Zombie games are taking over the world. And that’s always more acceptable than the undead doing the same thing. But beware, as it looks like they will only get better and better!

We have waited more than ten years. For more than ten long years, we have thought that a proper sequel may never come. But here it is, proving that some zombie series are truly undead. The 2023 official release of Dead Island 2 is a momentous event, but some players may not know what to expect. Do you need to play first game to understand the plot? Is DI2 worth it at all? After consuming knowledge in this guide, you will know the answer to all these questions.

Dead Island Series
Dead Island Definitive Edition 2016-05-31 84%
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition 2016-05-31 85%
Dead Island 2 2023-04-21 39%
Dead Island 2 Gold Edition 2023-04-21 30%
Dead Island 2 Deluxe Edition 2023-04-21 28%


Let’s start with the good news – you don’t have to play Dead Island 1 to understand the DL2 plot. Both games are set in similar universes but do not share the storyline. They also feature different characters and locations, so have fun starting with part two!

When it comes to the Dead Island II storyline, the action takes place in Los Angeles. In a quarantined city, the citizens were left to themselves and the zombies. But there’s a little plot twist, and it turns out that not all infected turn undead. We can’t say more to avoid spoiling the plot but prepare for an intense survival horror adventure with many scary moments set in a pretty carefree setting.


Unlike the first part, the sequel does not have an open world. The plot is more linear, and locations unlock as you progress. This situation helps focus more on the story instead of being distracted by numerous side activities.

You also have extra playable characters to choose from as the new title introduces six. Each has unique personality traits and skills that can make a survival adventure more or less intense. But by collecting skill cards, you can always customize the stats to create the ultimate hero.

Characters also differ in appearance, so it’s best to pick the one you like the most because you’ll spend a lot of time together during the game. Like Dead Island 1, its second part includes a single-player and multiplayer campaign. But in terms of co-op, the number of players is reduced by one, so you can have zombie fun with two other friends.

Biggest Differences

Time for what we’ve all been waiting for – the essential differences. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you like gore scenes with blood and guts everywhere. Thanks to FLESH technology, combat has become extremely satisfying.

Depending on the weapon, you can damage your enemies with realistic effects. So when you shoot a zombie’s arm, he will start crawling, and when you decide to cut him in half, you will see his beautiful insides. The possibilities are endless, making combat an invitation to deadly creativity. Especially since the Rage Mode from the first part is now FURY, with which you can tear your opponents apart with your bare hands.

A massive difference reveals in the atmosphere of the whole game, which feels quite different than in Dead Island I. The graphics are much better and more detailed, and the locations are full of surprises and cool things to do.

The same goes for the sound, which is more than just fine. Every character and enemy walks differently, and you can actually hear it. Exploring a devastated city under the blue sky, you’ll instantly notice that this game is rather relaxing. Well, except for maybe a few intense Stephen King-like moments. But overall, it’s an enjoyable and immersive experience combining hilarious features with zombie apocalypse dramas.


Dead Island 1 was fun and is still a game worth playing. Especially since it was more mature than the sequel which might be interesting for fans of engaging survival horror games. Dead Island II is basically the same experience but more fun and linear. There is no open world, but the story is more cohesive and satisfying. Players can choose from six heroes instead of just four. And killing is just deadly satisfying. In terms of graphics, sounds, and technical aspects, Dead Island 2 is by far the better game.

But comparing the other aspects, we have to say that choosing which is better overall is a matter of preference. Some of us just can’t stand even partially ridiculous survival games, and that’s totally understandable. But those who can and enjoy will find in Dead Island II everything they wanted. This title combines gore, suspense, tension, brutality, fun and beautiful scenery to create a nice break from other survival horror games. So if you’re asking if it’s worth playing, the answer is definitely yes.