Since 2009, the only Riot Games production was the world-famous League of Legends. Everything changed in 2020 when the studio decided to release Valorant – a free first-person shooter that drew masses of thrilled players.

Valorant is an online shooter where teams of five fight against each other on the battlefield. As in CS:GO, the players earn on won matches and then can spend the gained currency on better weapons or additional skills. But in games like this, players always like to highlight their uniqueness. And the best way to personalize your gameplay is epic cosmetic add-ons for weapons and heroes!

Are you a Valorant player and would like to know how Valorant Points work? Or maybe you know someone who loves Valorant and would like to give him a nice gift? Whatever brought you here, you will find all answers to your questions in this guide

What are Valorant Points?

It’s the in-game currency for the popular Valorant game that you can shop with without spending real money or using your bank account. With Valorant Points, you can buy many fantastic additions to your gameplay: weapon skins, unique items, sprays, or new characters.

You can also buy Radianite Points for VP currency – another in-game currency to upgrade your weapons. As you can see, Valorant Points are the ultimate way to boost your Valorant gameplay experience.

How to get Valorant Points?

You can purchase Riot Games, League of Legends, or Valorant prepaid cards from local or online stores. You can use all of these cards to make purchases in the Valorant in-game store! If you value your time and comfort, consider purchasing a digital card, which you can redeem online and through instant delivery.

Not sure how it works? It’s easier than you think! After purchasing a card, you will receive a unique online game code to your e-mail address. Enter it on the Valorant website and enjoy the new possibilities of making cosmetic purchases in the game. What’s more, the entire process is fast, easy, and safe. So if you’re looking for an effortless way to top up your account, Valorant prepaid cards will meet your expectations.

Valorant redeem codes

Once you’ve purchased your prepaid card at your local store, all you need to do is scratch the code and enter it into your Valorant account. In the case of digital cards, enter the e-mail and receive a message with the code and detailed instructions for activating the selected card. In either case, the whole process is simple!

To redeem the code, log in to your Valorant account. Find the in-game shop icon and choose the payment method tab. Select Prepaid card, enter your code and confirm. All ready! Now you can enjoy the additional funds on your Valorant account right away.

How much do valorant points cost?

The price for your prepaid card may vary depending on the region. Check the costs for the selected Valorant Gift Cards below to buy exactly what you need!

Prices were checked at the time of writing


  • 475 VP 0 VP – €5
  • 950 VP 50 VP – €10
  • 1900 VP 150 VP- €20
  • 3330 VP 320 VP – €35
  • 4750 VP 600 VP – €50
  • 9500 VP 1500 VP – €100

North America:

  • 475 VP 0 VP – $4.99
  • 950 VP 50 VP – $9.99
  • 1900 VP 150 VP – $19.99
  • 3325 VP 325 VP – $34.99
  • 4750 VP 600 VP – $49.99
  • 9500 VP 1500 VP – $99.99

How to gift valorant points?

If you know a great Valorant video games enthusiast, the in-game coins will be a fantastic present. It’s even perfect as a last-minute gift! Just select the amount of the gift card you are interested in, buy it, and receive the online game code to your e-mail. And then deliver it as you like! You can send the code straight to the recipient or print the gift card and give it to them in person.

Whatever the occasion, it will be the perfect gift idea for any Valorant player. And most importantly – fast and safe. From now, your friend or loved one will be able to enjoy the extra cash on their account and the enormous content of the in-game Valorant store.

Gift cards and prepaid cards are the perfect way to give your loved ones pure joy. Or give it to yourself! Purchasing additional in-game currency is much easier than finding an ideal last-minute gift. As long as you know what your friend likes to play, you can be sure extra funds to the in-game account are the best way to make them happy.