G2A.COM is enhancing its marketplace starting on July 1st, 2017 to give more transparency to buyers and more control to sellers. As a part of these changes, G2A.COM will provide detailed seller information to buyers and VAT will already be included in all product prices.

Starting July 1st, 2017, buyers will have access to detailed information about the sellers on G2A.COM, including their names and addresses. This information will be included, among other places, on the bills provided to buyers, allowing them to know exactly who they are purchasing products from.

Additionally, G2A.COM will add automatic geolocation to streamline its marketplace. Buyers will no longer have to select their location from a drop-down menu when purchasing an item on G2A.COM. Instead, their location will be determined automatically using data taken from independent and reliable sources.

These changes are only the first step in further simplifying and improving the shopping and selling experience on G2A Marketplace. Keep an eye on G2A.COM for more upgrades coming soon.

Please contact pr@g2a.com for more information.