They say money can’t buy happiness. But when it comes to playing the new Diablo IV – it’s the other way around!

Diablo 4, like its famous predecessors, functions on a proven economic system where all that matters is gold. And it’s surprisingly easy to get!

All you have to do is remember specific rules and places that will help you get filthy rich. Use this comprehensive guide to learn ten unique tricks about earning gold fast and why you actually need it – even if you’re a complete Diablo beginner!

Why is gold important in Diablo 4?

Knowing why you need gold in Diablo will inspire you to get it. It is a live service video game which means that not only today but also in the promising future, players will be able to acquire increasingly better in-game items during their grand travels or make nice purchases in the shop.

Very often, necessary equipment and weapons need repair or upgrade, and you may want to brew some potion or use Legendary Aspects to design your dream gear. To achieve any of these goals, everyone needs gold. So as you can see, wealth means progress and unimaginable satisfaction from the game and money well spent.

Method one – collect and sell

In immersive open-world video games, the best way to earn money is by collecting and selling items – especially at the early gameplay stages. Exploration always helps feel at home, and everything that comes with it has value.

Even the most uninteresting objects have prices, so collect everything and travel to your local merchant to exchange your loot for precious gold. Sometimes you can even discover rare items that don’t match your character class and cost much more. And there is no other game providing as much loot as Diablo!

Method two – break objects

Diablo 4 world is full of junk, ancient stuff, and mysterious chests. Check absolutely everything! To break something, walk over it, or hit it with your favorite attack to collect gold or gear.

Such objects usually glow with a red or white outline. And to find them, focus on exploring the map edges. Why is this method so much fun? Well, you have the equipment without having to fight!

Method three – complete quests

Story missions and side quests always produce glittering gold. Sometimes less, once in a while more, but it’s something. So if you are into the plot and want to discover all its essential details while becoming rich – get involved in completing quests. Many require combat, so each fallen opponent brings new equipment or wealth.

Method four – activate Greed Shrines

Diablo IV is full of various statues, abandoned temples, and ruins. Among them, you will sometimes encounter shrines that offer random buffs for 30 seconds. Considering innovative earning methods, you may be interested in activating the Greed Shrine.

As a result, enemies will drop gold with each hit, and you can collect it from a distance. It also means opponents with higher health will always drop more gold than weaker ones.

Method five – kill Treasure Goblin

Encounters with Treasure Goblins promise two things – a challenge and an opportunity to earn cash. Their sole goal is to steal and run as far as possible so you never get your stuff back. To escape faster, they conjure a portal or run near more powerful monsters that can effectively delay your chase.

Goblins appear randomly but leave visible traces like dropped items or gold. So what can you do to profit from this encounter? Catch them! Try to follow Treasure Goblin to a dead end and hit him with a series of the most powerful attacks and spells – preferably freezing to limit his unpredictable movements. The effort is worth it because after winning the fight, you will get his entire treasure, including gold and magical — often extremely rare — items.

Method six – clear dungeons

Raiding dungeons should be the second crucial point of your financial strategy if you like the idea of selling unwanted gear. One of the most excellent spots is Anica’s Claim in the Malnok Region, located east of Kyovashad. It’s full of elite monsters that drop far better items than anywhere else. And you can run through it again! The second best location is Dead Man’s Dredge in the Gale Valley.

Method seven – earn Renown

You can earn Renown by exploring, finding the mythical Altars of Lilith, clearing gloomy dungeons, discovering new places, and undertaking many other activities. But not everyone knows that each Renown level-up grants absolutely fantastic rewards – including massive amounts of your beloved gold.

Method eight – take part in World Events

World Events involve a large number of players, which can make them easier to complete. They spawn randomly during exploration and are a glorious chance to earn some gold. Pick the ones with more players, and you’ll soon enjoy a well-deserved reward to spend on new dream stuff.

Method nine – fight at the higher World Tier

Diablo 4 features four World Tiers: Adventurer, Veteran, Nightmare, and Torment. The first two are available from the start, while the last ones unlock after completing the requirements. Anything higher than World Tier 1 grants 15% more gold dropped from enemies – so you might be interested in opting for this method.

Method ten – kill the World Boss

The last one is the hardest. The difficulty level of the world bosses varies, but such an encounter is quite challenging and provides epic rewards. The problem is they only spawn at certain times. And the most powerful is Ashava the Pestilent, requiring at least twelve players and only 15 minutes to beat. Exciting and profitable!


Diablo 4 Gold literally lies and waits on the ground. And if you need more, use some of these practical tips or try them all to get rich as soon as possible. The best thing is everyone can earn money playing solo or with other players.

This video game is ready for different playstyles and approaches. And even the least significant activity brings not only gold but also a priceless experience.