding a goofy bat-pickaxe, now you can, nobody can stop you, as long as you get the bundle.

Key features
  • The Batman look taken from the Nolan’s Batman movies
  • Comes bundled with the comic book-inspired outfit
  • It doesn’t come with the voice, so you can’t ask Joker-costumed players where’s Rachel
  • …but they might still be in for a world of hurt


Thanks to Jason Momoa’s presence in DC movies, Aquaman unexpectedly, but unsurprisingly became much more popular than he’d been for years. No wonder why — he presented a truly badass version of the famous character.

The Aquaman skin came to Fortnite during Chapter 2: Season 3 and was available after completing a series of challenges. You had to purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass to unlock exclusive items, including the Aquaman skin. With this outfit, you could also engage in a quest that gave you access to the Arthur Curry skin.

Unfortunately, this skin is no longer available as the Aquaman Challenges were only open in 2020.

Key features
  • An exclusive Aquaman skin based on the movie
  • Originally available through a series of challenges by purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass
  • There was a bunch of unlockable  items to complete the look
  • An additional side quest also unlocked the Arthur Curry skin

Batman Comic Book Outfit

This Batman Skin is a part of the Batman Caped Crusader Pack, released in 2019. Make your friends jealous and criminals terrified with the classic Batman outfit!

This skin was released alongside others like Harley Quinn and Catwoman outfits, allowing players to lose themselves in Gotham City-style roleplay. In addition to the outfit, the pack also included things like the cape or a batarang-shaped pickaxe skin.

Key features
  • The Batman Comic Book Outfit allows you to become the Caped Crusader of Fortnite
  • The full content of the Batman Caped Crusader Pack completes your Batman vibe
  • Works great with other outfits from the Gotham City set
  • The pack also included The Dark Knight movie costume!

Armored Batman Zero

This skin is available in the Fortnite Item Shop for, but could also be unlocked after completing all six Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point releases. If the regular Batman suits don’t look protective enough, armor up!

If you’d also like to get the set of extras for this skin, get the Armored Batman Zero Skin Bundle for a gnarly axe and cooler glider, among others. Improve your style and spread fear among the archvillains in Fortnite!

Key features
  • Other characters got the Zero-treatment as well
  • You could complete the six Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point editions to collect this skin for free
  • Comes with cool extra stuff, like a batarang axe
  • Enjoy darker DC vibe

Batman Zero

Find the balance between the Armored Batman and Comic Book Batman by choosing Batman Zero. With this unique skin, you will instantly impress and inspire all your enemies!

You can also get the Batman Zero Bundle and unlock the skin with some extras! In addition to the outfit, you will find Battle-Worn Cape, Grappling Axe, Batman Zero Wing, and a new loading screen. Level up your entire Fortnite gameplay with the best Batman skin!

Key features
  • Choose an epic Batman: Zero Point Set skin
  • Buy only the skin or unlock additional accessories with a bundle
  • Have fun with the new cosmetics to the Batman Zero skin
  • Spread fear of the Bat on any Fortnite battlefield

Beast Boy

Are you a fan of Teen Titans and Fortnite? You will surely be glad to hear you can find a Beast Boy skin in this game! Become the iconic shapeshifter and make your gameplay greener!

Buy a Beast Boy skin or choose the Beast Boy Bundle and play with tons of cosmetic accessories for this original outfit. This set includes Couch Titan, BB’s Beast Bat, and Go Ape Emote! Choose from three unique styles: Classic Beast Boy, Garfield Logan, and Gorilla Form, and join the action-packed Battle Royale gameplay.

Key features
  • Play Fortnite Teen Titans-style
    Get a Beast Boy, Garfield Logan, or Gorilla Form skin
    Select Beast Boy Bundle to unlock cosmetics
    Make your gameplay more fun with DC’s famous shapeshifter

Black Manta

Play as Aquaman’s greatest enemy and side with the villains. Use your extraordinary skills in the exciting Fortnite gameplay, delighting everyone with your Black Manta Skin!

Pick Black Manta Set to get Black Manta Skin and Manta Pack. To complete your dark look, you can also grab Manta Blades and spread terror on the Fortnite battlefield. Why be nice if you can become one of the best villains in DC Comics?

Key features
  • Play as one of DC’s most famous villains
    Enjoy the dark Black Manta Skin
    Complete the look with the Manta Pack and Manta Blades
    Make your friends jealous of your epic Black Manta Skin


Suicide Squad introduced a whole bunch of new heroes loved by gamers all over the world. And Bloodsport is one of them!

