Some of us have waited too long for our Hogwarts letter. And some didn’t – which is fine. But here comes the end of the waiting, as we can all fulfill our deepest dreams of living in a magical world in Hogwarts Legacy!

But rumors spread faster than anything, and the internet is full of random or incorrect information about Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. Fear not – we’ll save you from confusion by sharing what we know about this game. Using the essential facts in that guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy.

What is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy from Avalanche Software is a new action RPG set in the famous Harry Potter universe. It features an open fantasy world with all the significant locations around the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, allowing players to play as their dream hero. The adventure starts with character creation and then focuses on classic RPG features like exploration, completing quests, developing skills, and chatting with NPCs. There is also intrigue, the details of which players discover during their stay at Hogwarts. This title provides only single-player gameplay, which in terms of the overall experience, makes it similar to games like The Witcher, Skyrim, or Fallout.

10 Must-Know Facts

1. Setting & Plot

Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the Harry Potter universe of the late 1800s. Players accept the role of a unique and fully customized young hero to start education as a fifth-year student. It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to experience their adventure as they wish, without getting involved in the classic Harry Potter plot known from books and movies. The game features an open world of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and their surroundings, so there’s plenty to do! The story focuses on classic school activities, like learning spells, making potions, or meeting new friends. But there is also a mystery! The protagonist is the only one who “holds the key to an ancient secret” that may prove crucial in the wizarding world’s growing conflict. Through their actions and decisions, players will determine how the story unfolds.

2. Characters & Avatars

You can expect many brand-new characters as the story takes place a hundred years before the events of Harry Potter. But you’ll get a glimpse of some familiar faces like Peeves, Professor Binns, and other ghosts! Also, meet new friends who may become your companions during your stay at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy features an extensive character creator. Have fun and choose from various hair, color, facial, and clothing options to create your perfect doppelganger or someone else. Make things more interesting by designing a Harry Potter avatar if you fancy seeing your favorite character in a new setting. Don’t like what you’ve created? Don’t worry – just improve some cosmetic details later in the game. And those who already have an account on the official Wizarding World website can import their Hogwarts house and wand into the new game.

3. Gameplay & Combat

The gameplay includes all the activities Hogwarts has to offer. Players play as students, so one of their duties is to attend classes. It will prove profitable later, as the hero starts with only four spells. Lessons are closely related to various side-quests that help you master new skills and use them effectively in combat. But there’s no need to be so good all the time, as the tempting secrets of the ancient castle won’t uncover themselves. Exploring, completing quests, making decisions, or flying a broom is essential and fun at the same time.

During the game, you will learn sixteen more spells to use in combat. Some will be useful when solving puzzles, while others assign to the attack category. Always wanted to Avada your enemies? Nothing stands in the way of fulfilling this splendid dream! Spells can be combined into effective combos or supported by potions prepared at school. There are many enemies to defeat, so feel free to design your unique battle style and enjoy the magic like never before.

4. Crafting & Customization

There is no decent RPG without a crafting system, and Avalanche knows it well. So they made it epic! Exploration brings loot and various materials so you can put them to good use in the Room of Requirement. This secret place acts as a base where players can brew potions, grow plants, and craft equipment upgrades. But that’s not all, as the Room of Requirement hides another secret – vivarium. It’s a beautiful, green place you can customize as you wish, fill it with magical creatures to look after, and enjoy your time in nature.

5. Music & Storytelling

You will discover the following chapters of the plot by interacting with the surroundings and chatting with other characters. This plot will be somewhat linear, as the outcome partly depends on your decisions. And it will be truly legendary! Thanks to the impressive orchestral soundtrack, every action, duel, or free roam will become a memorable experience.

6. Controversies & Censorship

Hogwarts Legacy is a dream come true for many, but it is also a massive controversy – though not directly. The author of Harry Potter — J.K. Rowling — has long been associated with posting quite disputable opinions on Twitter. But the case escalated when she strongly criticized the Scottish Parliament’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill. Now, the groups involved are boycotting the game release, although Rowling did not work on its development.

7. Dates & Platforms

Hogwarts Legacy will run on multiple platforms but on different dates:

  • February 10, 2023 – PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
  • April 4, 2023 – PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • July 25, 2023 – Nintendo Switch

8. Legend of the Founders

The history of Hogwarts creation is one of the most vital game basics. To better understand the events occurring in the castle and the wizarding world, it is worth learning the details of the legend about Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Godric Gryffindor. After all, you will belong to one of their official houses, right?

9. Exclusive Pre-Order Items

Players getting pre-orders can count on some unique items to boost their magical gameplay experience. All platforms will receive an exclusive Onyx Hippogriff. But PlayStation users will also enjoy the Felix Felicis Elixir Recipe and the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest. You can also consider the awesome Deluxe Edition, which provides all of these items, plus the exciting Darks Arts Pack.

10. Post-Launch Plans & Updates

Unfortunately, Avalanche Software has no plans of creating DLC for the main game yet. They’re probably waiting for the first Hogwarts Legacy reception, so time will tell. However, we know the title will be regularly updated to provide players with the best RPG experience.


Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of the year. And although its release surrounds a lot of controversy and media hype, it only adds to its massive success. Fans of Harry Potter movies and books have been waiting for a decent video game set in their favorite universe, so no wonder everyone wants to play the game at some point. It also applies to players unfamiliar with this world who like to engage in a good open-world RPG. All this knowledge leaves us with one last question – will it make it to GOTY?