While the global pandemic has put a halt to all kinds of sports events, including football, you can still reclaim some of the fun of witnessing the best players in the world score wonderful goals.

Better yet, you can control these players in the field, participating in online matches against other players. That’s right – this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, take a look at the G2A’s marketplace’s FIFA 22 and Ultimate Team deals.

Black Friday ended, you can check our deals on G2A.com

Our marketplace has a huge variety of products related to the newest installment of the long-running football series from EA Sports on offer. Obviously, the core game is the one most of the players will be interested in. We have FIFA 23 for various platforms, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We do encourage you to take a look a little further into the rabbit hole. Besides the game, you will find the FIFA Ultimate Team point packs, allowing you to make in-game purchases in the FUT mode. With these points, you’ll be able to unlock new players, kits, and stadiums to take on your virtual opponents with style. The price range varies depending on the number of points in the pack but thanks to our FIFA 23 Cyber Monday discounts, none of them should be too straining on your wallet.

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