Let’s agree – playing god is fun. After all, there are few more satisfying things than creating life and watching it growing over time. And these are the exact possibilities of games similar to Spore.

Will Wright – the master of The Sims life simulation – is also responsible for creating a fantastic evolution game. In Spore, you have the opportunity to direct the development of life, starting from a single cell creature stage and ending with the conquest of the entire space stage. The title offers practically unlimited possibilities in creating your own civilization, and the game is as rewarding as nothing else. Are you an absolute Spore fan and wondering if there are titles like this one? Or maybe you want to try out all possible evolution games? No matter what brought you here – check out our list of the best games like Spore!

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Kerbal Space Program


If you are excited about rockets and interested in the subject of space exploration, the Kerbal Space Program is a suggestion just for you. Develop your space program and set off to conquer the entire universe.

Lead a group of adorable aliens and develop a space program from scratch. Build a working rocket and carry your crew into orbit to explore space, land on the moon, and discover other planets. Try out different game modes and play a campaign. Your task will be to train astronauts, conduct research, build new rockets and ships, and operate satellites. In the Kerbal Space Program, space is entirely and only yours! Familiarizing with this title is a great way to have some fun and gain experience before playing a sequel. The release of Kerbal Space Program 2 is scheduled for 2022, and you can be sure this title will have even more impressive and polished gameplay to offer.

Key Features
  • Develop your space program from scratch
  • Send Kerbals to conquer outer space
  • Conduct research to discover new technologies
  • Build rockets, spaceships, and satellites


DeveloperAll Parts Connected

It is an action-packed 2D game produced entirely by All Parts Connected. There is the most important fight ahead that started life on our planet – the fight for survival.

Welcome to the underwater world where all kinds of microorganisms cope as best as they can. It is an exciting, dangerous, and bizarre world. Guide your little creature and explore all hidden nooks and crannies. Collect zooids that will become parts of your body and will be responsible for your further development. Like in Spore, how you design your monster will determine how it will operate in life. As it grows larger, you’ll be able to find food, move faster, and fight. Pay special attention to the battle subject because more than one enemy will stand in your way, guided by the same drive as you – the survival instinct.

Key Features
  • Explore to discover new environments and water depths
  • Manage your monster and let it grow
  • Attach new body parts to your body
  • Fight to survive and generate a new species

Niche - a genetics survival game

DeveloperStray Fawn Studio

It is a turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements in which you are the great master of genetics. Look after a group of animal-like creatures, try to survive, and create new, genetically improved generations.

You find yourself on a vibrant, breathtaking island inhabited by charming, colorful creatures. Your task is to make sure that the whole group lives as long as possible. The animals you control will explore the area, get food and fight with various predators. But what’s the coolest thing about this game? Reproduction! It will be up to you how to pair the creatures so that their offspring have the best genes. A fantastic video game for adults and kids who are just learning about genetics.

Key Features
  • Take care of the survival and well-being of your pupils
  • Explore a beautiful island and look for food
  • Fight against dangerous enemies
  • See a world of genetic possibilities and make pets pass on the most necessary genes

Plague Inc: Evolved

DeveloperNdemic Creations

Would you like to have some fun being the bad guy? Play a game that is one of the players’ favorites on Steam! Create a virus and personally wipe the Earth of all humanity.

Start the game by creating a virus in a creature creator and then strategically launch it out into the world by infecting Patient Zero. Your goal is to wipe all humanity off the planet’s surface in such a way that the pandemic is noticed as late as possible. By all methods available! Your virus must be as fast and deadly as possible. You will have your laboratory, a world map, and statistics about your virus to use. And that’s not all, because the developers added multiplayer as well. In this game mode, you can compete for who will kill all people faster, or the opposite – cooperate to achieve a common, undoubtedly devastating goal.

Key Features
  • Create the ultimate deadly virus of your special production
  • Send it out into the world and follow its successful development
  • Watch people cope with the pandemic through city street cameras
  • Play in co-op or competitive multiplayer mode

E.V.O.: Search for Eden

GenreAction RPG

A retro arcade platform game, released in 1992 for Super Nintendo. If you’re a fan of evolution games and older console titles, then E.V.O .: Search for Eden will definitely interest you.

