If you still don’t know the most notable idle game of our time, go and get it on Steam now. And if you do, learn these little secrets to transform your modest production into a legendary cookie empire!

Cookie. Cookie never changes. Longtime Cookie Clicker fans are perfectly aware of that fact, devoting themselves entirely to clicking cookies and eventually becoming born cookie overlords. Despite many hardships, this is the destiny they have chosen with full awareness of its consequences.

However, there is always another goal to reach, some achievement to beat, and the current state of your virtual bakery is never enough.

That’s probably why this video game is so addictive! We may have a solution or two on how to make gaining perfect cookie dominance a little easier – read on!

The Basics of Cookie Cheating

Psst, hey kid, wanna buy some Cookie Clicker cheats? ‘But why cheating’ — you say — ‘we most definitely shouldn’t do that!’ Well, the moral duality of this topic certainly keeps all Cookie Clicker players up at night. Some of them unlock their achievements with fair play rules engraved in their very hearts.

Others prefer alternative solutions, understanding that surviving in the cookie realm is hard. Are you still here? Let’s assume you’ve already decided your path.

Cookie clicker
Image credit: Orteil

It’s not even cheating until you gain access to the console. But beware, this top-secret knowledge can instantly change your baker career for the better. Ready?

If you’re enjoying browser gaming, accessing the console is pretty uncomplicated. First, you need to press specific keyboard shortcuts for your chosen browser:

  • Control Shift K on Windows or Command Option K on Mac for Firefox
  • Control Shift J on Windows or Command Option J on Mac for Google Chrome
  • F12 on Windows or Mac for Microsoft Edge
  • Command Option C on Mac for Safari

Once you’re in, find and click the Console tab. Now, you can type the dream cheat and confirm it by pressing Enter. All ready!

How to enable the console on Steam? First, go to your Steam library, find Cookie Clicker on the list, and right-click it. Place the cursor over the Manage option and pick Browse local files from the new list. Once you find yourself in Cookie Clicker’s main file folder, go to Resources and click App. Find the Start file, right-click it, and open it in a text editor.

Now you’ll have some serious hacking to do! Locate line 12 and change 0 to 1 to make it look like

let DEV=1;//display menu and js console

Save and launch the Cookie Clicker game. You can now see the console – type any cheat code and confirm it by pressing Enter. Enjoy!

Beginner’s Guide to Cheat Codes

Okay, now that you know how to launch the console, we can safely proceed to typing your favorite cheat codes. We recommend starting this adventure by trying the simpler ones so you can see how these things actually work.

Also, remember that any amounts or information we enter inside <> characters require you to skip them when entering the codes. Instead, type only the quantity or name. For example, Game.Milk = should look like this in your console Game.Milk = 15 or Game.Milk = 45 or whatever amount you choose.

Cookie clicker example cheat console
Console tab with example cheat – online version of the game.

Infinite Cookies: How to magically fill your cookie jar with an absurd number of cookies.

Beginner’s Guide to Cheat Codes
Game.cookies=; Set the total number of cookies to the desired amount
Game.Earn(); Add the desired number of cookies to your current total
Game.cookies = Game.cookies ; Add whatever number of cookies to your current total
Game.cookiesPs=; Set cookies per second number
Game.cookies = Infinity; Get an infinite number of cookies.

Advanced Cheating Techniques

  • Auto-Clicker Secrets: Crafting an invisible army of automated clickers to do your bidding.

Imagine being too tired of clicking in a game that focuses entirely on, well, clicking. In the case of Cookie Clicker, this is an understandable and common issue, so you may want to use a little help. Instead of physically clicking on the cookie once, make your browser do it for you. Enter console and type:

setInterval(function(){Game.ClickCookie()}, 10);

As a result, your browser will click the cookie every ten milliseconds. You can also enable auto-clicking using another code that allows you to specify how often the cookie will click:

var autoClicker = setInterval(Game.ClickCookie, );

  • Golden Cookie Madness: How to summon a golden cookie shower and ride the sugar rush to glory.

Golden cookies bring all sorts of valuable bonuses, but it’s really challenging to click on them before they disappear. Therefore, you may consider spawning them yourself! Use these simple codes to manage your golden cookie empire.

var newShimmer=new Game.shimmer("golden");

Advanced Cheating Techniques
newShimmer.spawnLead=1; Spawn a golden cookie
Game.shimmer.chain = ; Spawn a golden cookie that starts a cookie chain
Game.goldenClicks = ; Set the amount of golden cookies clicked

And to click golden cookies as soon as they appear, use:

setInterval(function() {
Game.shimmers.forEach(function(shimmer) {
if (shimmer.type == "golden") { shimmer.pop() }
}, 500);

Other Fun Cheat Codes For Everyone To Try Out

Other Cheat
Game.Achievements[‘’].won=1; Unlock your dream achievement
Game.Ascend(1); Ascend to turn your cookies into Heavenly Chips
Game.bakeryName=””; Set a name for your bakery
Game.dragonLevel=; Set the dragon level
Game.gainLumps(); Add desired amount of Lumps
Game.Milk = ; Set the Milk amount
Game.milkProgress = ; Set the Milk progress
Game.santaLevel=; Set the Santa level
Game.SetAllAchievs(1); Unlock all achievements
Game.SetAllUpgrade(1); Unlock all upgrades
Game.RuinTheFun(1); Unlock everything and ruin the fun!
Game.BuildAscendTree(); Build Ascend Tree

The Dark Side of Cookie Cheating

Unlimited cookie power! But what now? What to do next? After using these cheats, you may quickly notice a critical lack of that one and only satisfaction of completing the achievement yourself.

Is this existential crisis really just about cookies, or is it something else? And what is life when all the cookies are ultimately yours?

Not to mention how seriously your decisions can affect the fragile cookie economy. What is the value of a single cookie if one or more players have an infinite number of cookies?

Just think about the consequences. Cheating is no joke, and now you will have to live with the knowledge of what you did.

Ethical Cheating?

On the other hand, what’s a video game for if not for one’s fun, right? Maybe, just maybe, a little cheating might even make it more interesting. Life is harsh, so we should make some parts of it less complicated. After all, Cookie Clicker is a single-player game – no one gets hurt by your bold practices.

Use this new knowledge and do whatever you want! And if you’re worried that too many cheat codes will ruin all your fun, use just one or a few to elevate your favorite Cookie Clicker experience.

Wrapping It Up with a Bow (Made of Cookies)

Why live this sad cookie pauper life if you can become a real confectionery kingpin in mere minutes? Unless you’ve already unlocked Cheated Cookies Taste Awful Achievement – it undoubtedly enhances that sweet taste of victory with surprisingly bitter flavors! Don’t worry – Cookie Clicker actually expects its players to cheat.

That is precisely what you should do, even if no one knows. Except for the game, the game knows you’ve bent the universe and your moral compass to your greedy will… all for cookies. Scary to ask, but – what else would you do for the cookie?


So here we are, rich in brand-new wisdom about efficient cookie-cheating. What a ride! If you’ve made it to the end of this guide, that may mean you’re about to use our fun cheats, or you’ve already done so. Couldn’t you wait a moment longer? There’s the most vital piece of this ancient knowledge every aspiring Cookie Clicker master should know – cookies are no joke.

With great power comes enormous responsibility, and too many cheat codes can ruin the whole point of playing Cookie Clicker. Beware, and don’t overuse them.

And if you’ve already done that, maybe it’s time to switch to another game. How about Candy Clicker?