Dead Space Remake hides some subtle Easter eggs you may have missed. Check out our list to learn more about them.

Dead Space is a survival horror game that was originally released in 2008 but then received a remake in 2023, which resulted in a surge in popularity. It gave new players a reason to familiarize themselves with the franchise and allowed the veterans of the series to relive past experiences in a more modern environment.

If you haven’t tried this scary sci-fi title yet, now would be a better time than ever to jump onto the abandoned mining spaceship and reveal the hidden mysteries.

Once you hit the wall and you’re unable to find anything new, you can refer to our list below and see if you missed some cool details. Most of the Easter eggs and secrets shown below were also present in the original game, so you may be already familiar with them if you played the 2008 version of Dead Space.

Schofield Tools

If you look closely at your trusty plasma cutter, you’ll notice it has “Schofield Tools” engraved on it. Schofield Tools is a fictional major manufacturer of a variety of mining tools in the Dead Space universe, with the exception of a Javelin Gun (Dead Space 2 and 3) manufactured by Timson Tools, most likely a rival company.

Both names are direct references to the names of developers, namely the executive director of the original Dead Space game from 2008, Glen Schofield, and the lead engineer, Steve Timson.

Although “Schofield Tools” was already engraved on the cutter in the original game, it’s nice to see it’s still here in the remake in memory of Glen who left the studio after the first game.

Hand Cannon

If you’re up for a challenge, you can try to complete the game on Impossible mode. It’s the final, optional challenge that will test your skills and game knowledge to the absolute limits.

Doing so successfully is a feat in and of itself, but there are also some extra goodies waiting for those who are worthy; completing Impossible mode unlocks a special Burnished Suit, as well as the Hand Cannon – a foam finger that kills everything in one shot.

For added entertainment factor, Isaac will also do the sound effects himself while shooting, so expect a lot of “pews” and “bangs” coming out from his mouth.

Dead Space 2 Audio Log

If you’ve already played through Dead Space 2, you may hear a familiar audio log at a certain location during a Nicole-focused mission.

Explore the fourth floor in Mining and you’ll find a recording where you’ll be able to hear a conversation between Nicole and Isaac – the exact same that can be heard in the cutscene at the beginning of Dead Space 2.

Some speculate that this could be hinting at Dead Space 2 getting a remake sometime soon as well. However, after witnessing the success of a remake of the first game, now it should be clear that this is what people want; at this point, it feels like getting a DS2 remake is just a matter of time.

Hidden Message in Chapter Titles

One of the best kinds of secrets in video games are the ones that are hidden in plain sight and don’t require any special kind of knowledge, just some thinking out-of-the-box.

You may be looking at them without even realizing that there’s something more going on. A perfect example of such a secret in Dead Space Remake would be the message hidden in chapter titles.

Revealing the answer right away would be a major spoiler, so consider yourself warned but if you’re curious, take the first letter from each chapter title and see what you’ll get.

In case you don’t want to launch the game just to reveal the truth behind this one, the chapters are named as follows:

  • New Arrivals
  • Intensive Care
  • Course Correction
  • Obliteration Imminent
  • Lethal Devotion
  • Environmental Hazard
  • Into the Void
  • Search and Rescue
  • Dead on Arrival
  • End of Days
  • Alternate Solutions
  • Dead Space


As you explore the spaceship, you may encounter some adorable animal plushies in leather jackets, like a penguin, a dinosaur, and a few more. It’s not entirely clear what’s the reference here, though. Some speculate the plushie gang may be hinting at Easter eggs that can be found in the Battlefield series.

For example, the crab could be related to the crab rave from Battlefield V and the dino could be a nod to a dinosaur roar you can hear in Battlefield 4.

Silent Isaac Reference

If you played the original game, you probably remember that the protagonist was silent there. In the remake, however, Gunner Wright returns to voice Isaac’s lines just as he did in Dead Space 2 and 3.

When you meet Dr. Mercer face-to-face for the first time, he’ll throw a line “But even if I was to ask, I suspect you’re not the talkative type.” which could refer to both your current circumstance at that moment, as your character is temporarily suspended in time, as well as Isaac’s silent past in the original Dead Space from 2008.

L5 Riesig Model

A small one, but will surely bring a smile to the face of any Battlefield 2142 fan. If you take a careful look at a reception desk, you’ll notice a mecha figure standing there; it’s none other than a small model of a Battle Walker from BF 2142.

Brethren Moons Secret Ritual Codes

Brethren Moons are gigantic and highly intelligent Necromorphs that pose an ultimate threat to the existence of everything alive. There are some Easter eggs related to them in Dead Space Remake; If you keep your eyes peeled in chapter 4, you may find yourself inside an ominous room with a red circle painted on the floor.

Performing a series of stomps and melee strikes in a specific order while inside the circle will trigger a secret log related to these terrifying beings. The correct order is hinted at with red paint at various hidden locations throughout the game in case you want to try and piece that together yourself. Otherwise, allow us to give you the answers.

With M standing for melee and S for stomp, try the following:


There are at least two more codes you can try:

  • MSMM SMSM MMMS – sea shanty audio log
  • MMSM MSSM MMSS – 2 free nodes

The Peng Treasure

Peng is an ongoing meme in the Dead Space universe and no one really knows what it means. In fact, it can be whatever you want it to be, as it was intentionally made ambiguous. It’s found on various ads, posters, and slogans, such as “There is always Peng” or “I give great Peng” in Dead Space games.

Whatever it means, it’s usually being thought of as something good, something that gives joy, pleasure, a luck charm, or induces other positive emotions.

If you look hard enough in chapter 11, you’ll be able to find the Peng treasure – a small statue of a woman that can be sold for a whopping number of 30,000 credits.

It’s worth noting that the treasure was moved to a different spot than it was in the original game.

Alternate Ending

If you collect all the marker shards in New Game Plus and place them at their respective positions in the captain’s quarters, you’ll unlock a secret ending in Dead Space Remake.

There are a total of 12 marker fragments, one in each chapter, except for chapter 9 which has no fragments, and chapters 5 and 10 which contain 2 fragments each.

Once everything is done, just keep playing the game as usual until you reach the end; the alternate ending cutscene will play, revealing a more creepy and disturbing turn of events.


Dead Space comes with a number of fun little details and secrets you may have missed in your playthrough, so it’s always nice to have some way of checking what else is there to see in the game. Remake introduced some extra stuff on top of what we already had in the original game, making the Easter egg hunt in Dead Space all the more fun and fresh again.

Use our list as a reference and see if you know the game inside out or maybe there are still some surprises that await you.