Demonstrate your unimaginable determination as the infamous Task Force X team member. Buy your Bloodsport skin in the item shop, or go one step further and get the entire bundle — you will receive Starro Specimen, A.R.G.U.S. Saber and many extra cosmetic accessories.

Key features
  • Join Suicide Squad fans as Bloodsport
  • Buy only the skin or the whole set
  • Enjoy additional Bloodsport Bundle content
  • Impress everybody else on the map

Catwoman Comic Book Outfit

Play as one of the most iconic DC characters. Choose a beloved classic and join Fortnite as the clever and sexy Catwoman!

You can support Batman in his heroic fight against the villains in Gotham. Catwoman Comic Book Outfit is part of the Gotham City Set, which you can buy as a standalone item or as the Catwoman Bundle to get additional cosmetic accessories like Jeweled Cat Back Bling, Cat’s Claws, and a unique Whipcrack emote!

Key features
  • Become one of the classic DC heroes
  • Get Catwoman Comic Book Outfit as a Standalone item
  • Select the Catwoman Bundle to unlock additional accessories
  • Become part of Batman’s team fighting the villains in Gotham

Catwoman Zero

Make your Fortnite gameplay even more fun with an outfit of DC Comics’ most famous thief! Choose Catwoman Zero Skin and join the lucky owners of skins from the epic Batman: Zero Point set.

If you didn’t get to unlock this skin for free, you can just buy Catwoman Zero skin in the Fortnite in-game shop, or add a few more V-bucks to get the Catwoman Zero Bundle and add Catwoman’s Grappling Claw to your awesome look.

Key features
  • Play as the legendary DC Comics thief
  • If you’re interested just in the suit you can get Catwoman Zero skin solo…
  • …but if you want extras, choose Catwoman Zero Bundle
  • Spice up your gameplay with DC’s most famous heroes


This legendary hero was unlockable as part of Chapter 2: Season 7 Battle Pass. Players could complete a series of quests to get the Clark Kent skin with many epic additional cosmetics.

By completing the Superman Quests, players received cosmetic extras and a chance to unlock Shadow Edit Style and Superman Edit Style. Additional items were accessories like various graffiti, emotes, gliders, and a loading screen. It’s been a very fruitful season for active Fortnite players!

Key features
  • Play as the fearless Superman
  • Choose between skin variants
  • Unlock iconic skin cosmetics
  • Enjoy the legendary character of the DC universe

Deathstroke Zero

Deathstroke is one of the most beloved anti-heroes in the DC world – and the deadliest at the same time. There is nothing better than appearing in his outfit on the Fortnite battlefield!

The Deathstroke Zero skin was available for the Deathstroke Zero Cup winners in Chapter 2: Season 6. But you can still have it as a standalone item in the in-game shop, or the entire set with the Deathstroke Zero Bundle. In addition to this epic skin, you’ll also get Deathstroke’s Katanas Back Bling, Deathstroke’s Katanas Harvesting Tool, and Deathstroke Destroyer Glider.

Key features
  • Get the skin based on one of Batman’s most powerful enemies for yourself
    Grab just the skin and impress other players with your new style, or…
    …choose Deathstroke Zero Bundle to complete your iconic outfit with matching items
    Wreak havoc on your targets

Green Arrow

Fight for survival as the master archer Oliver Quinn! The Green Arrow skin is a unique way to express yourself through one of the most famous characters in the DC world.

If you are a fan of Green Arrow, you would surely like to have this unique skin. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase it for V-Bucks in the store as it was exclusive to the Fortnite Crew Pack in January 2021. Congratulations to everyone who got it!

Key features
  • Play as the heroic Oliver Queen
  • Surprise everyone with your unique green outfit
  • Enjoy the cosmetic accessories from the Arrow set
  • Awaken your inner archery master

Harley Quinn

What would Fortnite DC be without Gotham’s craziest anti-heroine? Inspired by the Suicide Squad and Bird of Prey movies, Harley Quinn comes in two fantastic selectable styles!

As part of the Gotham City Set, Harley Quinn is available as a standalone skin or in the Harley Quinn Bundle for a few more V-Bucks. The second set includes iconic harvesting tools like Punchline and Harley Hitter. Moreover, the Harley Quinn skin comes in two selectable styles: Lil Monster XOXO and Always Fantabulous, with which you will stand out during any match!

Key features
  • Play as the legendary Harley Quinn
  • Discover a single skin in two selectable styles
  • Choose the Harley Quinn Bundle for extra accessories
  • Enjoy Lil Monster XOXO or Always Fantabulous styles

Poison Ivy

For those who want to wreak havoc on the Fortnite battlefield, there are skin bundles to play the greatest villains in history. See how to get Poison Ivy and become the queen of poisonous plants!

