The world is flooded with various zombie games focusing on fierce combat against hordes of bloodthirsty enemies. But what if we want something more and better? Well, in such a situation, it’s worth playing Dying Light.

After the massive success of the first Dying Light in 2015, Techland decided to create its sequel. With a brand-new story, protagonist, improved audiovisuals, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. But is it really better? Some players might argue, so today, we will settle this once and for all.

Gameplay Comparison

Both titles are first-person action games where players fight for survival in a world overrun by the plague. But Dying Light 2 takes place twenty years after the first game events. So do you need to play Dying Light 1 before 2? Not at all – start however you want.

The gameplay focuses on combat (mainly using melee weapons), stealth, and spectacular parkour, which significantly improved in the sequel. There is one main rule – night is the time of the city streets swarming with hordes of monsters. To make life a little easier, the developers added a revolutionary faction system to Dying Light 2. You can also expect a bigger map for even more multiplayer fun.

Why are we comparing the two games if DL2 provides such great new features? Well, players’ reviews on Reddit reveal that the game lacks the unique vibe of the first part. As it turns out, Dying Light 1 is closer to the horror genre than its sequel. So if you want to get chills down your spine and experience a more realistic struggle for survival – start with a game from 2015.

Graphics and Visuals

Visually, Dying Light 1 was perfectly dark and detailed. But Dying Light 2 took the aesthetic experience to a whole new level of delight! With the new C-Engine, you can enjoy realistic animations, accurate light behavior, and truly next-gen gameplay – even on your PC.

Story and Characters

Both games feature different protagonists. In DL1, it’s Kyle Crane – a man who is just discovering the origins of a terrifying plague. Dying Light 2 tells the story of Aiden struggling with the undead apocalypse in full swing. But if you’re here for the story, play Dying Light 1 first. It has much better characters, the plots are connected, and each stage gives a sense of satisfaction. In the sequel, the story is non-linear, and you decide how your adventure unfolds, so it’s a less story-driven recommendation.


When it comes to the technical side Dying Light 2 fares much better by delivering a larger map, finer character animations, an improved combat system, and parkour. There are factions and better enemy AI, making this a must-have for all fans of zombie games.

But if you’re beginning your journey with the series, start with Dying Light 1. You’ll enjoy immersive gameplay, a darker atmosphere, a natural storyline, and a legendary soundtrack that will stay with you forever.