No other conflict took as many lives in the entire history of North America as the Civil War. And somehow, only a few video games properly depict this bloodiest of confrontations.

If not for the Civil War, the abolition of American slavery might have come much later. On the other hand, 620,000 soldiers died to resolve this brutal conflict.

To this day, the history of the Civil War raises many emotions and doubts about some of the decisions made during it, which you can experience even today by playing the best Civil War games. Want to see this absolutely dreadful conflict through the eyes of a soldier or leader? Here, you will find the best titles to play right away!

Battle Cry Of Freedom 2022-03-01 Action Flying Squirrel Entertainment
Grand Tactician The Civil War 1861 1865 2020-08-21 Strategy Oliver Keppelmüller
Ultimate General Civil War 2017-07-14 Indie Game-Labs
Ultimate General Gettysburg 2014-10-16 Indie Game-Labs
War Of Rights 2018-12-03 Indie Campfire Games
The Bluecoats North Vs South 2011-11-05 Strategy Appeal Studios

Sid Meier’s Gettysburg

Release date:1997-06-13
Developer:Firaxis Games

This phenomenal game allows you to participate in the largest battle of the Civil War, which was also the turning point for the entire conflict.

Image credit: Firaxis Games

Sid Meier’s Gettysburg is a classic real-time title you can play as a Confederate or Union commander. The title offers an extensive campaign involving 25 challenging scenarios and various units. But the most crucial factor is the terrain, which can really decide who ultimately wins this brutal confrontation.

Key features
  • Become the leader of Union or Confederate troops
  • Experience historically accurate battles
  • Influence morale and plan effective tactics
  • Consider the terrain to gain an advantage on the battlefield

Ultimate General: Civil War

Release date:2017-07-14

This strategic recommendation allows you to play not one but over 50 Civil War battles!

Lead your forces as a general, making decisions for every aspect of their operation on the battlefield. Choose whether to control individual units or the entire army, manage officer progression, consider terrain, and utilize a variety of historical weapons. All that matters in the face of highly advanced AI on the enemy side!

Key features
  • Play a campaign of over 50 historically accurate battles
  • Decide how much control you want to have over your troops and officers
  • Have fun with realistic visuals
  • Decide on the entire Civil War outcome

Civil War II

Release date:2013-09-17

This turn-based computer game does everything in its power to be as historically accurate as possible. Its three massive campaigns take place all over the United States!

Choose from 400 authentic commanders and 1,000 units to influence historical events in 3,000 regions. In this game, everything happens depending on your choices, random events, or available terrain. Plan your tactics in advance to outmaneuver enemy forces!

Key features
  • 400 authentic commanders, 100 units, and 3,000 regions to play with
  • Discover 5 main scenarios and 2 tutorials
  • Decide each battle’s flow
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 4 players

The Bluecoats: North & South

Release date:2011-11-05
Developer:Appeal Studios

It is a hilarious remake of the classic turn-based strategy from the 1980s in which you will take control of the North or South to win the most epic single and multiplayer campaigns.

This lighter take on the Civil War theme offers many exciting and fun real-time battles where you are responsible for every aspect of the chosen side’s operation. Conquer new territories, change the course of events, buy extra units, and enjoy mini-games – solo or with a friend!

Key features
  • Play a fun remaster of the 80s’ classic game
  • Pick a side and expand it with new units
  • Play mini-games and lose yourself in the addictive campaign
  • Have fun solo or in multiplayer for two players

War of Rights

Release date:2018-12-03
Developer:CampFire games

It is the first first-person shooter on this list and the first to be fully multiplayer as well!

Take part in massive battles involving up to 300 players to see the most gruesome side of the Civil War. Experience realistic historical campaigns, choose your role, and enjoy authentic Civil War equipment. Will you follow orders or rebel? It’s your choice, as this battlefield faithfully reflects the reality of fighting on both sides of this conflict.

Key features
  • Choose your role and fight in massive battles for up to 300 players
  • Experience a highly realistic Civil War setting
  • Fight on fully reconstructed battlefields
  • Play in multiplayer and decide your fate

Take Command - 2nd Manassas

Release date:2006-04-18
Genre:Real-Time Combat Simulator
Developer:MadMinute Games

If you are looking for simulators that will put you in the shoes of the one-and-only leader during the Civil War, this game is your best choice.

Image credit: MadMinute Games

Lead Union or Confederate forces in the second Manassas Campaign, including 48 engaging scenarios and 8 massive battlefields. Choose from Historical, Open, and Custom battles to tailor the gameplay to your needs and immerse yourself in this tragic conflict. Prepare well because each choice determines the fate of your forces in the upcoming scenarios!

Key features
  • Play 48 scenarios on 8 enormous battlefields
  • Experience a realistic cause-and-effect chain resulting from your choices
  • Use 63 different types of historically accurate weapons
  • See what it’s like to be a real Civil War general


Whether you choose the fun approach of The Bluecoats, the multiplayer competition of War of Rights, or the balanced tactics of Sid Meier’s Gettysburg, you are sure to have the time of your life in realistic Civil War conditions. We sincerely recommend playing these epic titles, as not many developers decide to create video games within this theme. That’s a shame, as they are definitely worth everyone’s time!