Physical activity is an essential part of life. It allows us to maintain health and fitness for many years.

However, it’s significant not to force ourselves into specific sports, but rather do what we are capable of and what brings us joy! Some choose gyms, other walks, and yet others prefer cycling. But what to do when it’s raining outside, or you can’t leave the house?

A really cool alternative are… fitness video games! It’s a combination of the gaming world with the spirit of sports. Games of this type provide entertainment but also allow you to break a sweat! Today, we’ll present you with a few of the best suggestions!

Criteria of selection

Fitness games are also a great way to start your journey into sports. If you don’t exercise, always avoided PE classes like the plague, and feel sick at the thought of running for a bus, you can start with simple activities using your PC or console. You’ll quickly gain agility and endurance, and maybe even shed a few pounds!

These titles are also great party games. If you enjoy spending time with friends, you can spice up your evening gatherings by choosing games that involve some movement and competition. A boxing match, or perhaps a dance-off? What appeals to you more?

Nintendo Switch especially pairs well with fitness games. Its super-sensitive JoyCons are a fantastic alternative to elaborate VR setups. However, if you don’t have either, we’ll also suggest games that work with older Wii sets, PS3 Move, or Xbox 360 Kinect.

We’ve selected titles that provide the most fun, have interesting graphics, allow actual movement, and burn some calories. So, ready for a little workout? Here’s a list of the 7 best fitness video games!

Ring Fit Adventure

Release date:2019-10-18
Developer:Nintendo EPD

Ring Fit Adventure is a great combination of an action RPG set in a fantasy world, and a fitness game. This title offers various gameplay modes and plenty of minigames – in short, there’s something for everyone here.

Image credit: Nintendo EPD

In this game, players take on the role of a hero whose task is to save the fantasy world from malevolent creatures, guided by a… bodybuilding dragon. Using the RingCon and attached JoyCons, players move around the world and battle enemies. Character control is based on our real movements (jogging in place, arm movements, etc.)

Key features
  • Successor to the incredibly popular Wii Fit series from Nintendo
  • Combines sports gaming with action RPG
  • Many levels to conquer

Just Dance

Release date:2022-11-22
Developer:Ubisoft Paris

This series is available on almost all platforms and currently consists of 15 main installments and several spin-offs (including ones aimed at children, featuring Disney film music, or summer hits). The game utilizes motion gaming peripherals such as Kinect, Move, dance mats, etc. A VR edition is also set to be released soon.

It’s a simple motion-based dance game, for one or multiple players, where the objective is… dancing! Just pick your favorite song and mimic the choreography displayed on the screen. This game is a real party hit and a great choice for those who love to dance and want to improve their moves!

Key features
  • A huge series with dozens of instalments
  • Titles suitable for both older and younger players
  • A vast library of songs, from classics to the latest hits

Fitness Boxing

Release date:2021-06-30

Another title that inherits from the fantastic series of sports games on the Wii. This game has no storyline – the gameplay revolves around boxing to the rhythm of your favorite music, with the support of a virtual coach (whom you can choose and customize).

Image credit: Imagineer

The game allows for a real workout while not requiring the purchase of any additional accessories – just the JoyCons in your hands are enough. You can pick which part of the body you want to focus on, the length, and intensity of the training. Daily challenges are also available.

Key features
  • Real boxing attacks used in the game
  • Choice of training length and intensity with a calorie counter
  • Completing challenges unlocks new songs, workouts, and accessories for coaches

Zumba Fitness

Release date:2010-11-08
Developer:Pipeworks Software

Similar to Just Dance, this is a series of motion-based dance games focused on improving physical fitness and encouraging physical activity and dance.

Image credit: Pipeworks Software

This game utilizes PS Move/Xbox Kinect or special belts, allowing you to place Wii controllers on your body. With virtual dance trainers, you learn various dance moves and take on challenges.

Key features
  • A series of dance games perfect for learning dance moves, exercising, and parties
  • Works with motion accessories for consoles
  • Various challenges, many songs, and arenas

Beat Saber

Release date:2019-05-21
Developer:Hyperbolic Magnetism

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there was a game. Beat Saber is an intriguing action game that appeals to both fitness enthusiasts and Star Wars fans who have always dreamed of having their own lightsaber.

This title is somewhat reminiscent of the game Fruit Ninja, where we sliced incoming fruits with a katana. Here, we have two lightsabers at our disposal, which we use to destroy incoming colored cubes to the rhythm of music. The game utilizes VR setups, providing greater immersion.

Key features
  • A combination of Fruit Ninja, Guitar Hero, and Star Wars
  • Adapted for virtual reality gameplay (PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, etc.)
  • Provides movement through fun exercises that enhance agility

Sprint Vector

Release date:2018-02-08

An interesting action game that combines platformer, racing, and skill-based gameplay, with a beautiful, colorful, cartoonish graphic style. This title was designed for virtual reality setups (PS VR, Oculus, etc.) and dedicated motion accessories.

The game allows for solo play as well as group play with up to 8 people. Players take on the role of athletes participating in the titular Sprint Vector competitions, which take place on a futuristic obstacle course where you must run, jump, and fly. Character control is done through player movements.

Key features
  • Interesting, cartoonish graphics in a futuristic style
  • Gameplay for up to 8 players
  • Great physical fun, perfect for parties

Pistol Whip

Release date:2019-11-07
Developer:Cloudhead Games

This is a combination of action, FPS, and rhythm game, created for VR setups. Although not a typical sports game, there’s still some movement involved here – aiming, shooting, and dodging are activated by player movements.

It’s a game where you’re thrown into the middle of the action (e.g., a bank heist, android attack, etc.), and your task is to eliminate enemies to the rhythm of the music. Interestingly, the creators openly admit that they were inspired by popular action movies and sci-fi themes like John Wick or Equilibrium when designing this title.

Key features
  • Game inspired by action film hits
  • Combat with enemies to the rhythm of music
  • The title utilizes interactive VR technology, making character movements reflect real player movements and sequences


And that concludes our list! As you can see, we’ve prepared not only titles revolving around sports themes, although we haven’t forgotten about such games!

Thanks to the technologically advanced controllers of the Switch, old but gold motion console accessories and the elaborate VR technology, you can embody both a racing athlete, lightsaber-wielding warrior or monster slayer… all with a bit of movement!