Diablo 4 is a long-awaited hack’n’slash RPG created by Blizzard Entertainment studio. After choosing one of the many characters, we can traverse the vast world full of surprises, as well as hordes of monsters that needed to be dealt with.

The game brings back the dark and immersive atmosphere reminiscent of previous installments which were welcomed by fans with great joy. A significant aspect of Diablo 4 is the online cooperation available while exploring the treacherous lands of the game’s world.

All of this will be even more enjoyable when your character is fully chipped. Here comes in Platinum with numerous exclusive extras. But how to get Platinum in Diablo 4 anyways?

What is Platinum in Diablo 4?

Platinum is a special premium currency in the game that allows you to purchase unique items. It serves multiple purposes within the game. It can be used to acquire various cosmetics from the in-game shop, unlock game upgrades or add-ons, and obtain seasonal Battle Passes. With this currency, players have the opportunity to enhance their gameplay experience and access exclusive content.

The items available in the Cash Shop of Diablo 4 serve exclusively aesthetic purposes, as they allow for customization of the characters’ appearance. Importantly, these cosmetic options do not provide any gameplay advantages or power boosts, ensuring a fair and balanced experience for all players. By emphasizing cosmetics in the Cash Shop, the game maintains its integrity, therefore allowing players to enjoy the customization aspect without compromising the game’s balance or competitive nature.

How to Earn Platinum in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the acquisition of Platinum, the premium currency, is only possible through real-money purchases. There are two methods available for obtaining this currency, but both require spending real-world cash.

1. The Battle Pass offers tiers that grant approximately 100 Platinum coins, but to access the standard pass, it is necessary to spend at least $10. Even with the Battle Pass, the maximum amount of Platinum you can earn is 1,000, which may fall short considering the item prices in the store are often higher than that. In Diablo 4, many items are priced at 1,500 Platinum or more, with certain sets costing as much as 2,800.

2. The second option is choosing the best offer and simply buying Platinum. The list below illustrates the pricing for Platinum and available offers. Larger bundles of the premium currency may provide a small number of additional coins, with the $100 bundle offering an extra 1,500 for those willing to make such a substantial investment. Generally, 100 Platinum coins are equivalent to $1, following the pricing model commonly seen in other games.

Prices of Diablo 4 Platinum

Let’s check out the sample Platinum prices (at the moment of preparing the article) for Diablo 4:

  • 200 Platinum – $1.99
  • 500 Platinum – $4.99
  • 800 Platinum – $7.99
  • 1,000 Platinum – $9.99
  • 2,800 Platinum – $24.99
  • 5,700 Platinum – $49.99
  • 11,500 Platinum – $99.99

Why Buying Platinum Might Be a Good Option

Premium items typically offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to personalize the game’s characters, mounts, or other elements.

These perks can help you stand out and express your unique style within the game world. For some players this can also be a way of showing extra support for developers.


Limited or rare premium items always provide a sense of exclusivity to their owners. This exclusivity can make it more desirable for players who want to possess something special or unique. And that’s exactly what Platinum delivers in Diablo 4.