Traversing the Boston wasteland can be challenging, sometimes even exceptionally complicated. But with these Fallout 4 cheats, you can make your post-apocalyptic life much easier!

The Fallout 4 open world means a lot of freedom, complex decisions, and quests to complete. Sure, playing a game like this in its purest form is fun!

But if you wonder how to make the whole adventure a little easier or just encountered some unsolvable problem – use this short guide on Fallout 4 console commands.

Unlocking and Utilizing the Console

Video games exist for entertainment, so there is nothing wrong with making them even more enjoyable. The best way to achieve this goal is to use console commands – simple codes that change some gameplay features. This way, you can erase your last colossal mistake or grant yourself better skills to freely explore the Boston wasteland.

To embark on your adventure with commands, press the tilde (~) if you use an American English keyboard. Those with a British English keyboard can achieve this goal by clicking the grave button (`). If none of them work, choose the apostrophe key (‘).


Most commands involve entering a brief series of characters listed below. However, some may require more effort by adding a certain number of items and their identificators.

The command may look like this: player.additem [itemID] [#]. As you probably already guessed, itemID stands for the name of the item you want to add, and the # stands for its number. Enter your desired values and have fun! After typing all your dream codes, close the console and enjoy the game with new improvements. Now, let’s proceed to the list of the best cheats for your favorite Fallout 4 game.

Fundamental Game Commands

Basic cheats for gameplay enhancement
tgm Turn on God Mode to become unbeatable!
tcl Never collide with textures again to go wherever you want
tfc use a free-roaming camera
tm turn visible menus and UI on or off to take eye-catching screenshots without all the stuff on the screen (works great with a free-roaming camera!)
csb reset blood and damage effects
fov set the field of view
set timescale to (#) set how quickly time passes – 30 is the default pace
coc [location ID] teleport to the selected location
Player character customization
showlooksmenu go back to the character creation menu and improve something
player.setrace [race ID] change your race
player.resethealth reset your health
setgs fJumpHeightMin [#] set the minimum jump height (you can jump to massive heights, but too high means death from falling damage – solve it with God Mode)
player.modav [skill ID] [#] skill level up command
player.setav [trait ID] [#] set the selected skill to a specific value
Inventory management commands
player.additem [item ID] [#] add the selected item in the desired number to your inventory
Manipulating NPCs and Companions
tai turn off the AI of all NPCs to make them calmer than ever
tcai sabotage combat AI
kill [NPC ID] murder the chosen NPC by entering its ID or clicking it before typing the command
resurrect [NPC ID] bring any dead NPC back to life (in the state in which they died – this includes lost body parts)
recycleactor reset NPC
sexchange change the gender of anyone you want (may result in awkward situations)
Faction Commands and Relations
player.AddToFaction [faction ID] join a faction
removefromallfactions choose yourself or someone else to become free from all factional obligations
setally [faction ID] [faction ID] [0/1] [0/1] control relationships by making two factions friendly [0] or allied [1]
setenemy [faction ID] [faction ID] [0/1] [0/1] make war, not love, by making two factions coldly neutral [0] or hostile [1]
Speeding Through the Game's Narrative
completeallobjectives [Quest ID] complete all objectives in the chosen quest
completequest [Quest ID] complete the selected quest
resetquest [Quest ID] reset the quest
caqs complete every part of the main storyline

These console commands will speed up story progression in no time. But consider whether automatic game completion is worth it – especially if you’re playing FO4 for the first time.


Console commands are easy to use and remember. Some make you invincible, while others resurrect an accidentally killed NPC. Operating them means having absolute control over the progress – and many players find this particularly tempting.

But there’s a catch – overdoing it can lead to ultimate gaming burnout. Because why play a game if it can complete everything itself? Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to try these commands and choose the set that suits you best. At the end of the day, we are all different, and you decide your definition of fun!