Cyber Monday 2020 is a perfect opportunity to strike some amazing deals on products that can be bought online, and this includes gift cards. Check out some of the best Cyber Monday gift cards deals on G2A and stock up on gift cards available for various different platforms.

Cyber Monday 2020 Gift Cards
Price and discount date check 11/25/2020
Steam Gift Card 100 EUR (EU) $120.63
Steam Gift Card 5 USD $5.46 (-8%)
Steam Gift Card 50 USD (US) $57.67
Steam Gift Card 20 USD $22.10
Amazon Gift Card 10 USD (US) $9.90
Amazon Gift Card 25 USD (US) $24.75
Amazon Gift Card 50 USD (US) $49.50
Apple iTunes Gift Card 10 USD (US) $10.60
Apple iTunes Gift Card 100 USD (US) $119.26
Apple iTunes Gift Card 25 USD (US) $24.75 (-17%)
Apple iTunes Gift Card 50 USD (US) $55.00 (-7%)
Apple iTunes Gift Card 5 USD (US) $5.44 (-8%)
Blizzard Gift Card 100 EUR (EU) $105.91
Blizzard Gift Card 20 EUR (EU) $26.88
Blizzard Gift Card 50 EUR (EU) $55.59
Blizzard GiftCard 20 USD North America $20.09
Blizzard GiftCard 50 USD North America $49.94
EA Gift Card 40 EUR (EU) $52.66
Ebay Gift Card 200 USD (US) $214.69
Ebay Gift Card 25 USD (US) $27.52
Ebay Gift Card 50 USD $58.32
G2A Gift Card 10 EUR $11.93
G2A Gift Card 20 EUR $23.86
G2A Gift Card 3 EUR $3.58
G2A Gift Card 5 EUR $5.96
Google Play Gift Card 10 USD (US) $10.88
Google Play Gift Card 100 EUR (EU) $122.18
Google Play Gift Card 100 USD (US) $101.38 (-7%)
Google Play Gift Card 15 EUR (EU) $20.13
Google Play Gift Card 15 USD (US) $16.57
Google Play Gift Card 5 USD (US) $5.55
Netflix Gift Card 30 USD (US) $29.70 (-17%)
PlayStation Network Gift Card 10 USD PSN (US) $12.27
PlayStation Network Gift Card 100 USD PSN (US) $113.02 (-5%)
PlayStation Network Gift Card 20 USD PSN (US) $25.17
PlayStation Network Gift Card 50 USD PSN (US) $57.12
PlayStation Network Gift Card 60 USD PSN (US) $60.81 (-15%)
PlayStation Network Gift Card 75 USD (US) $74.50 (-16%)
Skype Prepaid Gift Card 10 USD Skype GLOBAL $10.90
oBucks Gift Card 20 USD $26.75
Starbucks Gift Card 25 USD $23.52 (-6%)
Spotify Gift Card 10 USD (US) $10.90
Spotify Gift Card 30 USD UNITED STATES $30.40
Spotify Gift Card 60 USD UNITED STATES $63.21

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Gift Cards

Do you love playing console games? Or maybe you know someone who does? Either way, PSN and Xbox Live gift cards will allow you to easily pay for your favorite games and other goods that can be found on each of these platforms. Get the card for yourself or turn it into a present – you will surely brighten someone’s day.

Netflix Gift Card

Gift cards can also be used to conveniently pay for accessing certain services, such as Netflix. Renew your subscription and enjoy the latest TV shows and movies yourself, or gift the code to someone else. Long and cold evenings don’t have to be boring – get your Netflix subscription and enjoy your time with new episodes of your favorite shows.

Google Play Gift Card

If you or someone you know uses a smartphone or other device with Android operating system installed, then you may be also interested in checking out Google Play gift cards. These can be used to easily purchase games and apps, as well as music, books, movies, and more. Enjoy virtually unlimited content and access the extraordinarily large library of virtual goods directly from your phone.

Apple iTunes Gift Card

If you don’t have a device with Android, then chances are that you’ve got iOS. Thankfully, there are gift cards available for Apple iTunes as well, so go and check the G2A marketplace for some sweet deals on these, too. Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and movies, wherever you are.

Steam Gift Card

Steam is a leading video game digital distribution service that allows its users to easily browse, purchase, and download games. There are several ways to pay for the goods you want to buy, but gift cards are undoubtedly among the most convenient ones. Look for the best discounts and you will surely find an option that will suit your needs best. Expand your game library and satisfy all of your gaming needs.

Amazon Gift Card

Online shopping has never been easier and more accessible. Begin your Amazon adventure and browse hundreds of existing categories to find whatever you need right now. Get yourself an Amazon gift card or two, and use the obtained keys to pay for your purchases. You can also gift the codes to someone else, so they can fulfill their own wishes.

More Discounted Gift Cards

There are many other gift cards on G2A you can get at a discounted price right now – Blizzard, Skype,, Spotify, EA, eBay, and more. It’s cheaper now, so browse our offers and find the best Cyber Monday deals before others do!