UPDATE 2: if you’re interested in the latest G2A Deal, click here!


UPDATE: We have the winners! Congratulations for your wit, perseverance, and knowledge of games which don’t always get widespread recognition.

So, who gets the Deals?

Jarek for The Beggar’s Ride

Jan for Western Press

Funeralfrost for Plantera

Tom for Alien Shooter TD

Congratulations. We will email you soon with your keys.


Three contests are behind us now, let’s try making it to five, shall we? Before that comes, let’s (G2A) deal with the fourth instalment, with the regular rules and rewards. Answer one of the riddles, get one pack of games from this edition of G2A Deal. Last two editions of Riddle With It didn’t yield many winners, maybe this time it’ll go better.

This time we’ll having a quick fire edition!

Let’s reiterate the essentials: The prize is 5 x G2A Deal for the winners.

What you need to do:

  1. Write a comment with the game title you think the riddle is referring to, and your reasoning behind it.
  2. Click “Submit” (The email address used to submit your comment must be real, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you).

The rules are simple:

  1. There is only ONE winner per riddle – the first person to provide the correct, complete answer.
  2. You can only try to guess ONE riddle.
  3. You have until October 4th 2017 07:30pm (GMT) to provide your answers.
  4. Posting a comment with an answer is synonymous with accepting the Terms and Conditions of this contest.


Five riddles for the fourth contest, let’s go.


There once was an American named Martin Who by a river created a garden. Flat blue blobs Harvested his crops, A task he wanted no part in.


There once was a Ron, a pretty cool guy, He was plenty strong, but not at all sly. He formed a band, In trenches they’d stand, Shooting at aliens passing them by.


There once was a god who forgot his place, Fighting with Nature he lost face. Now as a mask It rests by a flask, Of an old beggar without razor or grace.


There once was a land of fancy and awe, But a team of rascals wanted much more. Quick to a brawl In a dungeon crawl, For others they had more dungeons in store.


There was a cowboy with the fastest hand, On any opponent a hit he could land. But he had a gripe, He couldn’t type, So that one duel went worse than he planned.