Two unique games with two different stories but a similar gameplay experience. How is it possible that Dishonored and Bioshock have so much in common?

Arkane Studios and Irrational Games released their bestselling series, quickly garnering legions of fans of both. Dishonored is more steampunk, while Bioshock Infinite provides fantastic sci-fi fun. Both are great, but which is better? Let’s take some of their features apart to discover what’s inside!

Gameplay Comparison

Bioshock and Dishonored share similar gameplay features, like choosing between direct or stealth kills, creative weapons, and challenging decision-making. But Bioshock, while equipped with a remarkable story, fares a tad worse in this category. Choices don’t seem that final, battles can be a bit repetitive, and the consequences of actions don’t feel as much of a player’s responsibility as they should. Meanwhile, Dishonored took all these features and transformed them into a real piece of art, equipped with high replayability

Graphics and Visuals

Surprisingly, both series share a strikingly similar graphic level. But with Dishonored 2, and Bioshock Remastered beginnings in 2016, we can say that it’s all about the mood they provide. While both are very dark, Bioshock delivers a more colorful setting (especially Bioshock Infinite). And in Dishonored, we can expect a world soaked in despair.

Story and Characters

If you are looking for fascinating characters – you will find them in the Bioshock series. It’s full of memorable villains, supporting characters, and female companions with minds of their own. The exception is the leading hero. Booker from Bioshock Infinite feels quite unnatural, and it is nicer to play with the mysterious Corvo Attano. But this particular title makes up for it with a story that will literally break your brain with plot twists. So overall – Bioshock wins in this category.

Dishonored vs Bioshock – Conclusion

It looks like we have a tie, but we don’t. If you want to play the best action game with epic stealth features, legendary powers, and a disturbing atmosphere, choose Dishonored. Yes, Bioshock has a better storyline, but Dishonored delivers a much more memorable experience where you truly become part of this living world and influence its fate.