How does one even start a cult? Is that something anyone can do?

Not exactly, unless you’re playing Cult of the Lamb – an indie gem maintaining a steady player base since the day of its release.

Cult of the Lamb lets you manage your own sect as a possessed lamb, saved by a mysterious stranger. The game merges roguelike mechanics, management, and building in a procedurally generated world overrun by dangers and false prophets.

All this may sound uncomplicated, but developing the proper strategy is rather tricky, especially for beginners. Luckily, our Cult of the Lamb secrets guide may be the answer to all your burning questions!

Secret 1: Midas and Shake Down Achievement

Typically residing in his Midas’s Cave, Midas appears at various gameplay stages only to rob you of massive amounts of gold. That’s quite an annoying behavior! Sadly, you can’t do anything about it, and the reasons for him spawning at these specific times remain unknown.

However, you can take revenge and get back your gold when the game decides Midas has taken too much of it. Hit him when a character calls you a ‘cherished customer’! He will drop the gold, and the Shake Down achievement will unlock, which is quite a nice reward for the experienced difficulties.

Secret 2: Secret Boss Battle

If you crave a secret boss fight, go to Rakshasa’s restaurant and wreak some mayhem to annoy Rakshasa enough to make him want to battle you. The best method is to hit his spouse, the giant snail, a few times.

Rakshasa will then fight you, and if you defeat him, you will receive a Blueprint for Massive Monster Shrine – perfect for praying at night to receive a Massive Monster-inspired follower form.

Secret 3: Buy New Followers

A lack of followers can be quite a headache, but there is an effective method to gain new ones quickly and easily. Find Helob (the spider) near the entrance to the Silk Cradle and spend some gold to buy one follower per day. He offers many types of followers at different prices, including the oldest ones for free!

Secret 4: Give Gifts

Whether you prefer to play as a cruel or kind leader, remember about gift-giving. This mechanic can be easily overlooked among many other activities – but it significantly boosts some traits you may ultimately find essential.

Gifts are obtainable during dungeon runs and come in different versions, making your followers more devoted, faster at work, or letting them live longer. Remember to give gifts to suitable followers; your cult will thrive on these boosts longer than you think!

Secret 5: Collect Tarot Cards

It isn’t exactly a secret, but more of a valuable tip that many players overlook. There are 43 tarot cards available in the game, offering various bonuses, including more life, chances for better chests, and no damage from environmental traps. Pretty useful! They are only active during the current run but can immensely improve your combat experience. Where to find them? You can fetch them in the dungeons, chests, or from vendors. There are also chances for unique rainbow cards to drop, but they are sporadic.

Secret 6: Mysterious Red Fox

The evil, mysterious fox is part of a side quest offering a new follower form and Holy Talisman pieces exchangeable for a Fleece as a reward. However, note that completing that task requires the sacrifice of your beloved mentor, Ratau, and the loss of the ability to play Knucklebones with him.

Therefore, this is an option for the more ruthless players. If you decide to do all this, go to Pilgrim’s Passage, Spore Grotto, Smuggler’s Sanctuary, and Midas’s Cave to find the moon-shaped icon. Interact with it using the Peer Into Darkness option to make the evil fox appear. Each time, he will demand some form of life in exchange for a piece of the talisman, with Ratau being the last to offer.

Secret 7: Don’t Get Attached

And speaking of offering now is the best time to chat about getting attached. You probably don’t want to become too cruel, but sometimes, sacrificing a follower for the greater good makes more sense than being friends with them forever.

Try to view your sect as a source of resources that eventually age and die. Sure, be as friendly as you want, but balance that approach with a healthy dose of brutality.

Secret 8: Prevent Old Gods’ Intrigues

The Old Gods can severely affect your cult’s state when you are on a crusade. They impact your followers’ hunger and faith and even make them want to fight you, so prepare yourself before the upcoming adventure.

The last example may require the brainwashing ritual to prevent eventual faith drops in the future. Regarding sickness, you can build a Healing Bay and collect a lot of Camellia in the inventory to heal all your followers when you return.

Secret 9: Engage in Farming

Preparing food is such a trivial part of the game that many players forget ignoring it can lead to a disaster. Build Farmer Stations as early as possible to avoid your followers’ starvation.

Upgrades and seed silos also prove priceless, allowing members of your sect to take care of the farm when you’re not there. You can buy seeds from various vendors, including the previously mentioned Rakshasa.

Secret 10: Dodge Projectiles

Since Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike video game, dodging is a crucial combat technique. It does not consume stamina, and cooldown times are wonderfully short, so you should use dodging as much as possible.

It works exceptionally well against orb projectiles, which you can roll through without any health consequences. When you move, they can’t get you!


As you can see, there are many things to consider before diving into the Cult of the Lamb complex world. This game wants you to take care of everything at all times – but that’s what makes it so addictive.

These tips and tricks are no secret to advanced players, but beginners can use a little help embarking on the grand adventure of managing their own sect. Do you know any other Easter eggs worth sharing? Let us know, as Cult of the Lamb never ceases to amaze!