We’re up to eight Deals now, how crazy is that? On November 16th comes the 8th edition of a pack of five games which deserve more recognition and yet can’t seem to find it. So we’re helping them, and we’re helping you by providing more games for your Steam library.


Serial Cleaner

Wipe the crime scene clean! Get rid of all bodies and blood stains and mop up any evidence to keep the police off your benefactors’ backs. Dodge nosy policemen like bullets and remain unseen. What’s not to love about a cheesy, 1970s themed top-down stealth/action game?

Guardians of Ember

Enter a dark fantasy world of Olyndale and hack’n’slash through hordes of monsters to retrieve the ancient Ember. You can do this either in a group or on your own! Choose from four races and six classes. Use the dual class system to your advantage and surprise your opponents with a whole slew of tricks up your sleeve.

Deep Blue 3D Maze

Keep the constantly rolling ball going in the right direction, collect gravitons, and open and reach a portal to the next maze before the current one explodes. Oh, and steer clear of anything that’s purple! Seems easy at a first glance, but make no mistake – this is one tough nut to crack!

Dead Man’s Draw

Press your luck in an exciting card game all about risk and rewards. Draw cards in search of the greatest number of points. Use special abilities to make the dice roll in your favor. This is a title only for the most daring of players!

One More Line

Get hooked on a highly addictive space disco rendition of Flappy Bird! Enjoy a great, catchy soundtrack and hypnotic visuals and keep on improving your score! Are you ready for One More Line?

That’s what you get with G2A Deal #8. Which game makes the Deal for you?



The offer goes live on November 16.

As for the winners of our contest, click here to see who gets the prize.

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