There is nothing like a good survival horror. But what if it improves a little to provide an even scarier experience?

Dead Space is one of the most frightful survival horror games collecting thousands of excellent ratings on Steam. But at the beginning of 2023, Motive Studio released its improved version – Dead Space Remake. As we all know, better versions of good video games can be particularly bad or very good. What was the outcome for this space horror? And is it even worth playing after all these years? Let’s see!


Developers did not want to change much, so the plot is the same. Instead, they focused on improving a completely different, easily noticeable aspect – the visuals. Therefore, Dead Space Remake provides graphics adapted to current standards, tailored to the requirements of the mightiest platforms – PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. This groundbreaking change was possible thanks to the sensational Frostbite Engine known from titles like Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront 2. So now we can enjoy detailed textures, smoother character animations, and realistic visual effects that guarantee good scare


Playing DS Remake, you’ll quickly notice that the audio feels more natural. After fixing a few bugs, the developers created a veritable symphony of fear and polished dimensional sounds. Now it’s not just a video game, but a genuine audio experience – recommended to try on headphones. But that’s not all, as the previously mute Isaac Clark has earned a voice. It is the grand achievement of Gunner Wright – the actor who recorded the new dialogue lines.


Anyone who played the original Dead Space remembers those annoying loading screens. Good news! They are gone forever, which means you can explore the USG Ishimura without unnecessary interruptions. Also, the opponents gained additional protection layer, providing much more challenging and brutal combat. You’ll have to work a bit to kill this necromorph. But such action will feel more realistic thanks to the improved aiming mechanics.

Locations are now larger and equipped with extra rooms. A different arrangement is a fantastic opportunity to relive this adventure, exploring an entirely new space. Plus, Remake provides new weapons and outfits unavailable in the first installation. Expect more story content – this game version includes side missions. They don’t change the main flow of the plot but add some time to other characters meaning more immersive adventure and terrifying fun. With an alternative ending!

Intensity Director and Enemy Peeling System

These new features are all about making your encounters with enemies more unpredictable and off-putting. Intensity Director adds a lot of randomness to the game, independently deciding where to spawn enemies. So now, they can appear anywhere for you to enjoy endless jump scares. The Enemy Peeling System is about the next stage of such encounters – fighting. You’ll love it if you like gross things, as in Remake, players can tear off the limbs of their opponents and decorate the surroundings with their guts, blood, and hideous bodily fluids.


The classic Dead Space is epic, but the Remake brings many groundbreaking differences. The developers crafted a deadly scary piece of fun, enhancing the sounds, visuals, and USG Ishimura layout. So much so that even the technical director feels discomfort playing the game at night – it is probably proof enough that the reworked version has something to offer. We highly recommend playing DS Remake because it’s simply better with its original story, side missions, new weapons, and gameplay mechanics. Motive Studio changed only what needed to be adjusted, delivering an immersive space adventure scarier than anything else.