Europa Universalis 4 is a popular strategy game putting the player in the role of the leader of one of many nations fighting for world domination. In such intense conditions, a little help makes a difference!

EU4 engages with its complex mechanics ruling the war, politics, and diplomacy. Therefore, using console commands may not be a bad idea, especially if you are a beginner or prefer a casual approach to strategic gameplay. These cheats can make the whole experience far more enjoyable or satisfying. Sounds interesting? Let’s continue with sorting all your new knowledge about EU4 console commands!

Accessing and Using the Console

Console commands introduce various game-changing results. Learn or note some of them and proceed directly to enjoying new changes in your favorite video game. In EU4, they won’t work in the Ironman mode, as that particular approach focuses on achievements.

To launch the console, start the game and press "~". If that doesn’t work, consider these: `, Shift 2, Alt 2 1, Shift 3, §, ², °, ^. You can also try AltGr ^ on Linux. Ready?

Start typing your dream cheat codes and confirm by hitting Enter. Some may require entering the name or ID of a specific country, so if you are not using the full cheatsheet, type debug_mode. That should give you precise information on the chosen country once you hover over it with the cursor.

Popular Console Commands for EU4 Players

Game modification commands:
fow turn off the fog of war (you can restore it by typing fow_on)
winwars win all current wars by earning the highest score
controll take control of the selected province
own rule the selected province
cash [amount] give yourself extra money (default 5000)
sailors [amount] [country ID - if you want to give them to someone else] offers a specified number of sailors
manpower [amount] [country ID - if you like to give them to someone else] grants a certain amount of forces
adm [amount] [country ID - if you prefer to give them to someone else] extra administrative control points (default 999)
mil [amount] [country ID - if you want to give them to someone else] additional military power points (default 999)
dip [amount] [country ID - if you prefer to give them to someone else] extra diplomatic control points (default 999)
powerpoints gain all kinds of power
siege win an attack on the selected province
yesman make the AI always agree with you
date [] change the time

To enable a specific incident, use this command: event [event ID] [country ID] [option ID] – where event ID means the name of the event you want to start, country ID is non-mandatory (it will launch in your country if you do not specify otherwise), the option ID applies to any available preferences.

You can also change the course of diplomatic relationships by implementing these most popular cheats:

Event-triggering commands
kill_heir [country ID] kills the heir of the chosen country
kill_cardinal [country ID] kills the cardinal of the selected nation
epicfail [country ID] all spies of the wanted country fail
add_colonist [country ID] a colonist appears in a chosen country
add_diplo [country ID] a diplomat appears in the selected territory

Debugging and game enhancement commands
savegame save the game
clear remove entered codes from the console
help see the list of available commands
debug_mode discover the ID of specific parts of the map when hovering over
run test the effects of commands and mods without reloading the game
observe watch how new changes work to detect any issues


Testing all these EU4 console commands is fun, but remember not to overuse them. After all, EU4 should be at least a little challenging to deliver the joy of victories achieved. Once you know how to operate them, start creating advanced combinations of favorite cheats to enjoy a more personalized strategic experience each time.