Poison Ivy skin is part of The Last Laugh Bundle, in which you will receive three skins: Poison Ivy, The Joker, and Midas Rex. And there is more! The set also includes cosmetics like Laugh Riot, Midas Crest, Ivy Axe, and Joker’s Revenge! There is no better way to enjoy Fortnite’s pack of classic villains.

Key features
  • Get your Poison Ivy Skin
  • • Get The Last Laugh Bundle for extra stuff
  • Enjoy three skins in one set
  • Choose your favorite cosmetics

Rebirth Harley Quinn

Express yourself with the most stylish version of Harley Quinn skin ever. Make other players jealous and always stand out in the best Battle Royale gameplay ever!

Buy only the Rebirth Harley Quinn skin, or choose the exciting …And Red All Over Set bundle to get the skin with Harley Quinn’s Revenge Back Bling. This unique skin is also available in Rebirth Harley Quinn and Picky Sicky Harley Quinn styles, with which you will personalize your Fortnite character!

Key features
  • Enjoy your Rebirth Harley Quinn skin in Fortnite
  • Collect the entire set to receive another cosmetic accessory
  • Choose from two selectable styles
  • Play as a legendary villain from the DC universe

Rebirth Raven

Raven is one of the classic Teen Titans characters that everyone should want to play in Fortnite. Unfortunately, the skin is no longer available as it was part of Chapter 2: Season 6 Battle Pass.

Rebirth Raven appeared in three selectable styles: Default, Classic, and Rachel Roth. She was also part of the Teen Titan Set alongside Beast Boy and several exciting cosmetics!

Key features
  • Play as the famous Raven
  • Choose from three selectable styles
  • Check out the Teen Titan Set
  • Embrace the darkness

The Batman Who Laughs

If you want to become unforgettable, be sure to choose this skin. There might be no darker outfit in the entire game!

Batman Who Laughs is part of the Dark Multiverse Set, which you can get in many ways. Buy the skin alone or select The Batman Who Laughs Bundle to unlock wicked cosmetic accessories.

They also include Robin’s Perch Back Bling, Death Metal Scythe, and Wings of Madness to create a truly memorable Fortnite experience! You can also get it by buying Batman / Fortnite: Foundation comic book and learning more about the diabolical The Batman Who Laughs at the same time.

Key features
  • Choose the darkest Fortnite skin ever
  • Play as The Batman Who Laughs
  • Select the bundle to get extra cosmetics

The Flash

The Flash is the fastest DC hero in the universe, but first appeared in Fortnite as late as Chapter 2: Season 5. It was also a skin award in the exclusive The Flash Cup!

If you want to play as the Speedster, then The Flash skin is a must-have. Or pick The Flash Bundle and enjoy a set of skins and cosmetic accessories. You will also unlock Back Bling, Speed Force Slashers, Quick Bite emote, and the My name is Barry Allen loading screen.

Key features
  • Play as the fastest DC hero
  • Get your The Flash Skin in Fortnite
  • Check out The Flash Bundle
  • Have fun with the coolest accessories

The Joker

There is no DC without the Joker – Gotham’s most famous villain! Play as Batman’s mortal enemy and show what you can do on the Fortnite battlefield!

To enjoy the epic Joker skin even more, get The Last Laugh Bundle for several extra items. You will get a Joker skin, a Poison Ivy skin, and a Midas Rex skin! The Joker comes in three selectable styles: Default, Jacket, Jacket (no hat). You will also find many fantastic accessories to make your gameplay more fun!

Key features
  • Play as the most famous comic book villain of all time
  • Enjoy becoming Batman’s greatest enemy
  • Choose from three selectable styles
  • Discover the rich content of The Last Laugh Bundle

Wonder Woman

Here comes DC’s most powerful warrior! This skin first appeared during the thrilling Wonder Woman Cup, but don’t worry! You can still get it now to crush your opponents in Themysciran style.

Buy Wonder Woman skin only, or choose the Wonder Woman Bundle to access the dedicated cosmetics. This divine set includes Diana’s Mantle Back Bling, Athena’s Battleaxe, Golden Eagle Wings, DC Trinity loading screen, and Bracelets of Hephaestus emote.

Key features
  • Play as the undefeated Wonder Woman
  • Enjoy fantastic cosmetics
  • Choose from two selectable styles

If you’re a fan of DC comics and movies, these skins are the best way to express it in the famous Battle Royale video game.

By choosing your favorite heroes, you can personalize the gameplay and enjoy it even more, because the plentiful exciting cosmetics will help you stand out! So be sure to check out which DC characters in Fortnite are available and pick your favorite one to transform your gameplay experience right away.