Nothing compares to a gust of wind ruffling your lush hair, while… That’s right, the ellipsis here is the quintessence of freedom you will get from Albion Online.

The sandbox MMORPG from the German studio Sandbox Interactive offers you the widest freedom to choose your path. From amiable herbalist to heartless assassin, you are free to become whoever you want without following the plot, because there isn’t any!

All you get is pastel graphics, four regions: Safe, Yellow, Red and Black comprising two huge landmasses – the Royal Continent and the Outlands, where different PvP rules apply – and gazillion of interconnected dependencies between resources, crafting stations, items, guilds, PvE dimension, etc.

So if you are tired of being led by hand by some plot based on a revenge or some other hackneyed theme, or you are getting sick by a mere thought of another session of mindless grinding, sit back and play Albion Online instead. Or read the following article and check out its equally worthy alternatives.

World Seed

Release date:2020-02-28
Genre:Massively Multiplayer

Here is a little game, currently in beta, which pays tribute to old-school RPGs with its procedurally generated tile-based world.

Again, there’s no plot to steer your elvish archer career (or a couple of other warrior professions at your disposal), I to X tier system defines items and enemies, as well as tiles.

World Seed doesn’t have any standard leveling system, which means that you would have to gear up profoundly before you make that expedition far out into the outer regions of the map. Speaking of equipment, there are two ways to improve it, by crafting and upgrading. The former is pretty standard – gather X items to combine them into Y, but the latter relies on getting three items of the same kind and turning them into one with a better tier rank. This prevents us from dumping items which instead would render themselves obsolete.

Key features
  • Tile-based world
  • Absolute freedom of choice
  • I – X tier system compartmentalizes everything
  • Two types of equipment upgrading

Kakele Online - MMORPG

Release date:2020-02-01
Developer:ViVa Games

Alright, in a nutshell, Kakele Online is a cross-platform Tibia clone. When we dig into it, though, we soon realize it isn’t quite so.

Sure, there are Tibia-inspired spells and Tibia-inspired places (Norde spelled backwards is… 🙂 ). You may choose from 5 types of characters (Hunter, Mage, Berserker, Warrior, Alchemist) and “hire” quite a few pet companions, from tortoises and parrots to capybaras and… ice cubes. These creatures would prove themselves priceless in close encounters with enemies due to their loyality and eagerness to fight.

Moreover, there are 11 types of mounts available to make that journey from A to B faster, some of them not so obvious, like a sea urchin or… spaceship (not quite a mount, isn’t it). Heavily pixelated 2D graphics and top-down view only adds to Kakele’s charm of being playable mobile.

Key features
  • You may play it on your mobile
  • 5 characters to choose from
  • Tibia-inspired spells and names of places
  • 10 peculiar mounts ( spaceship) to travel around

Prosperous Universe

Release date:2022-04-20

Bidding farewell to worlds of sword and sorcery, we embark on an ambitious journey to conquer space via economics!

Prosperous Universe offers you one of a kind experience to become a space entrepreneur, turning eventually into someone like Peter Weyland and building an interstellar multitrillion megacorporation.

First of, you start with choosing your profession. Victualler, Carbon Farmer, Manufacturer, Constructor, Fuel Engineer, and Metallurgist should give you a gist of the specialization your company should be headed towards. Taking sides with an already existing space industry conglomerates is your step no. 2. Then, you establish your headquarters and you’re good to fulfill that contracts.

Prosperous Universe is the real deal grand strategy, with spreadsheets, sliders and charts galore, for those who really like to see thing from the Napoleonic point of view.

Key features
  • Economic grand strategy with a capital G
  • Create a thriving company in one of 6 space industries
  • Lots of charts and spreadsheets

SPACERIFT: Arcanum System

Release date:2020-12-17
Genre:Open World
Developer:Arcanum Team

We remain in outer space, yet we change perspective to first or third-person.

S:AS is an early-access space simulator which enables you to experience how it feels to be a space pilot amidst the ongoing war. A wormhole-conjoined space is vast and graphics literally takes your breath away (like vacuum in a leaking spaceship 😉 ). Your shuttle is your castle – you have to maintain it by remembering to resupply it or shift power to support appropriate systems in a given situation

The biggest quirk of the game is that English is not supported, so be prepared to hear lots of spoken Russian. Frankly, it doesn’t matter, because the gameplay is highly intuitive and all other aspects of the game have been translated into English.

Key features
  • Space is really huge
  • Intuitive everything: steering, maintaining the ship, etc.
  • One quirk: Russian voiceovers, yet everything is translated into English

New World

Release date:2021-09-28
Developer:Amazon Game Studios

The victim of a somewhat clunky start, dyplomatically speaking, New World has been a subject of a substantial developing homework, and a homework that’s been done well.

Thanks to the first expansion – Rise of the Angry Earth – the skills have been recapped, with Trade up to 250 and Gear to 700, new weapon type added, as well as Artifacts – a rare weapons and armors which turn any fight into a fiesta of flogs. And, lo and behold, no more running around, for you may now appropriate a mount.

The Insular world of Aeternum is absolutely beautiful, pulsing with colors so vibrant you often stop by in the woods to take in the picturesque atmosphere.

Key features
  • New recapped skills
  • Graphics is stunning!
  • You may now hop on a horse
  • New stuff thanks to the first expansion

These are the 5 MMO titles which grant you absolute freedom, no matter whether you are in space, a low fantasy medieval kingdom or an absolutely enchanting island. So now you know what to play – come visit our marketplace to get it.