We do love to occasionally have a good laugh, but what one finds funny doesn’t necessarily have to be funny for others. Some people laugh when they see a cat scared to death by a cucumber, and others laugh when their neighbor falls down and breaks his leg. We don’t like to openly admit that we like dark humor, but don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone.

There is a lot of humor in video games, but are there games known for their dark comedy, sarcasm or self-irony? Of course there are, from the top of the hat we can mention the Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and The Sims video game franchises that have tons of funny easter eggs and funny in-game moments. In this article though, we would like to show you some funny games that are often overlooked or not fully appreciated for their comedic aspects.

The List of The Best Dark Comedy & Humor Sarcastic Games
Overlord 2007-06-26 RPG Triumph Studios 50%
Overlord 2 2009-06-23 Adventure Triumph Studios 63%
Surgeon Simulator 2013 2013-04-19 Indie Bossa Studios 57%
Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition 2013-04-19 Indie Bossa Studios 50%
Borderlands 2 Goty 2012-09-20 Action & Shooter Gearbox Software 81%
Destroy All Humans Remake 2020-07-28 Action & Shooter Black Forest Games 88%
Postal 2 2003-04-13 Adventure Running With Scissors 90%
Postal 4 No Regerts 2019-10-14 Action Running with Scissors 56%
Postal 1997-11-14 Adventure Running With Scissors 28%


Release date:2007
Genre:Action role-playing
Developer:Triumph Studios

The first game on the list is one that allows players to become the evil lord – it’s quite a refreshing experience, considering the fact, that usually we’re the ones to save the world.

Overlord is an action role-playing game where you will have the unique opportunity to command your very own horde of evil creatures from a first-person perspective in order to destroy all that’s good. It’s not scary but funny and it’s packed with dark yet light-hearted humor, hence it’s made its way onto the list.


What’s more, the game serves as a satire of the entire role-playing genre. For example, similarly to Fable, there is a corruption feature, except here rather than choosing between being good or bad, you’ll choose between being evil or really evil.

Key features
  • Action role-playing game in a fantasy setting
  • Unique gameplay mechanics that involve commanding an army of goblin-like creatures
  • A variety of upgradeable weapons
  • Lots of dark yet light-hearted humor

Surgeon Simulator

Release date:2013
Developer:Bossa Studios

It’s probably not the first game that comes to mind when one thinks of dark comedy games, but it actually makes perfect sense.

In Surgeon Simulator you will be tasked with performing various surgical procedures. The thing is, it’s not the most accurate surgical experience, to say the least – and it doesn’t try to be. Imagine the following scenario.

Surgeon Simulator

You have to perform a heart transplant, but you’re entirely on your own. What’s more, instead of being in a properly prepared hospital, you’re in the back of a speeding ambulance, which causes everything, including your tools and your patient’s organs, to bounce around.

The patient is losing blood, his liver is missing, and soon he’ll faint, but it’s not enough to stop you. You throw away his ribs and lungs, who needs that anyway? And when you finally replace his heart, your job is complete and you get a comforting message: “Looks fine to me, I’m sure he’ll live”. That’s Surgeon Simulator.

Key features
  • An extremely inaccurate and fun surgical experience
  • A variety of available scenarios, including the possibility to play in space in a zero-g environment
  • The game’s physics makes everything even more entertaining
  • Difficult controls that were made that way on purpose

Borderlands 2

Release date:2012
Genre:Action role-playing, first-person shooter
Developer:Gearbox Software

Borderlands 2 in itself isn’t a particularly dark humor-heavy title, but there’s that one man, who often comments on your actions and he does so in a very specific way.

We’re of course talking about Handsome Jack, the game’s main antagonist who makes full use of every chance he gets to insult and taunt you as you play. His comments range from being neutral and rather harmless to some that are outright slapping you in the face and show you how much of a psychopath he really is.

Borderlands 2

One time he tells the story of a man who rushed him with a spoon, so he scooped his eyeballs with it and found much pleasure in watching him blindly running around and bumping into things. And he hysterically laughs when he talks about it, which makes everything even darker and more bizarre.

Key features
  • Huge open-world environment to explore
  • Randomly generated weapons of varying rarities
  • Several playable classes to choose from, each with his own unique skill tree
  • Extremely fun multiplayer co-op mode for parties of up to 4 players

Destroy All Humans!

Release date:2020
Developer:Black Forest Games

There aren’t many games that allow players to play as aliens during an alien invasion, but there is Destroy All Humans!, and coincidentally, it fits the list just fine.

The title is played from a third-person perspective and lets you control one of the aliens during the ‘50s invasion. It can be considered one of the horror-comedy games, but it’s probably much scarier for helpless representatives of the human race you’ll often encounter throughout the game.

Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! combines action game with exploration and adds a bit of dark humor and appealing visuals to the mix. You’ll be able to scan people’s minds, disguise yourself as one of them, use powerful Zap-O-Matic to send them to the other world, and if things get out of hand, you’ll also be able to use your flying saucer to deal with these pesky humans from a safe distance.

Key features
  • An open-world environment that can be freely explored
  • Well-made and detailed 3D graphics
  • Unique gameplay that combines exploration, combat, and stealth elements
  • Lots of possible upgrades for both your weapons and the flying saucer

Postal 2

Release date:2003
Genre:First-person shooter
Developer:Running with Scissors

The list of the best dark comedy games wouldn’t be complete without a title, where you can unzip your pants in public.

Postal 2 features a lot of dark but also lowbrow and childish humor, so it’s certainly not meant for everyone. It’s a game that makes fun of religions, political views, environmentalists, rednecks, and more. It’s a game that glorifies smoking, as it significantly boosts your health. It’s a game where you can shamelessly pee on other people in public.

Postal 2

It’s a game where you can use a deceased one’s head as a soccer ball. Finally, it’s a game where you can use a cat as a silencer for your shotgun. But, only because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Fasten your seat belt, because you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Key features
  • An open-world environment that can be explored freely
  • Absurdly stupid and lowbrow humor
  • Several unique weapons to use during play
  • The game gets as dark and violent as you want it to be – it can be finished without actually killing anyone

Different people enjoy different types of humor, but today’s list is dedicated to those who like their humor black just like their coffee. Check out the list above and enjoy some of the best dark humor games out there.