Often it might seem like big, famous video games are only made in USA and Japan, but things couldn’t be further from the truth. There are also plenty of games made in Europe, west to east, north to south, there’s no shortage of developers operating from the Old World.

The immediately recognizable French Ubisoft or Swedish Paradox are just the tip of the iceberg filled with amazing games, so we’re here to help you drill deep into the motherlode that is the European gaming industry.

Below you’ll find a short list of worthwhile video games created in Europe, and you can find many more great European titles, and attractive deals for them, on our marketplace.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt might be the most famous and well received Polish game in history, and not without reason. CD Projekt Red’s final game of the trilogy is a sprawling game filled with stories which will stay with you for a long time. Even minor quests have exactly enough story to make you care about their resolution, and the main quest will mercilessly toy with your emotions.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 features several large open world maps, each with a different atmosphere, and a large bestiary of monsters, each with an immersive description. Combat is centered around melee, but if you want to you can also use magic, bombs, or buff yourself with alchemy, all meaningfully supported by The Witcher 3’s progression. You’re missing out if you don’t play it.

Key features
  • Several beautiful, large, open maps
  • Creative takes on legendary creatures and monsters
  • Gripping main storyline and many engaging side quests
  • Fantastic DLCs and expansions

Metro Exodus

Developer:4A GAMES

The Metro series was developed by the Ukrainian studio 4A Games and adapts the novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The games are set in a post-apocalyptic vision of the 2030s, and after two installments (2033 and Last Light) taking place mostly in the tunnels of Moscow metro, the main character, Artyom and his family have made their way to the outside world in Metro: Exodus.

Metro Exodus

The games are mostly first-person shooters with strong survival horror, and they go to great lengths to immerse you in the claustrophobic, brutal setting. The Metro games are also quite story-driven, and feature a karma system evaluating the way Artyom conducts himself and changing the endings based on your actions. It’s an excellent series, especially if you love post-apo stories.

Key features
  • The story unfolds over several years
  • Immersive setting
  • Your moral choices affect the ending you get
  • A series of first-person survival shooters

Deep Rock Galactic

Developer:Ghost Ship Games

Is there more to life than teaming up with your buddies and deploying into the heart of an alien asteroid to mine for resources? Danish co-op game Deep Rock Galactic argues that there isn’t, and it has compelling arguments. For example: a staggering array of customization options ranging from silly to cool and badass, so you can have your space dwarf look like he’s taking summer vacation.

Deep Rock Galactic

Other than strong fashion game, Deep Rock Galactic is a class-based first-person co-op with procedurally generated levels and an very satisfying range of mission types. The asteroid is crawling with aggressive aliens keen on interrupting your mining operation, and occasionally you also encounter interference from a rival mining company. Thankfully shooting here feels awesome.

Key features
  • Several unlockable, customizable, and upgradable weapons for every class
  • Several biomes with unique challenges
  • Perk-based character progression
  • Great sense of humor


Release:February 6, 2022
Genre:Action, Fighting

Sifu is a game developed by French studio SloClap (which you might know from their previous game Absolver). It’s set in modern China, and it follows a young martial artist who seeks vengeance against people who killed his or her (your choice) family years ago. The only help the protagonist has is the skill in Pak Mei kung fu and a magical amulet which prevents death at the cost of youth.


On the gameplay front, Sifu is a hard-as-nails action beat’em up game. The protagonist is almost always facing unfair odds, which forces you to be quick, precise and tactical. Mastering the game can take a lot of time, but it pays off. Every time you die you can get a bit older and revive on the spot, but game ends when you reach 80 years, so try not to die a lot early on.

Key features
  • Tight and responsive combat system
  • Very hard to master, but the action looks truly spectacular when you do
  • Soft roguelike mechanics: dying ends a run, but you can always try again
  • Over time you unlock access to new moves and upgrades

Total War: Warhammer 3

Developer:Creative Assembly

The Total War series is the flagship title of an English studio Creative Assembly, and it has been running strong since 2000. The latest release in the series is Total War: Warhammer III, the last entry in a trilogy adapting the Warhammer Fantasy setting to a TW format. It was a rare change of pace for the series, as it’s usually focused on historical settings and conflict, but the gambit did pay off.

Total War: Warhammer 3

TW: Warhammer 3 lets you take control of several factions going to war. The gameplay has two levels. The first is the grand strategy map of regions and provinces, where you manage armies, handle diplomatic relations, and develop your cities and settlements. When enemy armies clash, the second level of gameplay kicks in: large-scale, real time battles, which can be quite fun to watch.

Key features
  • Several factions, some of which fleshed out for the first time ever
  • You can make your own daemon prince, and evolve it through conquest
  • Engaging strategic and tactical layers
  • Gorgeous graphics and creative designs