E.V.O.: Search for Eden - gamescreen


The goal of the game is simple – to evolve. The video game is divided into five chapters, each showing a different stage in the development of the planet. In each of them, you are an organism that grows and navigates through life as best it can, and in this style, the game is very similar to Spore. You start as a small fish, then you are a reptile, and end up as a mammal. So that it wouldn’t be too easy, you will meet many enemies on your way, which you will have to defeat and then eat their meat. In this way, you will gain experience points that will allow you to equip your body with better and better qualities, like large fangs or a longer neck. Powerful skills will allow you to kill strong bosses you will meet at each stage of the game. How you develop is up to you, and there are tons of possible combinations in this game.

Key Features
  • Play the fascinating retro evolution game from 1992
  • Start as a little fish and end up as a strong mammal
  • Defeat enemies and eat their meat to gain experience
  • Equip your body with better and better qualities needed for survival and combat

Evolution : The Video Game

DeveloperNorth Star Games

A digital version of a well-known board game, originally designed to teach about evolution. If you are a fan of board games where you have to use your mind to survive, you will fall in love with this beautiful title.

Welcome to the amazing world of Evolution! Don’t be fooled by the charming graphics and phenomenal soundtrack because a brutal and exciting fight for survival is about to take place here. You don’t need to learn any rules before starting the game, because the game will guide you through its stages step by step. Enter the animal dimension of Evolution, learn, discover interesting facts, play the campaign, and defeat powerful opponents. You don’t want to limit yourself to just competing against artificial intelligence? No problem – fight other players in multiplayer!

Key Features
  • Play a digital board game that has captured the hearts of players all over the world
  • Start with a tutorial that will teach you everything and guide you smoothly into campaign mode
  • Develop clever gameplay strategies and defeat your opponents
  • Play solo or against your friends in multiplayer

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

GenreSimulation, sandbox, science

It is a realistic simulation of natural selection where you can play god for real. See a harsh reality where organisms struggle to last and help them survive.



In the fascinating world of Species: Artificial Life, you can truly do what you want. The beautiful environment around you offers endless possibilities! Watch as animals and the world evolve and commit to their development in any way you want. You can create new items or become the master of destruction and cause catastrophes. Or you can do nothing and just watch the action unfold. Or play with the genes of animals and design their evolution in a particular direction. This game will introduce you to every possible aspect of the evolution process!

Key Features
  • Play a realistic simulation of natural selection
  • Do what you want and freely influence the development of organisms
  • Help the animals survive or lead them to extinction
  • Watch your simulation world change over time

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

DeveloperPanache Digital Games

Survival evolution game from 2020 in which you will not deal with the development of animals or microbes. The Ancestors video game takes you through the stages of human development for a change.

The game starts at 10 million BC. At this point, man has not yet taken on his present form and discovers the world as an ape. As you can easily guess, the surrounding reality is brutal and full of dangers. But there is always great strength in the group! By controlling the members of your clan, you will explore the wild world, get food and find valuable items. You will learn to make tools, plan journeys and create family ties. It will be up to you how your species develops and whether it survives at all. And all this in beautiful, breathtaking graphics that will make your adventure as realistic as possible.

Key Features
  • Play a game where you start as an ape and lead your species through the stages of evolution
  • Explore, conquer, fight and lead
  • Make decisions that will determine your future
  • Find out what the actual origins of humanity looked like

There are as many executions of games like Spore as there are potential possibilities to control the development of living organisms. You will find board games, action games, simulations, and even the best scenario in which you are free to bring the total extermination of humanity. As it turns out, not only animals, humans, plants, and microorganisms evolve, but video games as well.

Why are evolution games so popular? Well, you could say evolution is quite a personal matter that affects each of us. We don’t particularly influence it in real life, but it’s nice to play with its mechanisms in possible scenarios. Also, these games have an undoubted educational value, both for adults and kids. And there is something exciting about observing the development of living organisms from creature stage to something bigger and better. There are few wonders as fascinating, comforting, and pretty dark as the one that each of us is a part of – the circle of life.