Looking for some fun games to play, but your budget is a tight one? No worries: we’ve picked a whole bunch of fantastic titles that you can get under €10/$10. No need to thank us, just read on and see if there’s anything you like!

Some of these games are slightly older, others are fresher, but the one thing they have in common is that they’ll surely give you hours of fun if you give them a chance. Alright, let’s take a look at the best games, shall we?

Risk of Rain 2 2019-03-28 Indie Hopoo Games, LLC
Conan Exiles 2017-01-30 Adventure Funcom
Middle-earth: Shadow of War 2017-10-10 Adventure Monolith Productions
Conan Exiles 2017-01-30 Adventure Funcom
SUPERHOT 2016-02-25 Action & Shooter SUPERHOT Team
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 2014-10-14 Action & Shooter 2K Australia
Cities: Skylines 2015-03-10 Economy Colossal Order Ltd.
Fallout New Vegas 2010-10-21 Action & Shooter Obsidian Entertainment
Darkest Dungeon 2016-01-19 Indie Red Hook Studios
Far Cry 3 2012-11-28 Adventure Ubisoft Montreal, Massive Entertainment, and Ubisoft Shanghai

Risk of Rain 2

Release date:2019-03-28
Developer:Hopoo Games, LLC

While similar to its predecessor, the main thing Risk of Rain 2 changes is the fact that it’s now all in 3D. Your task is to survive being stranded on an alien planet (you can do that in a group of up to four players). Since it’s a roguelike, dying will effectively end your playthrough!

There are several levels to complete here. Your task is to kill the aliens attacking you, locate a teleporter to the next stage, defend it for a certain amount of time, get transported to the next mission, rinse and repeat.

Obviously, it’s not so simple as it seems. The longer you play, the more difficult Risk of Rain 2 becomes. Of course, you unlock new characters throughout the game (with two available through the Survivors of the Void expansion pack). All in all, it’s a nice little title for some fun co-op sessions with your friends.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Release date:2017-10-10
Developer:Monolith Productions

The sequel to Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War once again puts you in the shoes of the ranger Talion who happens to have his body shared with Celebrimbor, an elf lord. Together, they forge a new Ring of Power in order to fight Sauron.

The Nemesis system from the previous installment is back and better than before! You can gain followers from various races that inhabit the Middle-earth. It’s a fascinating, complex mechanic that produces some interesting, often unpredictable results.

There’s even a multiplayer mode which lets players conquer each other’s fortresses. A word of warning here, though: if you choose a ranked match, you risk losing some of your followers for good. Are these losses acceptable for you?

Conan Exiles

Release date:2017-01-30

A survival game set in the Hyborian Age? Why not? Conan Exile is where you play as a convict who is rescued by the titular Cimmerian himself and sets out to start a new life. And it’s not going to be easy, since the Exiled Lands are full of dangers!

Freedom comes at a great cost, it seems. As an exile, you must of course do all the stuff that survival entails, including managing your thirst and hunger levels, crafting useful tools and weapons, fighting all sorts of enemies, including beasts of all kind, the undead and humans, etc. There’s plenty to do here.

You can also capture human NPCs for a whole set of benefits, all thanks to the game’s thrall system. There’s plenty to do here and it’s best if you discover what Conan Exiles has to offer on your own!


Release date:2016-06-06
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Superhot was, well, super hot back in the old days of 2016, when it saw its full release. Developed as an entry in the 7 Day FPS Challenge, a contest for aspiring and established developers to create an interesting FPS game in a week, it quickly found people interested in it thanks to a unique gameplay mechanic.

See, in Superhot time moves at normal rate only when your character does. Stand still and time slows down so much that it might as well be halted completely. This means that you can watch bullets coming at you, and your own will only reach their intended targets when you stop standing still. It fun, it’s fairly challenging, it’s as much as puzzle game as it is a shooter.

Superhot is well worth getting, if you don’t have it already.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Release date:2014-10-14
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:2K Australia

Borderlands was a fun sci-fi romp with diverse guns and wacky characters. Borderlands 2 added a rather charismatic villain, Handsome Jack, to the mix. And all was good in the world of Pandora.

The Pre-Sequel is more or less a retroactive interlude, developed after Borderlands 2, but taking place between 1 and 2. It’s all about Jack’s rise to power, seen from the perspective of a captured operative, Athena, interrogated by the first game’s playable characters who now act as NPCs.

As far as gameplay gimmicks are concerned, the Pre-Sequel adds things like low-gravity combat and laser weapons, so it has its share of fun upgrades in addition to a new story about familiar characters. Great stuff.

Cities: Skylines

Release date:2015-03-10
Developer:Colossal Order Ltd.

Cities: Skylines is another game which lets you build a city from scratch only to see it devolve into unmanageable madness before you even get to erect the monuments commemorating your benevolence and wisdom. Bummer.

Cities: Skylines is a brilliant city-planning game originally launched in 2015 on PC and later even ported over to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With several large expansion packs adding elements which let players flesh out their cities even further, Skylines can easily rival classics like SimCity.

And if you get tired of the city you just build, you can always let disasters from a DLC ravage it in a very satisfying way.

Fallout: New Vegas

Release date:2010-10-21
Developer:Obsidian Entertainment

Fallout: New Vegas launched in a little shoddy state, but it didn’t take long for people to realize that it’s perhaps the best Fallout game since 1998.

Built on the skeleton provided by Bethesda’s Fallout 3, New Vegas takes you to the interesting and politically fraught Mojave Desert, with several factions competing for control.

Go anywhere, do anything, change the political landscape of the area forever by being the one person able tip the scales. New Vegas doesn’t look pretty, but it’s a testament to Obsidian Entertainment’s skills as creators of narrative-focused cRPGs.

Darkest Dungeon

Release date:2016-01-19
Developer:Red Hook Studios

If you played XCOM and thought “gee, my soldiers have it too easy. They should start suffering from mental problems,” then Darkest Dungeon is for you.

Darkest Dungeon boasts an exceptionally gloomy setting, which translates to a gameplay mechanic entirely about giving your warriors quirks and disorders. These inhibit their ability to explore the dungeons in the most effective way. You can heal them, of course, but that takes time, money, and removes them from your roster for the therapy’s duration. Can you afford to do it? Can you afford not to?

It’s worth noting that DD looks very stylish, with beautifully drawn 2D sprites, or rather very nicely drawn horrible things.

Far Cry 3

Release date:2012-11-28
Developer:Ubisoft Montreal, Massive Entertainment, and Ubisoft Shanghai

Far Cry 3 is when Ubisoft turned the franchise (originally created by Crytek) into open world mayhem simulators that are now recognizable upon a first glance.

In FC3 you play as Jason Brody, a guy barely into his twenties, who, through numerous unlucky circumstances finds himself fighting a band of modern-day pirates.

It’s a remarkably pretty game and one of the antagonists, Vaas, has become a fan favorite. Gameplay-wise, it gives you a huge island to explore, plenty of wildlife to hunt, plenty of bad guys to kill, and even a progression system.

|It’s very fun, even if the protagonist is a bit of a tool.