Destiny 2 received a expansion called Lightfall, and with it came a new raid for players to conquer and new rewards to earn.

However, if you want to get your hands on some cool new weapons, such as the Shotgun that combines the powers of solar and stasis, you’ll have to put in some effort. Here are some tips that should make beating The Root of Nightmares easier.


The Root of Nightmares raid requires close cooperation between participants – your own individual skill won’t be enough to carry the team. With that being said, it’s important to prepare your character before jumping into action – you want to contribute to the mission and be a useful party member, not a hindrance.

Before you can start the raid, you have to complete the Lightfall campaign. The power is capped at 1780.

Favored Loadout

For the majority of the raid, you’ll be facing weaker opponents in large quantities, so using anything with good clear speed is highly recommended.

For the final boss fight, it is recommended to use the Thunderlord machine gun with catalyst upgrade, and one Divinity trace rifle or rockets – this combination will make the Nezarec fight much more manageable.

Recommended Subclasses

The raid consists of 3 encounters. For the first two encounters, Titans can use whatever subclasses they want, but they should switch to Void or Arc for the final battle. Warlocks may use Arc, Strand, Stasis, or Void, except for the last stage, where it’s recommended to use Solar. Hunters can choose Void or Arc for the entirety of the raid, but they could also go with Strand for the first two encounters.

Cataclysm Wipe Mechanic

During the first encounter, you will have to transfer the Traveler balls from one point to another. Enemies will spawn while trying to stop you – it’s important to kill all Psions, which will spawn a tormentor. Killing him will progress the objective and add some time to the wipe timer, thus it’s important to avoid stalling. It’s recommended to split into groups that focus on different objectives: one group should focus on killing the enemies, while the other should focus on moving the Traveler balls.

Nezarec Wipe Mechanic

The final boss of the raid is not exceptionally difficult, but it has several mechanics to be aware of, including a full raid wipe if the team won’t act fast. When Nezarec starts glowing, a wipe will follow shortly after. To survive the attack, you need to create a shelter for the team and hide inside. To determine if the shelter should be made on the left or right side, remember the color of the energy burst after hitting Nezarec’s glowing shoulders: blue means it must be created on the left, while orange means it must be created on the right.

Once you get familiar with the fight, you can try focusing entirely on DPS. If you do it right, you may be able to finish the encounter before the wipe mechanic triggers.

Complete the Triumphs

Although it’s not exactly a trick to conquering the raid itself, it’s important to know nonetheless. Usually, Triumphs don’t affect raid drops, but with The Root of Nightmares, it’s different. Just like in dungeons, completed Triumphs will increase your chances of getting new weapons. Complete various objectives associated with the new raid and you’ll get a higher chance of obtaining Conditional Finality – a shotgun capable of utilizing both solar and stasis powers, which enables some new interesting strategies, especially in PvP.


The Root of Nightmares in Destiny 2 Lightfall is certainly not the hardest content out there, but knowing some tricks can make the challenge even easier. If you’re having trouble with the raid, you may want to refer to detailed step-by-step guides that will make clearing the raid a breeze.