Achievements make us feel good. By implementing this simple rule, real-time strategy games like the Age of Mythology evoke fond memories and timeless excitement.

Once upon a time, Ensemble Studios created two fantastic strategy games – Age of Empires and Age of Mythology. The latter came to life as a spin-off from the original series to reach 1 million copies sold within five months after release.

And just as AoE captures the hearts of players with its flawless execution and fascinating historical facts, AoM delights with its mythological setting. The gaming history knows more similar alternatives set in slightly different realities, and you can easily find the best of them on this ultimate list of games like Age of Mythology.

Unique Aspects of Mythological Strategy Games

Age of Mythology didn’t just transform a classic isometric strategy setting into a fantasy piece of fun – it boosted the entire gameplay experience to the level of an authentic masterpiece. Playable cultures with their leading gods allow you to command mythical units, upgrade them in temples, and use divine retributions to win.

And on top of that, the game successfully explains facts about ancient mythology. No surprise that AoM entered the pantheon of the most memorable games of the 2000s, especially since the entire genre was only starting to recognize its potential.

Age Of Empires II Definitive Edition 2019-11-14 Strategy Forgotten Empires LLC
Age Of Empires IV Anniversary Edition 2021-10-28 Strategy, Real-Time Relic Entertainment
Age Of Empires Definitive Edition 2019-08-19 Strategy Forgotten Empires LLC
Starcraft Remastered 2017-08-14 RTS Blizzard Entertainment
Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void Battlenet Key Global 2015-11-10 Strategy Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft 3 Gold Edition 2013-07-03 Strategy Blizzard Entertainment
Dungeons 3 2017-10-13 Strategy Realmforge Studios
Ancestors Legacy 2018-05-22 Strategy Destructive Creations
Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition 2009-10-27 Strategy FireFly Studios
The Settlers 4 - Gold Edition 2001-02-15 Strategy Blue Byte Software
Empire Earth Gold Edition 2001-10-13 Strategy Stainless Steel Studios
Spellforce 3 Soul Harvest 2019-05-28 RPG Grimlore Games
Rise Of Nations Extended Edition 2014-06-12 Strategy Big Huge Games
A Total War Saga Troy 2021-09-02 Strategy CREATIVE ASSEMBLY
Knights And Merchants 2013-10-14 Simulation Joymania Entertainment

Rise of Nations

Release date:2014-06-12
Developer:Big Huge Games

Some describe this title as a real-time Civilization game, as both share significant similarities. But this one scratches that battle itch better!

Choose from 18 nations and develop them from Ancient to the Information Age to conquer the world. Each available culture offers unique units, technology trees, and perks – but eventual victory depends entirely on your reflexes and rational decisions! Battles are fast-paced, cities need new buildings, and countries require Wonders to evolve – you know what to do!

Key features
  • Choose from eighteen nations to conquer the world
  • Develop cities and advance to newer ages
  • Win in real-time
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Stronghold Legends

Release date:2009-10-27
Developer:FireFly Studios

Imagine a legendary Stronghold game involving mythical creatures. Play as King Arthur, Count Vlad Dracul, or Siegfried of Germany to see what your new armies are capable of!

Stronghold Legends combines the creation of a mighty army with kingdom management and all that happens in real-time. Want to recruit some dragons or werewolves? Consider it done! Play the campaign or compete with other players and see what happens when mythological creatures join the game.

Key features
  • Play classic real-time game involving mythological creatures
  • Manage your kingdom to defeat all your enemies
  • Create a powerful army equipped with new units
  • Enjoy the campaign or compete with others in multiplayer

Age of Empires 2

Release date:2019-11-14
Developer:Forgotten Empires LLC

Since the game comes from the creators of the Age of Mythology, the two share many obvious similarities. But this one is a bit slower, so it is a fantastic recommendation for fans of a more casual approach to the genre.

Age of Empires 2 is perfect for anyone preferring a more realistic gameplay based on historical events. You will manage your faction over four periods – from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance era. And if the solo campaign isn’t enough, challenge other players in exciting multiplayer!

Key features
  • Control over 40 civilizations
  • Choose from many engaging campaigns
  • Enjoy the history-inspired setting
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

0 A.D.

Release date:2010-08-16
Developer:Wildfire Games

It is a free-to-play strategy game revealing the development of the most superior civilizations between 500 BC and 500 AD. But only you decide what their history looks like!

Choose a faction and develop the available territory to ensure the well-being of your people and grow your army. The game includes collecting resources, delivering food, constructing buildings, and recruiting units. Something for fans of multitasking!

Key features
  • Play a free-to-play AoM alternative
  • Pick one of many factions and handle its development over the years
  • Develop your empire and prepare for war
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth

Release date:2004-12-06
Developer:EA Los Angeles

Tolkien’s works are so detailed many consider them legit mythology. In this game, you can freely recreate every battle from his novels or design your own!

Command the Gondor Soldiers, the Riders of Rohan, the Army of Isengard, or Mordor to lose yourself in the tactical world of The Lord of the Rings. This game features two engaging campaigns, interactive environments, beautiful visuals, and legendary characters, so any Tolkien fan should feel satisfied.

Key features
  • Become a master strategist in The Lord of the Rings universe
  • Complete two campaigns – as good or bad guys
  • See your favorite movie characters
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

The Settlers 4

Release date:2001-02-15
Developer:Blue Byte Software

Become a ruler tasked with conquering territories and developing your kingdom. The economic part plays a significant role here!

Starting with a small settlement, you must create a proper transport network and plan a strategy to balance construction with combat. Each settler needs food, building demands wood, and the army requires appropriate resources. It may sound tricky, but The Settlers is truly beginner-friendly and enchants with lovely visuals.

Key features
  • Play the legendary real-time strategy series
  • Start with a modest settlement and transform it into a mighty empire
  • Collect resources and take care of your settlers
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Empire Earth

Release date:2001-10-13
Developer:Stainless Steel Studios

Designed by the creators of AoM, Empire Earth impresses with engaging game modes. It is the most ambitious recommendation on this list!

Play four available campaigns, manage humanity’s development, or enjoy addictive skirmishes against the computer. Empire Earth features fourteen historical epochs, over 200 combat units from various periods, 150 technologies, and 100 attributes for civilizations. If you don’t play it, we definitely will.

Key features
  • Play all four story campaigns
  • Manage the development of humanity for 500,000 years
  • Create various combinations of combat units
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Release date:2001-11-09

The Force is as mythic as any other mythology, so going to space sounds like a logical Age of Mythology alternative.

The galaxy needs a leader, and the job is available if you can defeat other power-hungry adversaries. Choose from the iconic Rebel Alliance, Wookies, Galactic Empire, Gungans, Trade Federation, and Royal Naboo to wage epic battles in your favorite Star Wars setting!

Key features
  • Discover real-time strategy in the Star Wars universe
  • Choose from six legendary factions
  • Create up to two hundred combat units
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Myths are nothing more than stories – they have captivated people since always. Some exist as a warning, others as a lesson, but all intrigue.

Even today, tales about ancient heroes and undefeated giants inspire the imagination, which is why mythology games like God of War , Hades, and Immortals Fenyx Rising are so popular. But only in strategy games, players wield that power to destroy the opponent and ultimately see how magnificent that feels.