In the vast and grim Lands Between, filled with danger and mystery, secrets lurk around every corner, waiting to be unveiled by fearless explorers.

From hidden areas and bosses to some of the game mechanics and scripts that you could have missed before. Uncovering some of those locations may enrich your gameplay experience and give you knowledge of some hidden in-game content which can grant you access to some interesting places or unique equipment.

Delving deep into this world, players are bound to stumble upon challenges offering both adventure and reward in equal measure.

Let’s unveil ten of the most intriguing secrets in Elden Ring together. Not only those, that may attract the attention of newcomers but also seasoned veterans who may have missed some of them while wandering these shadowed realms.

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8. Weather influences damage dealt

Wandering through the Lands Between you will enter areas varying in environment, enemies, and weather. The world changes and so does the weather. This gives us the opportunity to observe some interesting phenomenon.

For instance, while it is raining weapons with fire enhancements deal slightly less damage than normally, but weapons enchanted with lightning deal a little more damage.

Some may not notice it during casual gameplay, nevertheless, this attention to detail is truly impressive and the developers deserve appreciation because of it.

Image credit: FromSoftware Inc.

7. A comeback to where it all started?

At the very beginning of your journey in Elden Ring, you find yourself in a unique location with looks resembling a floating island. As you move forward you also meet your first opponent.

After the fight – which usually ends up with lots of scratches and bruises for a fresh player, no matter whether you lose or win, you are transported to another place where the actual game starts. However is there any way of going back to this area? Of course, there is!

Once you explore the game to the point of discovering a place called The Four Belfries, located northwest of the Academy, Activating one of the stone teleports located there will allow you to travel to the starting location, and if you haven’t done that yet, gives you the chance to defeat the boss guarding it.

6. Almost invulnerable chariots.

In certain dark dungeons of Elden Ring, you’ll face some interesting opponents, who make things such as exploration challenging. We are talking about huge chariots wandering through corridors making it difficult to move around. Moreover, when you try to fight them, they seem impossible to defeat.

Although, there are some ways of getting rid of them and looting some powerful items. You need to use what is around you and put your thinking cap on. Sometimes you can drop something heavy onto their heads, and another time if there is more than one of them, find a way for them to collide into each other. In each encounter, the solution may be different, but in the end, the reward will be worth the effort.

Image credit: FromSoftware Inc.

5. Jarburg – the village of… jars?

If you played the game for a while now, you have surely met the jar warrior called Iron Fist Alexander. He looks like a jar, but deep in his heart, he is a warrior. Anyways, in the Lands Between there is a whole village filled with those like him. It can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, but there is no path leading there.

To get there you need to head south of the Carian Study Hall and jump down the cliff to the stone platforms. The area called Jarburg is right there.

Except for its unique character, there is not much going on, but it, without a doubt is a place, that you could have missed in the earlier playthrough and could be a fun easter-egg to know.

4. Inverted tower – a new place when you turn it… upside down?

Now let’s take a few steps back to the Carian Study Hall mentioned before as it contains a lot more than it would seem at first glance. When we visit it for the very first time we may notice a pedestal waiting for something to be put on it. The item required for that may be obtained through completing part of the quest offered by the Carian Lunar Princess called Ranni.

At some point, she gives us the Carian Inverted Statue. We already know its place. As you put the statue on a pedestal in Carian Study Hall a short cutscene will play after which you will have a whole new location to explore. And what is to be found there is definitely worth it.

3. If the doors are locked go in through the window.

Talking about the towers there are lots of them in the world of Elden Ring. Smaller, bigger, doesn’t matter, each one has some mysteries to be solved.

One of them is called Lenne’s Rise, located in the Dragonbarrow region in Caelid. As you approach the main door you will see the magical barrier stopping you from entering it.

Although there seems to be no way in, you can do it. You need to mount your horse and look for a nearby Spirit spring (a big tornado), which will help you jump higher than usually. You need to jump on one of the balconies of the building. As you get there, you are free to explore the location and loot the treasures hidden inside.

2. Hidden dungeon in Radahn’s battlefield

Not moving far from the previous easter-egg, as we are still in Caelid, as we progress through the game we will at some point encounter a boss called Starscourge Radahn. He is not a main boss, however, he is one of the shardbearers, two of whom you need to defeat before entering some of the late-game regions.

The moment you defeat him the tremendous fields the battle took place remain free to explore. It may seem empty and the first thought you may have is that there was nothing except for the boss. However, if you move to the furthest corner of this location, at the very end you are going to find the entrance to the dungeon.

Many people don’t know about it as it’s not a common place to hide the dungeon in, but now you know where to go.

1. Hidden boss in Farum Azula

Not all bosses have a clear path to get to them. One such example is in Farum Azula – the late-game location. To get to him we need to start from the Beside the Great Bridge Site of Grace, take the elevator down into the church, and again jump down the cliff onto the ledge, move further to a stone platform, and lie down among the bones on the ground.

Shortly after that, you will be teleported to the arena where your enemy awaits. Defeat them and receive your reward.


Elden Ring has lots of locations to explore and mysteries to unravel. If you seek to play the game for the very first time you’ve just received the list of worthy places to visit.

And if you are a veteran you may not have heard about some of them, so this is a great opportunity to replay the game once more.

In any case, the in-game world hides much more to be discovered and those secrets are only a small part of what the game offers. So grab your weapons mount your horse and embark on a journey through Lands Between.