Destiny 2 is upon us for quite some time now. And while the PC gamers are waiting patiently for the October launch of the Bungie’s combination of a great shooter and a decent MMO, console owners could swoosh through the galaxy fighting the darkness and trying to restore light to the universe.

You can check our review of Destiny 2 here if you are still not convinced whether to buy the game, but we would like to share a few useful tips about the game to boost your skills, equipment, and ultimately, enjoyment.

Destiny 2 Classes

The most important choice you can make before delving into the campaign head first is picking an appropriate class. Remember, you’ll have to play through the campaign and single-player missions to level up and unlock the sweetest features of Destiny 2, so there will be plenty of time to develop your character and learn the ropes of your class. That being said, the class you choose pretty much determines your gameplay style and how you can help your fire team, so consider those wisely beforehand. Further on you will be able to select a subclass for your Guardian. Remember, all classes have class abilities, a super ability (the most important thing), passives, grenade modifications and mobility options.


Hunters are a caste of fast-moving, bullet-dodging killers. They are suitable for swooshing through the battlefield, picking up enemies from both afar and near.

  • Hunters have to class abilities you choose from: Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge. Each of them is about getting from a pickle and regenerating at the same time. The former automatically reloads your gun as you move, so it’s great for making hasty, tactical retreats. The latter reloads your melee energy, so it’s great for punching enemies in the face.
  • The Arcstrider is the first subclass available to Hunters in Destiny 2. Its super ability is the Arc Staff, which launches the Hunter into a deadly dance with an energy staff used to destroy enemies in melee. You can chain melee attacks into combos both on the ground and in the air. This is a new subclass best for melee fights.
  • The Gunslinger subclass makes a welcome return from Destiny, but with a few minor tweaks and balances. Its super ability is, once again, the Golden Gun, which deals superior damage with three powerful shots. Used best when fighting those big mean bosses that sponge bullets like, well, space bullet sponges. The Gunslinger is a range specialist.
  • The Nightstalker is the final subclass for Hunters and the least deadly of all three. The Nightstalker is a support specialist, best used to slow down, suppress and weaken enemies. The Nightstalker’s super ability is the Shadowshot, the least deadly of Hunter super abilities, but very good for team play, as it shoots a Void Anchor, which prevents your enemies from using their abilities and makes them receive greater damage. The Keen Scout perk is especially useful for reconnaissance and as a bonus, it helps you find materials and chests by showing you on your radar the direction you have to take to find them. The Nightstalker, as the name suggests, is great at striking from hiding.
  • As Hunters, it is generally a good idea to move a lot and not try to take a stand against mobs or bosses. Remember that Hunter’s passives are well suited for this with double jumps and additional effects while dodging.


Warlocks are supporting wielders of magic, so if you are into spells and such, and you like to feel powerful by disrupting your enemies’ flow rather than filling them with bullets, this is a good class for you. Warlocks specialize in fighting on a long and medium range.

  • The Warlock’s class ability is the Healing Rift and the Empowering Rift. Both of them conjure a circle that boosts one trait for you and your allies. The former regenerates health, while the latter enhances attack power – great for taking a stand against a horde and dispatching enemies. Remember, Warlocks are support specialists, so try not to fight by yourself and help your teammates.
  • The Dawnblade is the first subclass you will get access to. Their super ability is the Daybreak, granting you a flaming sword and wings. Use to it smite your enemies with fire like death angels.
  • The Voidwalkers have many different buffs to up your grenade game, so experiment by mixing them up to get the best results. Their super ability is the Nova Bomb, which causes a large area of effect explosion.
  • The Stormcallers are great at charging at enemies. We know, this does not sound like a supporting role at all, but trust us, Stormcallers are great at damaging multiple enemies at once. Their super ability is the Stormtrance, used to glide over the battlefield and deal short range, high-value electricity damage.
  • A Warlock does not jump around like a maniac, a Warlock gracefully glides through the air, supporting their team and picking out enemies on the fly. If you are new to this class, gliding can be tricky as it requires a different skill set than double jumping or dodging.
  • Warlocks are team players, meaning that you have some duties to perform when playing with others. Remember to regenerate your friends’ health, the Healing Rift ability is especially useful after picking up a dying comrade from the battlefield.


There’s nothing like packing a punch, and Titans are suited best not only for dealing them, but also receiving damage and making a stand. Titans are also great at protecting their teammates from damage and it’s wise to coordinate their strategies with any Warlocks in your fire team.

  • The Titan class abilities are the Towering Barricade and the Rally Barricade. The first one is best used to block chokepoints and as cover for a team, while the latter is smaller in size, but instantly reloads your gun when in cover.
  • The Sentinels are the first subclass you will have access to. Their super ability is the Sentinel Shield, which can be used both defensively and offensively.
  • The Strikers are an aggressive subclass, just right for attacking large groups of enemies and dispatching them quickly. Their super ability is the Fists of Havoc, which can be used for dealing damage to groups or bashing into a single enemy.
  • The Sunbreakers excel at range combat, so you don’t have to get up close and personal all the time. Oh, and they just love looking at things burning, so if you are into fire, then this is a subclass for you. The Hammer of Sol is their super ability, used to throw powerful projectiles at enemies.
  • Titans are great at defense – so do remember to block capture points with the Towering Shield in PvP or use the Rally Barricade when your fire team is fighting an especially tough enemy.

Here you go, these tips about Destiny 2 classes should help you get started when picking up a class suitable for you. It is wise to understand the various subclasses before you select a class, as they are able to modify the gameplay a great deal. Whether you’re a fan of melee, you love some far range fire fights or just want to help your team, the customization options of Destiny 2 will surely have something for you.