Have you ever been spooked by a game as a kid? It was probably Doom – one of the first-person shooter games that laid the foundation for the entire genre. So, where are they today?

The first Doom from 1993 got a reboot. In 2016, the game of the same title was released, presenting the brutal adventures of the mysterious Doom Slayer – in a slightly refreshed version.

Its creators instantly achieved enormous success, selling millions of copies and winning countless awards. But that was not the end of the story, as the highly anticipated sequel, Doom Eternal, came to life in 2020. But is it better or worse? And what are the differences between the two id Software games?

General overview

The brutal video games series by id Software is a legend in the gaming world. The story of a lonely commando fighting hundreds of ruthless monsters captured the hearts of players worldwide, becoming a sacred icon in the first-person shooter genre.

The first titles in this groundbreaking series set a high standard for its competition, introducing 3D graphics and therefore winning recognition among critics. Doom and Doom Eternal continue this tradition by adding something new to each other. While there are some massive differences between them, both are memorable tributes to the original series.

The world and the story

The 2016 Doom action takes place on Mars and in hell. A failed experiment leads to an upcoming tragedy on the red planet – only the Doom Slayer can take up this grave challenge. Because there is a portal to hell opening, and swarms of hideous but powerful demons arrive in the human realm.

The lonely commando once again has to fight to decide the fate of the whole world he knows. But the plot does not play a crucial role in this title. Although it is a fascinating background to the entire gameplay, it is exposed during brief calls or cutscenes, thanks to which you can get an idea of the situation. You can find more atmosphere in the music and project of the devastatingly dark world, which resembles the first titles in this legendary franchise.

Doom Eternal introduces more locations to the gameplay – you will also embark on a journey to other dimensions and Phobos. At first sight, you’ll notice that the storyline is a bit more complex, introducing a lot of new secrets to discover. And all this is surrounded by a stunning audiovisual setting featuring improved enemy designs. In addition, there is always something going on in the background, presenting a picture of a living world, which, as it turns out, is too cartoonish for many fans of the series.


In both games, your task is to run through the levels, eliminate enemies and collect upgrades to suit, stats, and weapons. But in Doom 2016, the arenas are significantly smaller than in Doom Eternal and require fast maneuvering between opponents.

The combat is harder, and the everywhere bullets mean quite a challenge for inexperienced players. To continue your adventure, you must kill everyone in an area to reach the new location. And with no hints regarding the location of cosmetic collectibles, such gameplay can, unfortunately, be frustrating.

Doom Eternal features much faster and more dynamic combat, with the possibility of traversing the levels without having to eliminate all enemies. There are also a lot of complete novelties like puzzles and complex platform challenges.

An extensive storyline also guarantees more side quests and secrets to discover. And collectibles fans can count on an enjoyable search for easter eggs, cheat codes, or figurines, as their location is clearly described on the map. The most difficult challenge is to reach them!


In both video games, you can use a devastating arsenal of weapons to ensure spectacular death for your enemies, like a chainsaw, shotgun, plasma rifle, and many more. But Doom Eternal features much more dynamic combat and parkour-like moves.

Now you can double jump, dash or enjoy a spectacular meat hack. The fast-paced action is even more fun, especially for fans of the bloody massacre in video games. There is also less ammunition, letting you explore the powers of each weapon in your arsenal. And demons receive visible wounds guaranteeing gameplay satisfaction like never before. Unfortunately, Doom Eternal has minor flaws, like no demon victory dance after defeating a player. Some players are also bothered by the cartoonish, slightly silly behavior of their enemies.

Both games offer multiple multiplayer modes, but this is where Doom from 2016 gives way before Doom Eternal. As it turns out, the single-player campaign in the first part was more addictive than deathmatch or cooperative battles. Doom Eternal improves this feature by introducing an invasion and battle mode for endless fun, playing as a demon in another player’s game, or competing in a two-on-one match.

Which Reigns Supreme?

It depends entirely on your personal preferences. Although Doom Eternal is a continuation of the game from 2016, the implementation of this title presents slightly different combat mechanics and graphics.

If you are into the latest easter eggs and references, love high replayability, and dream about even more side activities, obstacles, and puzzles – choose this game. But if you are looking for a classic gameplay experience, a legendary single-player campaign, and a dark atmosphere – Doom from 2016 is your must-have. The truth is, whatever you decide, you’ll have a great time!