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Yet another rendition of the monthly pack of woefully underappreciated games comes along! In this edition of G2A Deal we’re going on adventures, gardening, and finding out who has is the faster typist in the entire Old West. It’s a gaming variety show.


Plantera If you don’t have your own garden, you can always grow one virtually. In Plantera it’s all about harvesting plants, collecting fruits and veggies, and leveling up. Oh, and one more thing – employ cute blue creatures that will help you take care of the garden and pick up resources while you’re away. Unleash the farmer within with a complete version of the game!

Alien Shooter TD If you think it’s just another Tower Defense, you’re wrong. Humanity is struggling against the alien invasion. Prepare to resist countless waves of blood-thirsty invaders using not only deployed towers, but also an elite warrior platoon. Will a stock of limited ammunition keep you from saving your kind? Or will you choose the right strategy to save the Earth from imminent threat?

The Beggar’s Ride Delve into a poetic platform puzzle adventure and explore distant lands. Join an old beggar on his journey to mysterious places and use the powers granted by ancient god masks. Solve puzzles, change masks, and command the forces of nature. Will you unlock all the secret areas and find every collectible?

Dungeon Rushers This combination of 2D, tactical RPG with turn-based combat will take you on a dungeon exploration full of monsters and epic loot to collect. Build your dream team of unique heroes, upgrade their skills, craft new equipment and complete all the dungeons to collect treasure and unlock the heroic mode. Build your own dungeon to protect your goodies and plunder other players’ dungeons to take what’s theirs. Sounds like fun, right?

Western Press Hey, cowboy! The fastest duels at high noon are at your fingertips. Literally. If you’re a fast-typer or you know your controller pretty well, then you might survive long enough to unlock new characters. The game is simple – you compete in a tournament of up to 16 players (or bots), and whoever types a 10-character string faster, wins the duel and ultimately the entire competition. Think you can type your opponents to death?


These are the games you get with this edition of G2A Deal.

The offer goes live on October 5.