Over the years, the wildly successful FIFA series sold 325 million copies worldwide. Each upcoming part has been awaited with authentic anticipation. And now, we can enjoy an entirely new installment under a different name – EA Sports FC 24.

FC 24 and FIFA 23 differ mainly in their official names. How did this happen?

Due to disagreement over the license fees, the Federation Internationale de Football Association and Electronic Arts ended their long-term cooperation. But as EA claims, it is an excellent opportunity for a new beginning. Will the new game be that different from the previous installation? We can answer by examining their specific differences in this comprehensive comparison!

Graphics and Design

Graphics are what we notice first. With the introduction of HyperMotion 2 technology, the FC 24 predecessor raised the bar high for all forthcoming titles.

This video game looked incredibly realistic compared to previous titles in the series. But the new installation does more! Using volumetric data from over 180 real matches and Hyper Motion V, FC 24 makes every gameplay experience even more realistic. FC 24 uses AI and scans reflecting the exact details of each player’s anatomical shape so the matches look fabulously authentic.

Gameplay Mechanics

The new title develops proven concepts, improving ball physics, introducing a slightly slower gameplay pace, and mastering AI mimic. But the genuine game changer is the AcceleRATE 2.0 technology, boosting solutions known from previous installations. Agile and shorter players accelerate faster at the beginning and slow down a little later. Taller and stronger ones accelerate slower to speed up later in the run.

Another new gameplay feature is teams of men and women. No other title in the past has focused so much on female players and favorite women’s tournaments. The new video game introduces the Barclays Women’s Super League, Women’s National Football League, D1 Arkema, Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga, and Liga F.

Game Modes

You get the same modes as in F23 but upgraded to a new level of gameplay satisfaction. Pro Club has a much better promotion system, and Ultimate Team includes female players. But the most massive change emerges in the Career Mode, divided into Manager Career and Player Career.

Managers complete specific tactical concepts and hire coaches to shape the team’s unique skills. Players adopt different PlayStyles and get help from an agent. These solutions efficiently work with Ultimate Team Evolutions, allowing you to select your favorite competitors and grow them in specific tasks. This way, there won’t be two identical players, as they can all develop according to your tactical vision.


Avid commentary fans will be glad to hear that FC 24 is expanding its narration roster. The first new star in this category is experienced Guy Mowbray, working for the BBC’s Match of the Day. The other is fantastic Sue Smith – an English player with an extraordinary career in Doncaster Rovers Belles.

That’s quite a nice upgrade! And since it works with dynamic intros for each match, we can count on a truly atmospheric experience. The powerful, badass sequences inspire – so you always know what the audience is here for and what must be done. Plus, each mode features unique sounds to make every gameplay more realistic.

Online Experience

Another fundamental difference between previous titles and FC 24 is the successful inclusion of crossplay for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox users. However, crossplay is only available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. But owners of older consoles can play with each other!

As you can easily guess, the new FIFA includes microtransactions. However, developers introduced Ultimate Team Evolutions to reduce the apparent gap between paying and non-paying users. Better packs no longer mean guaranteed success when players can achieve impressive stats through hard work.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Happy news! EA secured most existing licenses except for AC and Inter Milan, Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, Barcelona’s Spotify Nou Camp, and Liga MX BBVA. There will also be new players like Rico Lewis, Lamine Yamal, Arda Guler, Carlos Borges, Stefan Bajcetic, and many more. Regarding available teams and tournaments, we can enjoy more than in F23, thanks to the arrival of many women’s leagues. We definitely have something to look forward to!

But FC 24 still brings more. Taking advice from fans, EA introduces a refreshed interface, allowing users to reclaim all rewards at once. As in previous installments of the beloved FIFA franchise, we can count on additional accessibility options like changeable screen brightness, adjustable colors, subtitles, and more. Everything is more transparent, easier to grasp, and pleasing to the eye.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How has the F24 pricing model changed from F23?

The F23 game experienced a massive increase in Points prices, but it is probably the last such growth for now. As far as we know, Point values should remain the same as in the previous installation.

  • Are old Ultimate Team cards compatible with FIFA 24?

Unfortunately not. FC 24’s new features exist for building a fresh squad and progress.

  • How have the game requirements for PC changed between the two editions?

They didn’t. Both games feature exact system requirements.


As the EA series evolves, it’s clear as the day that FC 24 is a far better game. All these visible improvements signify just the humble beginning of a franchise spreading wings due to FIFA officially leaving its partnership with Electronic Arts.

However, the Federation announced a separate video game under the official FIFA name. Gianni Infantino promises the ‘best e-game for any girl or boy’ – which definitely sounds intriguing. This new title may launch in 2024, but only time will tell what these announcements mean. For now, EA continues the fans-beloved series with evident class, delivering increasingly finer features for unlimited football fun.